Don't you agree?

Don't you agree?

You lost me at "serious" for Super. Also, you could argue that Dragon Ball GT tried to be Dragon Ball, not Dragon Ball Z. You could also argue it tried to be something different. Also also, "something different" is way too fucking vague to consider yourself a genius for putting this pic together, of course I could put Imaishi animating DB episodes written by Guillermo del Toro, or I could get Studio Pierrot's filler team to write it and animate it. Either way it's "something different", you gotta be more specific unless you want it to read like "I don't like Super nor GT, I bet if it was something better it would be better".

I think the best way to continue Dragon Ball is to not continue Dragon Ball. But Japanese children need to watch something every morning and Toriyama needs more money I guess.

Super is not serious at all.

Sup Forums's obsession with "lightherted X" is sickening. I want things that takes themselves seriously, not stoners cartoons.

yes i agree

They should just stop honestly, Super was a train wreck, it took points of OG and Z and managed to screw everything

Just give me a DB movie every few years and I'll be happy.

Toriyama was following the story up badly as early as the android saga. After Namek, Goku should have stayed dead like Freeza and Piccolo would train Gohan to beat Vegeta and unlock Super Saiyan. Vegeta, now that he has no rivals, has become the strongest in the Universe and must be stopped, eventually he reaches Super Saiyan and enslaves Earth. The final battle would be Gohan realizing his potential and killing Vegeta.

>GT experimented and ended up boring and irritating
>Super is less boring but is also safe and toothless


He has as much character as Ichigo and Kirito (read nothing). Fuck all forms of Gohan being number 1. I;'d rather have Goku status quo shit than a boring everyman regardless of stagnancy

This, GT is the best parts of both DB and DBZ, I can't believe it has so many haters

Dragon Ball ended in 1995, user.

That is what my last hypothetical saga would be for, giving development for Gohan and Vegeta

GT was unforgivably lazy that's why it sucks.

remember when 17 fought every main character OFF SCREEN?

remember that time when piccolo calls out baby gohan and then just fucking eats his ki blast?

and all the fucking downtime with trunks and that robot.

Dragonball GT wasn't trying to be Dragonball. It was Dragonball. The problem was that what worked when Goku was little more than a superstrong little monkey boy fucking up people on a bizarro Earth full of furries doesn't work when he's actually a 50+ year old man in the body of a 12 year old but also strong enough to blow up half a galaxy.

Exactly! One of the biggest draws of OG Dragon Ball was watching Goku grow stronger and stronger and wondering how strong he could get. After the Cell saga, you don't "feel" strength anymore— you have to be explicitly told someone is stronger than the other and that's why their punch-kick-dodge loops draw blood now when they didn't before, and the only way Toriyama knew how to do that after 1991 was by giving everyone brand new transformations every other chapter. You never felt Goku grow over the course of GT, he was already stupidly stronger than everyone else and OP stories are only fun when there's actually character involved instead of blind drunk violence, but blind drunk violence is the only thing Dragon Ball ever had going for it since Toriyama = Shit Plot. The only reason he didn't immediately fuck up General Dildo and his sex toy comrades is because he didn't go Super Saiyan 2 or 3. He didn't get any more friends or rivals besides a toy bait droid and he never bonded with Trunks and Pan so it's done. It's over. They failed.
Super is so worthless that even Bore-uto has more entertainment value in one finger than the entirety of this damn series.

Fucking this.

>I think the best way to continue Dragon Ball is to not continue Dragon Ball.
There's nothing else that Dragonball can do to make it interesting. Its just the same shit piled on top over and over again now. Just let it end on a good note.

DBZ should've ended with Frieza's death. The people who died should have stayed dead. Goku fulfills the prophecy and kills the guy responsbile for all the bullshit up to that point. Vegeta gets some nice time to shine and kick ass before his final redemption and backstory is fully revealed at his death. Relief and euphoria because Space Mega StalinHitler is dead but also a sense of loss for those that did not make it. Series ends and the audience is left to wonder what happened to Goku after achieveing SS.

I know a lot of people like the Cell saga and all, but I think it sort of trivializes everything that happened before it and the arc could never have that sense of finality to it. Frieza is basically directly or indirectly responsible for pretty much every single event in DBZ from the very beginning, so ending it there would be perfect for the series.

