Release The Spyce

Preview for Cover of Chapter 1 Novel appeared

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They also featured the manga on the magazine cover and made it clear it's a spin off serialization

why would you do this to my eyes

This kills the PriPri.

source file clarity limitation

So when will something actually happen with this?

Am I finally going blind from too much masturbation?

spin-off? spin-off of what?


Takahiro is doing the YuYuYu thing again where they release a prequel first.

So, has anyone actually purchased it?

Yes and I think all the relevant info from this previous volume have been uploaded (see previous threads for detail)

The novel chapter 1 and manga chapter 1 should be coming out in 17 hours

But then, in this case, it look like the novel fit this role better. So is the manga from a different perspective or? Perhaps we can only guess at this point

Oh, that's nice.

Such a weird name for a series

It sounds like it would be a saying from Dune that becomes popular among fans of the series

The spyce must flow..?


novel's main character?




>Release The Spyce
Is this a Dune anime?

>no scar yet
She's going to suffer isn't she?

What does spyce spice taste like?

>relatively new studio
>rookie director
>newbie VAs voicing the leads
I have a bad feeling about this. At least the art looks cute.

Is this YuYuYu + PriPri but with lesbians?


>but with lesbians

I want to purchase spyce Akarin for lyfe.


Chapter 1 title ガラスの箱船


>spies but dress more akin to ninja themed idol group
I was hoping more for something at least somewhat self serious akin to pripri.



Jesus, that Mari...

That's why Takahiro was relieved after actually watching pripri and said that's completely different from what they wanted to do

Is this yuri?

Definitely Namori's involvement

No it is spyce

I am curious what kind of tone this show will get

It's yuru yuri.

Is there no hype for this? Seems like it could be good.

so manga and anime have caught up with Pan's People & Legs & Co. at last?!

Hype thread happened last month

It's Dune with lesbians.

I'm down for that. House Atreides lesbians all day.


Link to raws where?

Raw haven't out yet. It appears that someone is able to directly access the storage of ebook shops and see what is in their server before they are actually released


Secret Mission Chapter 0 was typeset.

Next chapters will be added to the same folder.

So it seems this madman Takahiro is going to pull out another WaSuYu. Only Yuki, Mei, and Hatsume are listed as RiriSupa characters, the other three are absent.

Yuki, Mei, Hatsume seems to be Kouhai in the novel while being senpai in the main story and their senpai in the novel are no longer to be seen in the main?

Slightly better cover.

Same as Nowayu and Kumeyu writer

Which spyce will be the first to release the piss?




>that leg


>cross between Senketsu and some ninja armor
I kinda like it.

I smell a hit



there's like 3 characters there who seem interesting
This will be shit.

But that's half the cast? If your going to bait at least try harder than that.

really there's the Akari ghola, the one eyed one and the stuck up bitch, it's hard to make a proper show with these. Yryr had almost every character good.

This must be bait.

If anything the MC looks like the most boring one, although I don't really know what purple hair is supposed to be like yet and I'm sure there is more to the characters than what we know right now.

So Namori is drawing this?

Novel illustration will be by Namori too.

The spice must flow

>No one has blue eyes
Damn it Japan

Does this say anything about their personalities. If I had to guess from left to right:

"Serious" senpai that is cute deep down but has dramatic past
Fun-loving senpai that keeps the group together

Akari, Ayano, Brat, Chinatsu, Kyouko if her childhood personality was kept till highschool, Stupid sexy grown up Yui


I want to purchase a night with Mari.

I want to release my cum into these cuties while they release their spyce.

Girl that wears an eye patch because they are literally blind in one eye is not very attractive.

Hopefully Ana or I is only responsible for the artwork. Every time Namori does plot it’s usually NTR. Still yuri NTR is kinda hot...

She doesn't wear an eyepatch though which is exactly why it's attractive.

She has an eye socket where an eye should be, that’s not attractive.

Namori literally doesn’t draw guys. So if anything these two will try to kill each other for plot.

Maybe not NTR but likely tragedy. See how blue is close to some other girl in the prequel here but is paired with the MC everywhere else while that other girl is gone. Something probably happened which is where she got the scar also.

She looks more like Megumi.

Glasses Kyoko is not.

From Right to left Yui, Kyoko, China-sue, original and original.

>See how blue is close to some other girl in the prequel here but is paired with the MC everywhere else while that other girl is gone. Something probably happened which is where she got the scar also.
Sounds more like Hackahiro's doing than Namori's.

Yui literally forgot Akarin on the far left.

Princess Principal is killed.
This will be 3hz magnum opus.

Yeah but I wanted to keep it to the main cast. Otherwise, Kyouko looks more like a grown up Hanako.

This is Lay-duce. I wish it was 3hz, Sora no Method and Flip Flappers cemented them as my favorite studio.

>Princess Principal
Literally what? How would an obscure show the no one knows be any relevant to this?

>obscure show the no one knows
>Princess Principal
Obscure? I'm not a salesfag, but it sold really well and gained a decent dedicated following in Japan. WTF are you talking about?
I'm not the biggest fan of Princess Principal though and since Takahiro and Namori are on board, I'm hoping this will become the ultimate "cute high school girls being spies" anime.

He's just trying to get attention.

Alright the character descriptions are...




How was Classroom Crisis in terms of quality? It's the only show that comes to my mind.