Idol Time Pripara & Aikatsu!

No Idle will die tonight.

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What a coincidence, a thread with this title always goes up as soon as another gets archived!

Why was Elzamom not busy and just in her hotel room? It seems more like she is intentionally avoiding Elza rather than being unavailable.

That may coincide with the discussion of idle activities being non-stop these days.

In other words she's a complete piece of shit and if Stars writing had any self-awareness, Elza would tell her to fuck off rather than seeking a hug from her and receive it from Rei, Kirara and Aria instead (although Elza herself has her own issues with how she treated them).

This is a Idol Time Pripara and Aikatsu thread, totally unrelated to that Pripara and Aikatsu thread that just died.

Coincidence or providence? Everything happens as Janice wills it. Even Pripara dying is surely part of her plan.

Gaalara is so cute! The only reason she did anything mean was because of her totally unfair circumstances, completely justified, and and unlike Faarala she has an excuse for growing up socially retarded.


A better question is, how a fomer top Idol don't realize that haircut is god awful?



Was there another thread before this? I only saw the one from yesterday. Unless it didn't have aikatsu in the title.


this kills an aikatsu



Physics can't stop Aikatsu


Name 1(ONE) good thing about Idol Time(excluding Nino or Shuuka)

I was going to reply "Nino and Shuuka", but you're being unfair.

The "Mimiko leaves Paparajuku" episode was good.



They could have made her conflict with Aroma much more interesting. I am a few episodes behind thpugh, so I might have missed something.

Maybe something more with Nino too, though I did like how their relationship developed. From Nino looking down on her, to


I don't really like Michiru but the episode where she found her dream was great.

At first I thought they were speaking Korean. I still can't figure out what they're using for
>Making Drama, switch on!

This is obviously by BARD713, but is the source image available anywhere? I can't see it on their pixiv.

Her conflict with Aroma was great, but I agree she and Nino needed more interaction. Nino had a "stand up for yourself, girl" thing that seemed to turn into "I want to protect Michiru" with no transition and she went from being annoyed at Miichiru's antics to not really caring pretty quickly.

If Elza doesn't have a breakdown when she finally sees that she's treated those who actually do care about her just as badly as her mother treated her then the writers are idiots.

Crazy meme characters like Yui are better as side characters rather than mains.

Because she's a shit mother. Pretty Rhythm style.

Her mom will hug her, she'll hug her VA slaves and everything will be hunky-dory with a simple apology (just from Elza to Rei and the others, not even from Elza's mother to her) and you know it.


Stars is what happens when Aikatsu tries to be pretty rhythm and fucks everything up.

It needs to be a collapsed hands and knees, tears streaming down her face apology. She needs to cry just as hard as she made Kirara cry multiple times.

Shion escorting Nino.

I stopped watching IT around episode 20ish and when I stopped I remembered Yui was starting to get really annoying to me. I started catching up a few weeks ago, and initially I started to like her again, but once I was fully caught up she was back to annoying. In smaller does she's fun but I can't handle it every episode.

I love Yui and I think the show does a great job of making her entertaining, especially in the lead role like when she was recruiting Nino, fighting with her brother or serving up dreams faster than Pakku could eat them.
When the episode focuses on other characters or sometimes MyDre as a whole, she can get a bit bland though.

I recommend watching this one.

I can't wait for Pakku to die today in a few hours.

>white border on thin pale green text on a background with lots of white, ESL-tier English
I recommend listening to this one

They have absolutely no sense of the dramatic. This is why Hibiki is the best.



Janice worst girl then.

Janice is a surpassingly good girl and don't understand why people don't like her more.


Maybe we can add Shugo Chara on the thread title next time.

>resultados finales

>update k-lite
>mpc doesn't add dates to screenshots anymore
Well fuck me.

Can't you just adjust the format in your configuration file?


Janice did nothing wrong

I don't know where it is.

Janice did everything wrong


>Do you agree with the flow of content transfer to PreChan

>I am convinced without problems
>I am dissatisfied but I am satisfied
>I am unacceptable and I can not accept it


Fuck my pale, clammy vampire ass.


*unzips dick*

I want to make an ainon emotionally dependent on me.

I'm already emotianally dependent on /ai/.

That's not a healthy relationship.

Hold still, I'm almost finished.

I'm in love with Nanase.
I live in pain because I will never fell her soft hands healing my broken soul.

This is Reona's daughter. Say something nice to her.

Will you guys ever stop?

Only when I die.

I love Nanase too. I hope she's successful outside of Aikatsu.

I literally dream with Nanase, Satan.

Would you marry your least favorite idle?

No. Least favourite in Aikatsu maybe. Not sure who that might be.

>marry Mizuki
At least I wouldn't be poor.

Fuck no.

>marrying ok-ok-okay
I'd rather not.

If I get her boat in the inevitable divorce then sure.

The boat isn't even hers anymore, she throwed it away.

She can fuck off then.

Absolutely not, I can hardly watch an episode with her let alone see her every day.

I would even marry an ainon at this stage.

>Marrying Memehiru
Time for some hate sex

If I don't get to fuck Juri then I must decline.

Hope she chops your dick off.

I would fall sleep of the sheer boringness of her forced meme before felling any pain.



I love her design so much.


You marry your favorite idle.
Your lifespan from this point will only be half as long as it would otherwise. Like making the deal for the Shinigami eyes in Death Note.
Only people who don't want to die get to answer this one.

So, literally nobody who has ever posted in these not-generals for idles? Why even ask the question, do you enjoy wasting your time?

>Only people who don't want to die get to answer this one.
Good luck in getting ainons to repond this one.

so thats where these are from

I'd sooner take poverty

Sure, I will take it.

No, but it's what this is from