Holy shit you're fucking stupid. Even Z was going downhill with all the retarded powerups, they really should have quit while they were ahead instead of producing this monstrosity. How anyone can get excited over transformation 479284561279 (now with white hair!) is fucking beyond me.

>Something different
Dragon Ball Phantasm when?

A good sequel to dragon ball story already exists.
Its was the MMO Dragon Ball Online, from which Xenoverse is loosely inspired.
>As the generations went, Sayian DNA spread over earth and everyone is now Sayian
>Buu created a wife and they had many children. The Buu race is common over earth
>Trunks became Time Patrol
>No million gay rainbow transformations.


Trunks is a shit character, DBZ instantly became bad when he was first introduced.

Because most people who enjoy and regularly follow animation are ultimately children and manchildren, even if that's just the plain sad truth, and Dragon Ball encapsulates what they love.

fuck toriko shitposter

If Dragon Ball was a lighthearted adventure martial arts anime, and Dragon Ball Z was a serious-sci-fi action anime, what should Dragon Ball Post-Z be?

Slice of life?






School life?


DBO is so cancerous. Super God Evil God Broly is enough.

You sir, are a gentlem/a/n and a schol/a/r

This had better be bait
Trunks is based as fuck
DBZ went to shit during the Buu saga when Gohan randomly became bad at fighting and Goku got revived for the millionth time

Trunks and Gohan as teenagers, make it a high school comedy/action/fighting manga
Goku and Vegeta are old grandpas
Gohan has taken over Goku's role as hero of earth and trains Gohan/Trunks

>he's actually a 50+ year old man in the body of a 12 year old
and just like that, you're on the watchlist

A show that just showcases what-ifs would be nice, seeing at that was main appeal of Xenoverse and a shitton of DB games cash in on this.
Tapion and Future Trunks teaming up against Black and Zamasu?
An animated version of that story from Budokai where Krillin got absorbed by Cell to save #18?
Vegeta going Super Saiya-jin after getting bullied on Namek?
The possibilities are endless and there'll be at least one episode for every person. They don't even need to worry about canon as much.
Or they could pull a Dragon Ball Online and set it centuries after the End of Z, where every human has Saiya-jin DNA in them, Nameks and Buu's children are everywhere, and everybody knows the basics of Ki control thanks to Gohan's books.
OR they could do an animated series for Jaco and Neko Majin.
There's a lot of different things they could do that are preferable to 'and this guy is strong so Goku needs to get stronger'. For example
>a series focusing on Gohan's adventures during the 7 year time skip, maybe give him an adventure akin to early DB that gives him further development towards giving up fighting
>shorts focusing on Goten, Trunks and the Pilaf Gang
>comedy focusing on the above characters plus Pan, Bra and Marron
>the adventures of Freeza-sama and the Planet Trade Organization
>a prequel set before the events of Z about an attempted uprising against Freeza or some unknown Saiya-jin survivors that force him into his second form
The Dragon Universe is really expansive, and seeing all this potential get wasted on trash like Super is honestly disheartening.

How it should be done.

Goku, Gohan, and Picoloo travel the universe with the Supreme Kai having light hearted martial arts adventures. Vegeta gets recruited by Beerus to be trained as a new GoD. Trunks, Goten, 17, 18, and Krillin age up some. Then get filler arcs where they protect earth.

There is only the one parallel universe instead of multiple. Not counting future trunks timeline. Alternate Majin Buu destroys earth. Then defeats GoD Champs. Which causes Vados to come to Whis and Beerus for help. Vegeta, goku, Gohan, are sent to the other universe. Vegeta becomes the GoD and Gohan fills in as the Supreme Kai. Goku finds Planet Salada and the alt saiyans. Goku trains up super saiyans.

This. DB should have stayed dead. Anything that gets milked always ends up going to shit.

they created a canon multiverse, they have to milk it until the cow dries. They have Jiren and Hit, U67 saiyans, Katoblespa, Ribianne and her warriors, furry universe, robot universe, etc.

i watched this for the fate scenes only recently and it was the funniest thing i've seen in ages, especially the lancer bits