Violet Evergarden

Do you think Kyoani has the balls to adapt all the controversial stuff in the novel?

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Damn Violet looks like that?

Who does Baioretto rape?

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Probably not, unless they do a movie. Kyoukai no Kanata's movie was notably darker than the TV series.

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What happens in the novels?

A bunch of soldiers try to rape loli violet. She kills them all.

Children, Violet kills the children


I've not really been invested enough to read the novels but if it's interesting I might give it a shot.

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Why is Violet so lewd?

How is that controversial?

Dunno, OP probably thought childrape = controversial. I don't see why it won't be adapted.

She’s a repressed woman

because so far the anime has been disgustingly saccarine


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There's no way they're going to adapt the gore and rape stuff. Nope, just forget it.

But wouldn't Violet getting raped be relevant her emotion development? Why is Kyoani such a hack?

She doesn't get raped, she just kills people who try to do it.


Isn't she like 14? I think this is illegal.

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Violet was a child at the time and the way she kills all of those fuckers is pretty gruesome

We've been shown everything from the PV except these scenes. Meaning we're getting big flashbacks next episode, including the continuation of the first scene of the first episode.
And so I think the episode will end with Violet Snow since we're getting into the Gilbert arc.

So, what? Make her name Violet Ymous?

>he doesn't know

Violet Mouse

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I wouldn’t want to take that away from her. I want our children to know what a hero their mom is

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Please refrain from using such lurid language in reference to Violet. Group lovemaking is the preferred term

How is it not? Rape attempt, killing kids, torture and just overall sadistic behavior tend to be controversial.
When was the last time KyoAni did anything like this? That's right, they never did and never will.

Kyoukai no Kanata's movie as well as A Silent Voice had some darker themes, why would a child rape attempt by a bunch of big bruly dudes who meet their end by being brutally slaughtered by the intended victim be controversial? Then there's that Nigma chick from A phantom world, apparently some scientists did something to her body

Then again, Amagi Brilliant Park cut out a few things about the ABC trio and Latfica's and Kanye's pasts

Don’t be calling Koe no Katachi by that shit localization no more, you hear?

Bullying and suicide attempts are many levels below child abuse and torture, come on now.


Oh yes, forgot that was kyoani. Anything more recent?

I don't wanna admit that made me laugh but it did

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I miss old KyoAni.

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next week makes or breaks the show

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>but it's artistic!
It's shit.

But if you want it to happen then it's not rape, unless you are both underage then it's statutory

it's so that it pisses you off and you buy the BD

This is said every week... that's why the show is already broken. Too much of a narrative deficit to make up.

careful with that edge

i don't remember it being said every week

bullshit. i've been keeping up with this series and it's had a reasonable and well-paced progression throughout.

Written by Japanese. They think the entire world is safe like Japan is.

op, why the fuck you lewd Violet?

>Have the capacity of giving metal arms to war veterans that are almost as good as the real thing
>And at the same time, the fucking typewriter is state of the art technology

Fuck off, Edward. Someone call the prison ward.
> Aah, I’m so envious of you, Violet. You’re pretty regardless of the passage of time. Pretty, pretty… and not treated like filth or stigmatized as disgraceful like me, right? But it’s exactly because… you’re pretty that… Violet… I wanna mess you up. I wanna push you down, rip your clothes off, take your crying face into my hands, make holes in your body and fiddle with it. Hey, Violet Evergarden…”

When your disability hinders your ability to fap, you get your priorities straight in a hurry.

You are confused, typewriter is just typewriter. The Mechanical AMDs aka Automate Dolls people like Violet have their jobs named after are complex machines that automatically type stuff and can interpret speech. More complex than Violet's arms (which are not normal thing by the way, but military grade equipment developed for army by Estark company that was installed to her instead of the cheap civilian proteses) and costs more too - this is why Shahar corporation that funds the Astronomers in ep 4 hired 80 real girl AMDs instead of renting machines (they are not for sale, just rented) - as machines costs more to rent and there is also issue with transportation. They are also few in numbers, so could not cover their massive demand - the AMD machines became iconic due to creator's wife books and story tied with machines created for her to be able to dictate them, but they are not exactly common.

No thanks. I already saw that star wars episode.