Dominant anime girls are for _________

Dominant anime girls are for _________

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Femdom is literally a shit tier fetish, user.

If you actually WANT a girl to beat the shit out of you while spitting in your mouth and calling you worthless you're pathetic.


Been raped into real 2D woman

god I want to be her pet


There's actually more to femdom than pysical abusing someone

spanking and deep cave explore.


Mindbreaking into ahegao heart-pupils cumsluts

I love femdom. But I love yuri femdom even more. But most of all, I love age gap yuri femdom where the younger one is in charge.

Not everyone that likes femdom likes that type of stuff, dumbass.

You forgot your Tokiko-sama picture.

Why do people respond seriously to this?



spanking is only good if the dick is tucked between her thighs.




e-even better

God I wish that were me.


The real god-tier fetish is for switches. Never fails to turn me on in a hentai, but it's so rarely done properly (i.e. normally it's a girl being smug for one page before getting raped).

Checkout Heartwork Sympony of Destruction


Any sources or recommendations? You've piqued my interest

Its the opposite for me. Its best when the guy thinks hes about to rape the girl silly and then boom, castration.

>try to rape a girl
>she turns you around and rapes YOUR ass

Femdom was a mistake.

I can see why femdom anime is so rare, and why Japan hates it.

I was going to say Ryona but then shit like this make me wonder what the fuck is wrong with people

>Likes gentle femdom with the girl "ara ara"-ing me.
>Most femdom doujin nowadays involve CBT and pegging.

Seikon no Qwaser.
Homura Subaru has a bunch more stuff like the Milky Succubus series; not explicit age-gap but its loli x cow tits.

It's really not an established fetish at all, even just girl x girl femdom is already rare. In fact I'd welcome recommendations too.

>Homura Subaru
Seconding this, Homura Subaru knows how to hit almost all of my buttons.

This, it must be really exciting for someone to think they have got the upper-hand on you; giggling to themselves as they are about to complete and utterly dominate you without remorse, only - wait~ seems like your hand just slipped and you found a secret weak-spot that no-one else knows about, causing them to emit a cute squeal and forcing them to try and regain their composure, though by the time they have they have already been pinned against the floor whence you decide to explore every inch of their delicate, precious body. Such glorious presentation of her physique prompting you to find each and every sensitive location and tease them continuously until they are near orgasm only to deny it leaving them in a state of constant twitching and collar-biting. Then, you finally get to slide your finger down their back (or wherever else you prefer) and bring their lustful body towards a climax the likes of which they have never experienced before: causing them to moan adorably and bite their lip in an attempt to hold back their deeply repressed pleasure all the while squirming around before they faint in your arms. After all of this has taken place you can almost feel the blood pumping around the body you had been communicating with directly and sending signals around for the past 15 minutes and get to princess carry them to bed, being able to safely remark on how nice they still smell after such an event taking place and letting them fall asleep. Can you imagine how quickly their face must flush up when they wake up and you bring them break-fast, reminding them of how you have quickly learned more about them than anyone else will know in their entire lives? That you are the only one of 7~ billion that know of how to nourish an individual so starved of affection that they attempt to play off their insecurities through a quixotic show of influence and subjugation must feel tremendous.

Let Me Bark For You did it pretty well

y-you shut the fuck up and post cute femdom

Seems I responded to the wrong post, meant I'll admit I have zero femdom material except this post that I think most have seen now but its worth a shot~

t-tell me you're a gril...

retards with no self-esteem

Swiftly sticking your fingers up their cunt

Getting cucked by


You're right, you must break his mind as well.