Dragon ball super

So who is hyped about the epic end of dbs

> Epic End

Predictable ending where Goku beats Jiren and revives the universes

Truly groundbreaking stuff user

Just starting Super. Is it better to watch the movies or the rehash sagas?

read the manga

I'd say watch only RoF as a movie cause BoG wasn't that bad in super

Power scaling in anime BoG is completely fucked.
In the anime Goku and Beerus' fight is about to destroy the universe, in the movie the powerscaling anywhere near as fucked.

i'm really hyped but nobody else here is so i avoid Sup Forums

Movies. You'll get demotivated if you see the filth that is the first two arcs.


it was funny the first 7 times you posted it. But this is the 8th and it's starting to lose its luster


The Super remakes have animation problems and several of the plot changes they introduced have been contradicted by the Super anime itself.

so is this confirmation that Kuririn > Tenshinhan

When are we finally going to get Perfected Ultra Instinct Lefendary Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan 4(×3) Gogeta + Kaioken × ∞?

I can't even tell if this is real or not

Do you love Vados

>Yamcha's words are trustworthy and accurate

Also that was a foreshadowing of Majin Buu.

do you have a life?

Dragon Ball FighterZ truly is the best Dragon Ball game ever made.

Can't wait for /ourguy/ to come out next month.

Based Hermano poster.

I can't wait either, he's a big boy.

>one button spam auto combo

After we get Super Duper Saiyan first

>Crippling autism
>Dysfunctional family/social dynamics
>Single minded obsession with GETTING HUGE
>Violently homoerotic obsession with Goku
We're gonna make it brahs

>Goku defeating the big boss in DBS


t. xenoversefag who can't into combos

>best DBFZ player is a fucking Furry

>Goku only revives King Kai

Definitely /ourguy/.

Remember Dragonball Hoshi? Those were the days. I wish we could have them back imagining how awesome a new Dragonball series would be instead of cringing our faces off over every new befuddling decision they shit into our mouths.

Best ending

Since hulu doesn't have DBZ and I dont feel like watching OG dragonball, I'm gonna watched subbed DBGT...Is it really as bad as I heard?

Reminder. Kale wants the D.


>broly will never be your gym bro
Whatever I like lifting by myself anyway.

Its ok

From the Nu Saiyan? Kale truly is only good as fusion fodder.

Sonicfox is known for being a Furry

I love hitting 'Update' and seeing 'No New Posts'. I can't wait until Dragon Ball finally dies off again and fucks off this board

Nice edit but we all know cabba is a faggot.

Broly definitely strikes me as a crossboarder.

all db games are trash. dbfz is shitty party game

The more I see art of Caulifla, the more upset I become over how Saiyans are now just humans with shitty 80s hair instead of the Space Mongol-oids they were supposed to be
They don't even fucking have tails.

It's like if we got Nu Klingons but they don't have rubber foreheads and are just grumpier humans.

How powerful is el mono blanco

Getting rid of tails was a mistake.

Blame toriyama and his autism, also the animators complained that they were too hard to animate.

Ok, why should I care?

You just reminded me of that badly positioned photo of his fursona that looked like he was railing a guy.

Who remembers Emolifla Romaine? Edgy as hedgies but at least designed like an actual fucking saiyan. If we kept going we'd probably get SJW saiyans with those faggoty tumblr Skrillex undercuts at some point.

Nobody cares, now stop posting that garbage.

> also the animators complained that they were too hard to animate.

They don't have the right to speak their minds anymore. Time to whip them.

I don't get why toei can't just fire them and hire new animators, there's plenty out there that can emulate the dragon ball style. Look at takahashi for example.

>dude episode 5 LMAO XD

sasuga nu-Sup Forums


>yfw Freeza wishes for the most comfortable underwear

I loved the ride, and I'm ready for the big conclusion.
Thanks Toriyama, Toei and Toyotaro.

This is one of the dumbest comments I've seen in these threads, and that's saying something.

thats shida you stupid fuck
animators are hard to come buy

haha you wouldnt last 5 seconds against a decent player, dumb faggot

Universe 6 soon

Can't wait.

>dead show
>dead thread

post source

I wish she was the Supreme Kai instead

>last post was 30 seconds before
You retard

Why was every main villain the worst part of their arc?

>Both Saiyans and Ginyu Force were better than Frieza
>Androids better than Cell
>Saiyaman better than everything else that followed in that mess of a saga

>dead kai
>dead fanfic

When is Freeza going to destroy the stage?

I'll miss it very much, I'll probably never forget the ethos behind it

Are they still on Namek?


What shit taste

Mexicans are sleep

>put universe 7's fate at stake
>got several others erased
>beat down two young women
>surpassed the gods in 48 minutes
>about to defeat the strongest being in the multiverse
How do we stop him?

anime ssb is perfect ki control and calm mind

manga ssb leaks energy and eats your body up


By cancelling Super.

doesn't take away the fact that its a shitty party game

tell him to kiss his wife

ssj2 goku black beat up ssb vegeta

Then vegeta trained so hard in RoSAT that his ssg form was = ss rose and ssb was >> ss rose

>Kefla was better than Jiren

Toppos one episode of dominance and 5 minute fight with 17 was the peak of this arc

mssb goku = m zamasu > ssb vegeta > ss rose goku black > ssb goku

>How do we stop him?
Why? He's best boy

oh look it's that meme again

mssb vegeta > mssb goku

Vegeta trained after black arc while goku mostly farmed

jiren => mastered ui goku >> lssj2 kefla > merged zamasu > vegito blue > UI omen goku = beerus > goku black > champa


Dumb gokek

Hyped? No.
Excited to see the inevitable shitstorm the ending will cause? Yepper.

Oh look, it's that retard again.

You can't, he's going to beat jiren and the tears will flow from all the vegetafags/jirenfags. It will be great.

>wanting to stop Goku
Please go back into your corner Vegeta

>17 uses a ki shield once in Z
>ki shields bullshit becomes his only gimmick in Super

Mssb > Mssb Goku = Toppo >= Golden freeza

>being this mad GODku mastered the legendary UI and is gonna rape Jiren in the ass this upcoming ep

*blocks you're path*

i'm hyped about the fact that it's over

Manga SSG impresses the GoDs

MSSB shocks the GoDs

MSSB Vegito > all Hakaishins