How do we help her? She's going to commit a crime at this rate.

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Rape her in front of the bear, Yuzu.

>retarded autist slut
>scheming malicious slut
>cute, fun and happy classmate who's always looking out for you

Hmmm, now which one to fall in love with?

You don't know how attraction works.

The tall dark and mysterious one, of course

Post the one with the glasses.

I don't have it


Just some harmless shipping

Bonus points because she's damaged and needs your love to fix her.

Does Mei officially wear glasses? I've seen official stuff with her wearing them before.


One of the volume omake's had Mei wearing reading glasses while reading in bed.

Between her reading glasses and her usual fashion sense, Mei looks like an old lady.

Why does loliyuzu still have blonde hair?

She dyed her hair from an early age.

Here is what everyone is this series should do and buy.

Trash dogshit series.

She dyed her hair when she was three years old.

>Notice me, MeiMei!

Lol, Himeko's anime design just makes her look like a smaller version of Mei.

Spankings. Lots of bare bottom spankings to turn her

She wishes.

I was playing the yuri visual novel Maidens of Michael recently and it also made out that the rich girls private academy didn't allow the girls to go around town in their school uniforms. They were expected to go home and change first.

It makes sense to me. A fancy school wouldn't want their students running around causing trouble while wearing the uniform, if would reflect poorly on the school.

When I was in high school they were very strict about what students did before and after school because of exactly this reason.

When you're wearing the school uniform you're still considered "at school" and to be representing the school, so no fucking around. Going home in the sports/PE uniform instead of the regular uniform was also a big no no.

Gay mei, gay mei.

Normal even for not fancy schools, thought maybe not quite as strict. Imagine the great shame you could bring to your school if you were caught doing something stupid in their uniform.

Schools in many countries are liable for their students on the way to and from school, so students are instructed to go straight home.

A lesbian version of Mei.

Pinkshit is worst girl.

Just give her clit so she'll stop whining

It's not illegal for sisters to hold hands.

I want her to suffer in the sisterzone
I want Mei to have a straight phase

Go to bed grandpa.

I don't think rape is a crime in the Citrus universe.

Why doesn't Harumin just rape Matsuri?

Matsuri wouldn't say no to her.

Matsuri wants Harumin, though.

Isn't Citrus a lesbian version of Marmalade Boy?

But what if Harumin slaps her and bites her while going at it?

They'll need some towels to clean up after Matsuri's mess.

That's probably their normal arrangement. It's when things get soft and weirdly intimate that Matsuri gets embarrassed.

>Harumin is going take years of frustration bending to Mitsuko's will out on Matsuri in the bedroom

>implying Matsuri isn't going to top
Harumin will think he's the top dog because she's older and taller, not realising she's a natural sub until Matsuri completely dominates her.

Nothing hotter than a midget overpowering a hag. Well Harumin's still young but she sure looks like a 30 yo posing as a teenager when she's in gyaru mode.

Matsuri is a sub underneath all that bravado. You've seen how tsundere she gets during the vacation arc.

Give Nene a girfriend, look how cute she is.

Has she tried her left hand?

all the characters have committed multiple crimes at this point

I dropped it, when it got retarded. Like the dialogue with onee's father (the headmaster)?

She's just an old-fashioned ojou-sama type who doesn't know how to casually dress her age. But it also means that when she goes for the elegant and classy look, she does it pretty well.

>when it got retarded
So as soon as student prez turned out to be step-sister?

Nene is YuzuHaru shippers' self-insert. They deserve eternal loneliness.

Are they for real? the main pair's on their face every damn chapter, almost as bad as tamaofags.

That wasn't as retarded as what followed.

(If I think about it, the sexual assault on her new sis was probably retarded too.)

What would happen if I show my dick to Yuzu?

Fuck off, Himeko. You ugly witch.

Himeko is for hetero conversion therapy.

Mei put away your strap-on. Yuzu is natural. Beg her to be forgiven and it will be fine. Just let her top you.

I unironically love her old lady look.

Tamao actually loved Nagisa. It's just that both of them were fucking retarded. Harumi and Yuzu are just friends, so anything else is complete delusion.

Why wouldn't she?

>Mei wearing glasses
Why is she so beautiful, lads?

Why are there so many people who know nothing about how the manga is published? Some people on Reddit are claiming the manga is on hiatus to wait how the anime will sell, and if the anime sells good with BD and DVD, there will be more volumes.

Ojousama appeal.

Because not everybody follows manga. For all they know all manga is released weekly. If they even know anything about manga at all. Obvious shitposters aside, most of them just don't know that it's released monthly and that next month it's getting a break for the extra chapter.

Not that user, but I literally saw manga hosting sites declaring that chapter 36 was the last.

People are retarded, what's new

I saw one, yeah. Even someone believed there were 50 chapters in the manga, and just 36 chapter translated. In fact, the manga hosting site just counted bonus as chapters.

Many don't know how it's published and that the translation (unofficial) is on par with the chapters release. It's worse with the anime, some people caught with the manga after seeing episodes, but they just affirm false things instead of just saying they don't really know cause they are new.

I prescribe 350 grams of dick.
Take at least once every two days.

Like you said, those are newfags reading the manga because of the anime. If they care about it enough, they'll eventually find out that they're spreading misinformation. If they don't, then they'll be pleasantly surprised when the new chap comes in April. Either way, why does it matter?

I like her elegant and classy look.

10/10 classiness. Would marry.

It's too late. Better just put her out of her misery.

>now which one to fall in love with?
That's not really a conscious or logical decision. But Harumi definitely is the best of them.
>you'll never get to know anyone as cool as her

Women, included lesbians, like challenge.
Harumin is friend material, especially if you have similar personalities. Also, there's the physical attraction that can't be forced.

>Also, there's the physical attraction that can't be forced.
I know, that's why I said it's not a conscious or logical decision. From a purely logical standpoint, Harumin is the best choice though.

>tfw can't mention Citrus anywhere without attaching trash to it

Mei x Himeko

Best couple of the year 2018

What if Yuzu doesn't like big tits

Mei's tits are bigger than Yuzu's.


Why do they look so much like Sakura and Tomoyo?

>not liking every size of tits apart from balloon-tier
that would be a pretty bad case of shit taste then

>tfw Bloom into You is getting an anime soon
>it'll 100% be produced by a prized studio and not by some sloppy porn director
>it won't be advertisement for the manga because it's already the most popular yuri manga in nipland
>will undoubtedly sell more BDs than Shitrus
I can't wait for you shit taste faggots to get completely rekt for voluntarily eating shit in the first place.

Welcome to anime. Everything is a ripoff of a ripoff of a ripoff.

Sleeping in the same room must be hell for having a good masturbating session.


This is creepy please delete


Mei smiling here is like these oldfags who have been lifted.
Smiling Yuzu >>>>>> Smiling Mei.
Maybe the manga will offer a real bright smile.

No, anime, Mei has literally smiled ONCE.

What's so creepy about Yuzu's angel?

The animators have no example to base Mei smile on. So they really shouldn't have gone overboard with her smiles this episode.

Indeed. Without Saburouta's style and talent to detail character's eyes and faces, it's too much. I don't complain seeing a smoothed Mei, but, the studio failed to convey that.
Mei's smile during the grave scene was better.

That felt out of place.


Dorky autistic Mei > weak and selfish autistic Mei

ED is out.

Don't worry, she hasn't smiled in months now.