Grand Blue 41.5

Anyone translating this? I can give translations from gookscans if someone wants to typeset

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1) Pretty sure someone is translating this.
2) you can take your gook shit and shove it.

Understood, I hope you have a swell day user

>Pretty sure someone is translating this
Who? I wasn't aware of anyone picking it up after helvetica dropped it.

Fallen Angles picked it. They released chapter 39 not a while ago

Nobody is translating it.

Dump translations, don't mind that other faggot

I can give translations from gookscans if someone wants to typeset
Please do

I want

>typesetting gook translation.
It's literally worse than nothing. Fuck off.

Was totally expecting a Kanako cameo. RIP

>being this anal about a translation that's not trying to snipe scans

Ignore these faggots who said no. Nobody is picking it up and the chapter has been out almost 2 weeks or something without a translation. I can typeset in a few hours if nobody does it.

Please post the translation here, user.

Japanese -> Whatever -> English translation is always shit. No exceptions.

Grand Blue deserves better.

Having shit quality releases usually discourages actual good translations getting typeset.

For a popular manga like Grand Blue, there's no reason to go with shit re-translations. If OP wasn't a faggot and dumped the Japanese raws, there's a good chance it'd get translated by moon speaking anons passing by.

You thirsty fucks begging for shit represents everything that's wrong with this site.

The last I remember was some no names that even censored one of the characters in their translation, which is pretty stupid, so better you than them user.

Suprisingly I don't care much

Ignore this faggot

yo gook TLer, i can TS
ignore the faggot, any translation is better than no translation. i'll read a better one later if i want to


How exactly would you go around translating this? Everyone here is anonymous.

>use a quote for each bubble text

>a break and another quote for the next panel

> continue til page is done being tled

that's how it's usually done. there are some other ways, but this is usually how i see it in other threads.
also anonymity doesn't matter for getting a TL out. if you want to add credit to who worked on it, just add a credit page at the end. still unnecessary for getting the TL out though

There are a few loosely connected scanlation groups that TL, TS, QC only via Sup Forums.

Like the Yuragi Yuuna Thread for example.

Then there are Live TL threads too.

That is the most retarded post I've seen today.

Are you from FA and mad that people are trying to translate a serie you gave up on?

>Maid cafe.
Whats kouhei doing in an otaku establishment?

Oh wow, this got a lot more (You)s than I thought, I saw the first reply and just kinda thought whatever. Dumping gookshit translations now

Oh and by the way, since you were so adamant about the terrible quality of gookscans, here is a link to the Japanese raws. If someone good with moonrunes can typeset these, it might make you happier.

Shit I actually forgot to post the link

>Enough is enough, Kitahara.

>What is it all of a sudden
>I've been waiting for you to say it this entire time, but you're still refusing to...!

>Really though, what's this about
>Still feigning ignorance, I see

>Alright, alright. I'll be the bigger man and say it, then.
>Go on

Missed a panel on the first page, whoops

>Kitahara, don't you think that it's about time we visit one? That is...

This page

>A maid cafe!
>I wholeheartedly refuse.

>visiting a maid café
>not his imouto

Shit tastes, Kouhei

>Huh? Why?
>Don't give me that confused look...

>No, a refusal was wholly out of my expectations.
>Your expectations are too high!

>But they have maid uniforms, you know? Everyone likes them, right?
>I don't, at least.

>Not after wearing one during the festival

>What are you talking about?
>Just how much of that day have you forgotten...

>The only thing I remember is KAYA-sama's brilliance seared into my eyeballs.
>Yeah, yeah. (I'm tired of hearing this)

>In any case, I'm not interested.
>Is that so...

>Really not interested?

>Really really?
>Really really.

>Kitahara Iori lives together with this beautiful lady.
>Kitahara Iori's address/frequently visited areas:

>Really really really?
>I'm really...looking forward to it...!!

so i was the one who offered to ts earlier. i still can, but idk how long this will take you and i need to dl the raws to work with as well.

also on this page
you forgot pan 3 bub 3's tl. otherwise it matches up, including the other missed bubble you posted about in

>Why is it so far...
>The path to heaven is a long one.

