Märchen Mädchen

Have a cute Hazuki

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Why doesn't she just rewrite the temperature to not be cold?

Post examples of her cuteness.

Hadzuki is overflowing and will soon consume /ä/.

Haduki is too sexy.

She wants to share her scarf with Shizuka.


Is she a magical girl?

Doesn't she know how dangerous that is?

She is a magical girl, a miracle!


Dëad Häzuki



Yuri necrophiliä with Hazuki!

But Hazuki is ugly.

Stop spreading fake news.

Post Häzuki.

Pissed Häzuki

Hæzuki's piss.

But there's no such thing as an uncute Hazuki.

Pre Häzuki.

>dead parents everywhere
>trash hobos living in the ruins of a dead city
>girls raised in the wilderness by wolves
Being madchen is suffering


Sadohara with red eyes.

I like this little dork.
Too bad the manga nor the Ln aren't translated yet.

Not pre enough.



>ties all loose
>shirts all untucked

Who's the one in charge of keeping the students' uniforms presentable and why are they not doing their job?

That's a cute dork you have there. It'd be a shame if something were to happen to her.

This girl needs a spanking

I strongly suspect the principal is some kind of lesbian pedophile and that's why she's so slack with them.

>all the girls are 15+

See the headmaster short story that have been translated. She want to get in bath with Hazuki to obtain mutual understanding

>mutual understanding
Is that what they call it these days?


I still don't understand what this anime is about

>autistic high school lesbians attend school for special children where they write fanfiction and get into fights

yes but why

they're gay

wow what a bunch of fags


Why did they die?

I want Hazuki to turn me into a pumpkin.

They are brave men who fight so that yuri may live.

I would give my life to Fine-sama.

So how many episodes left before this show's budget hits the Kill Me Baby limit and collapses into a denpa slideshow?

Gay fairy tales.

It's the natural course of all pumpkins.

well, her "story" is that of the matchstick-girl, and you know how that story ended, don't you?

damn, has anyone the edit what all the dudes might think

Is this yuri?

yes, kinda

No, it's lily

Fag genocide when?

Lynne please go back to Detroit

>The most important question is what we're supposed to watch when it ends in a few weeks.
Is the answer to this question?

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The story is going to suck, since it took this long just for Hazuki to finally use magic outside of gags. What's going to happen, Russian team drops out and they go straight to the finals against the bratty American girl for two episodes, and ends with everyone being friends?

The story is too unpredictable and advanced for you. Don't try to understand it.

I think Sadohara is secretly a gyaru.

I agree.

Would you stop Tatiana?

She says it would be better if I don't, so I'll let her do anything she wants to me.

Do Russians just ship all their dorks to other countries?

For competitive stuff like this they'd only send their best. I just think being a dork is a requirement to be good at magic.

What if magic isn't real which is why only dorks are involved and so they're getting their dorks out of the way of everyone else.

>Ah you are right.... Please continue on

shit, never realized that
I guess that has something to do with her motives.

Lynne please don't die!

She'll just start selling drugs instead.

It's yüri.

Shizuka's birthday when?


>Tall chad dork Russia
>Midget virgin USA

I just noticed Ariko gets shorter when transformed but has giant platform shoes. How tall do you think she is transformed without them?

>hobby: part-time job
Is it because they can't just write "enkou" there?

About 128cm

That's not Sadohara

That's right. Sad O'hara pleases old women for free.


Don't you remember when Hazuki happily planning celebration for Shizuka's birthday on Christmas but then she was told it's when her mother died and also that's the day they did the final preliminary?

>only one person in a series can do enkou
>for free
Rude, give the whore the professional respect she deserves.

I think I've already complained about how lame kaguyahime's design is, but I'll do it again just in case - it's fucking shit.

Sadowhora is a failure.

why does Hazuki wear thigh-highs?

Please do not bully my daughterwife Sadohara. She has a hard enough life with her big chest already.

That's a very interesting question. Looking at her henshin design you can notice that she only has one thigh-high on. This is of course an allusion to the story of Cinderella where she loses one of her slippers - the designer used this idea to justify the asymmetrical clothing, which is always hot. Now then working backwards from her henshin design to her regular design, the two thigh-highs had to be there in the first place to unambiguously create the impression of losing one of them, and, to better convey the idea of magical transformation, the thigh-highs also change color.

>asymmetrical clothing
Here's where your theory falls apart.

Why contain it?

There's solid theory behind the attractiveness of asymmetrical clothing. You normally expect clothes to be symmetrical, and when confronted with an outfit that's half normal and half exposing your brain associates it with the only other times it observed such asymmetry, that is, when somebody was in the process of undressing. From there the connection is made to the arousal that's normally experienced in such situations. Asymmetrical clothing is therefore inherently hot as long as you allow for the assumption of regular everyday clothing being symmetrical, which in case of our western society quite obviously fair.

Don't you just want to walk up to cute girls and fix their crooked ties?

I see you're teaching the girls at your school some valuable lessons, Mrs. Principal.

Stupid sexy hazuki

Dorks, I love dorks

News report claims the largest street for old books shops in the world, as in the book street next to Hazuki's home and Hazuki frequent, contain lots of old porn books, including those that does not fit modern child porn regulations


Hazuki likes looking at naked little girls.

Shizaku will fuck the lolicon out of her.