Say hello to your new wife, Sup Forums

Say hello to your new wife, Sup Forums.

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Why did I get married to a Pokemon?

>new wife
what happened to my old one?

This is not my beautiful wife

A truck got her.

>New eeveelution confirmed

Poison pls.

Same as it ever was

>gyaru in Pokemon

Her legs do things to my dick

why are pokemono girls so fucking lewd and fuckable

Don't question it, just enjoy.

what makes you think i'm not enjoying it?

Best pokegirl of all time confirmed?

Jesus Christ muh dick

>it's another Lillie

Nah, this one's cute.

>even fucking Pokemon has Gyarus now

Purityfags ABSOLUTELY btfo

I don't even care if they were "merely pretending to be slutty", I'm just glad boring character designs for boring people are on a decline

What do you want to do to her, Sup Forums?

Push up her bangs and jizz on her forehead.

Can we talk about how cute and fluffy that Eevee is though? Eevee is truly at peak cuteness. Such a perfect design.

The one on the right or the one on the left?


I'd rather be gay or something

this looks like jessie's kid

she looks like a Lupin character
Pokémon doesn't deserve a Lupin tier character desu

>look on /vp/
>Lillie's utterly cancerous fanbase is shitposting like mad to try to make it look like people don't like the looks of this movie
It'd be sad if it wasn't so transparent.

god damn I want to fug all the pokegirls.

Gyaru only got popular after pure gyarus became a thing. Purityfags win again, as usual.

The fuck is wrong with Eevee's head size?

Well, shit. Picked up.


I want to lick her legs.

Is that Satoshi faggot still around or is she the new MC?

He's cute now.

The elite Aihara Yuzu

The Evee?


The character design for this movie is amazing.

I want her to fall on my dick.

I hope the next Pokemon has Fist of the North Star art.



what episode does she appear in

She'll be in the new movie.

I really hope they continue one-off movies with different art styles and stuff.

She's so cute.

Her design looks like she's from a mahou shoujo

why can't they make the actual pokemon anime be like this?

This movie looks comfy

That ass is comfy

Did you mean to post a picture of Largo?

Is this a new pokemon series? Or is still the original?

Last year's film began an alternate universe, this is the second one.

I know right?

Why does she look like a Rumiko Takahashi character?

Pokemon is saved.


Tumblr Girl-Chan.

but will they let Satoshi win a pokemon league in this movie series?

I don't think so.

The guy with the chansey is the villain

that girl is way too colorful for me

it's like one of those new pokemon designs that has too much shit to make it look hype


Wait, is this still Sun & Moon or are they starting a new series?

>Sup Forums lusting after the gyaru slut instead of the perfect loli
I hate this reality.


What does our thigh expert say?

Pomemon movies are now a reboot series about AU satoshi

Plot and shit here.

Fuck you gyaru are shit and I hate that they're becoming a thing in anime to the point even pokemon has one now. Get these fucking whores out of my anime I hate them

Is this the official direction or just speculation based on the retcons that the previous movie made?

Gyaru != pure gyaru

So how was the remake?

Is she a dork?

Rebuild of Pokemon
You can (not) Win the League

Isn't that too much ass?

How was the previous movie?

>Lugia returns



Then what's the point of making a new canon with Satoshi's ass still in it?

Nothing to especulate when the thing is pretty damn clear, the events in the previous movie pretty much negates the entire Kanto series.

Do we have a name? I swear if its Fleura/Melody im gonna shit my pants.

>A highschooler

It's Lisa.

Lesbian gyarus started the whole and made gyarus more popular right now.

I want to kiss Suiren.

When Oha Suta presented the movie back in December, they were going all "hey, look at Satoshi's hat, it's the same hat he had in I Choose You, wonder what that means, hmmm".

Pretty much outright stating it's a direct sequel.

Ahh, lame. When i saw the preview and heard Lugia's song i thought she was making a comeback.

What's the best Pokemon fansubbing group? I stopped using [PM] last year when their output fell slower than a Stakataka.


There's something wrong with that Eevee left eye

What the fuck are you on about? There isn't a single lesbian gyaru that even come close to the popularity of "pure" gyarus, Galko pretty started a new genre by herself.

They're the only good one.
SM is shit anyway.

[PM]. Just wait, user.

Shame nobody has the simulcast rights.

Advantage of 2D, they take up no space. Always room for 1 more.

SM isn't really something it's worth staying on top of anyway. We just got a new sub yesterday too.

How well does 2000 hold up? Is it rewatchable, or should I just let it sit in my nostalgia bank?

Legitimately one of the worst movies. Has very little going for it, and the dub is atrocious and rewrites the fuck out of the plot too.

the only pokemon movies worth rewatching are the Deoxys one and the Zoroark one

The dub at least is terrible. It probably isn't worth seeking out subbed either. The anime as a whole has aged horribly.