>Is there a specific place you have in mind?
>I do, but you said you don't like maids, right?
>It brings up too many bad memories.

>Keeping that in mind, I decided to go somewhere else instead.

>To think that even a piece of trash like you is capable of empathy!
>(Heh) Flattery will get you nowhere (It's this way)

>We've arrived at the imouto cafe.
>Welcome, onii-chan~
>That's even woooorse!!!

>What's not to like?
>I have an actual younger sister!!

>Trying to brag?
>I'm sorry, I would never

Good eye, that should be

>Feigning, my ass

>Mou! You took so long to visit!
>We were waiting the whole time!
>(Ha...haha...) Thank you...

>You can stay for a while today, right?
>Spend some time with us~
>I'd really like to go home if at all possible, but--

>Don't even think about resisting and walk right in.
>This bastard is being like this...

>If it's come to this, let's just purge all thoughts of Shiori from my mind and--

>14 years old

>The name's Shiori
>I wanna go home!!!

>You're going away, onii-chan?

>(Ah) Um, well...
>That was too far, Kitahara.

>Really sorry?
>Really sorry.

>Then are you going to be Shiori's onii-chan...?
>Let's hear that answer, Kitahara

Why is FA translating chapters that have already been tl'd? Can't they just start translating the new ones?

Quality of translation/consistency I guess.

>Well then, welcome home, onii-chan
>Yup, I'm home

>Um, by the way, Shiori forgot...
>What did I call onii-chan by?

>Kouhei nii-sama
>Don't use what she used to call you!!!
>(Kouhei nii-sama...Ah! The one who eats bugs!)

Nanaka is pure sex.

ts here. do you mind TLing the little blurbs next to
>pan 1 bub 1
>pan 2 bub 2
slowly working on it, i guess. i'll dump what i have once you're done dumping/TLing

>(Tch) Then just Kouhei onii-chan
>Okay~! Then what about you?
>For me--

>Naked hentai onii-chan.
>Isn't that just a criminal!?

>Okay then, Kouhei onii-chan and naked hentai onii-chan,
>Yes, Shiori-chan?
>She's saying it like it's normal...
>If you need me--

>Just say 'Shiori-chan nyan nyan'
>I wonder exactly what they think a younger sister is
>(Shiori-chan nyan nyan get me some soy sauce)

>They serve alcohol, too
>Getting drunk would be a lot easier mentally

>Excuse m...

>Kitahara, that's not what she told you to say
>(Ugh...) But saying that's a little
>That's not the issue.

>This cafe exists thanks to the cooperation of all persons involved.

The first one is katakana I think, I can't make out the first and third characters. The second one I have translated in parenthesis, which is what I'll be doing for blurbs.

As a guy with imoutos, this is a special kind of hell.

thanks for letting me know.
just fyi, i think i'm about 7 images back, so keep going at your own pace and i'll catch up eventually.

Make the first two of that last page
>Oh, they serve alcohol, too
>Getting drunk would be a lot easier on me mentally

Back to this page

>Are you saying you'd destroy this atmosphere just because of your petty personal pride?

>He's right...
>No matter what my personal preferences may be, now that I'm in here, I have certain rules to abide by.

>They're trying to make everyone happy--if so,
>It would be rude to not play along and enjoy this as much as possible!!

>Just this once, you're right...!
>You finally understand, huh?
>When in Rome, do as the Romans do!!

>Shiori-chan nyan nyan!!

>What the fuck are you recording!?
>I'm preserving this glorious moment

>You better delete that, alright!?
>OK, I promise
>Did you call me, onii-chan?

>(Ah) I'd like to order

>I'll have this cocktail...

>(PAB's group chat)
>Shiori-chan nyan nyan~!!
>Preserved moment of Iori's glory (video)

>Hahaha hey, you look really happy in this, Kitaha-

>Thanks for waiting~here's your order of imouto special shakey-shakey cocktail!

>Okay then, onii-chan, repeat after Shiori's chant!
>What do you mean chant
>Leave it to onii-chan!!

>Become tasty~
>Become tasty!!!

>Moe moe tsukyun Moe! Moe!! Tsukyun!!!

I hope you can put in all the stars/hearts/music notes, not the same without it

So this month's chapter isnt island part 2?

>Infused with love~Well then, onii-chan, I hope you enjoy it!
>90% of that love is from him!!!

>Here's your moe-moe omurice!

I guess not, it's just an extra chapter.

>Omurice is a staple
>This is where you draw a ketchup heart, right?
>Ours is special, though~

>Here, we draw our honest feelings towards onii-chan.

>Shiori weally Kya~so embarrassing
>Why you, Kitahara...!
>You're jealous of THIS!!?


>pan 2 bub 2
blurb, but since it's not in parenthesis i'm assuming it's too ahrd to read?

Omurice looks disgusting to me. I hate eggs.

>Onii-chan, stop touching me!
>What~? Did I do that~?

>I told you I don't like it when you that
>It's fine, it's fine, just a bit of sibling love

>There's those kinds of customers, too, huh
>There's alcohol on the menu, after all...

>Wait wait wait, what are you planning
>I'll end his existence with my magical cranium breaker of love
>Don't you have a better name for your finishing move

>It's okay, onii-chan

That one's just straight up moonrunes, the gooks were lazy I guess

>We have a magical spell for people like that
>(Kouhei: Hau!!)
>Magical spell?
>C'mon, let's go back to onii-chan's place
>That's a little...

>That's no good, an imouto should listen to what her onii-chan says

>Hey, onii-chan.
>Yes, imouto?

>You keep on saying imouto this, imouto that--

>Every imouto that works here are all older than you

>Let's go home, Kouhei.
>........................I don't wanna.

>Not liking older imoutos

So Kouhei has no tastes huh.

>I'm home~
>Welcome back

>Where were you today?
>I was out with Kouhei,
>He dragged me to some place called an imouto cafe.

>That's no good, Iori-kun
>You already have Shiori-chan, so you can't go around looking for new younger sisters

>She might get jealous, you know?
>She doesn't have that kind of cute side to her

I'm not sure I'd be partial to an older younger sister, either.

>Yes, Shiori?

>Onii-chan contacted me just now.

>He said that he won't be needing his allowance for a while.

>(Japanese blurb)

That's all, thanks for reading and see you next time I guess

Dammit. another month till we see the massacre on the island.

It's actually like a week and a half.

But the chapters get translated later since no one reliable translates it unless the user who did the last chapter is willing

I'm fine with translating more, kind of scared/worried that there'll be a good bit of backlash though

Well, I think you did a good job.

thanks user

They aren't really as dedicated to the series as helvetica

I really hate how the author is cutting in random side stories during the main arc, when its getting crazy.

i'm two thirds of the way through, keep the thread alive for a bit

>dedicated to the series as helvetica
>the guys who dropped it
They can suck my dick.

Well at least the fact that we got translation today makes me feel as if the next chapters comes out in two weeks.

Patiently waiting for Croxx.

Official anime announcement is here

>its real
YES with a hint of no

maybe he's just doing it to give himself more time to try out ideas, so that he can get the arc right

>animated Chisa
>animated Nanaka
>animated Azusa

Nothing to frown at here.

Shame the threads will turn to shit.

You kidding? My yes entails all of that
My no is the threads and some of the jokes may not translate well in anime format

sorry for the long wait, it's my first time doing something this long and live

commencing dump


reaction face the manga

Thanks, it's appreciated.

third page is title




>Translating dirty gook scans.
Fuck you, go kill yourself.

just wait for actual tl then, lmao
no one is forcing you to read this shit



>Iori wearing diving gear

Weird choice of apparel for the announcement of a drinking manga adaptation.

i'm not much of a cleaner, btw.
so i just didn't even try with a few things

Chisa designed the announcement, most likely.
Poor girl still hopes


Offtopic question : why is bato up again? Is it fine to use again or is there any controversy with the new guys handling it?

iirc it's now an aggregator site and may/may not have things you want to block
i wouldn't use it if i were you