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How long will it take Vergei to learn nen? And what category will he be?

All the better.

Obviously, he is an enhancer Nen genius who will gain a Bisky-like body within two weeks.

Alright, lads, you get to have ONE (1) pre-existing Hatsu from the Hunter x Hunter universe. You only get the one. Right now, you choose and you gain it instantly. You live in our world, the real world, not the fun adventure world of Hunter x Hunter. Which Hatsu do you choose and why?

Hard Mode: No Hide & Seek or Gallery Fake
Dante Must Die Mode: No Conjuration or Manipulation

Conjurer. He'll make a huge strapon for Bisky to use on him.

Is there an edit of the comic yet?

Bisky said she could teach them Nen in 1 month. Why does it take her longer than Kurapika? Shouldn't she be a better teacher?

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Pika has the Dolphin to give free Nen Baptisms.

Because Kurapika is stalling for time, and he can baptize people, like he did with Oito. It takes Gon and Killua levels of genius to awaken your Nen from 0 in 2 weeks.


Bisky's hatsu

If I remember right, even Kurapika doesn't really believe he can properly teach nen within that timeframe. He's largely just bullshitting because he was worried that a longer estimate would make them suspect he was full of shit.

Kurapika has a baptism ability. And she is a good teacher, but Nen takes a long time to study. Remember that it took the Heavens Arena arc, Yorkshin, GI, and the start of CA before Gon and Killua, massive one-in-a-million talents have finished mastering all the basics and finalized their Hatsu.

Biscuit is probably only going to be able to teach Ten and maybe Ren, but that alone gives you a huge advtange against muggles.

What part of "Kurapika is a filthy Mary Sue" you didn't understand?


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So which one will get the better nen training? Kurapika's students or Bisky's?


Alright, lads, you get to remove ONE (1) type of poster from Hunter x Hunter threads. Right now, you choose and they all never come back. Which group do you choose?

I'm just randomly plopping in the convo, but: Cammy's willing to kill children because they are in her way to become King: that's just the nature of the life she was born into: a fight for the fittest to reign supreme. That's different from being a serial killer who kills for fun. Cammy doesn't get enjoyment out of killing people: she gets enjoyment out of people listening to her and giving her what she wants. She's far from a psychopath. She's just extremely bitchy and vindictive if you don't listen to her and was born into a position of power over others and no one has ever stopped her from abusing it. Yes, that means she is a pretty emotional, shitty and selfish person, but let's not act like it's on the same level of evil as someone who's a serial killer who gets hard-ons from killing people and who's entire existence hinges upon killing. Compared to the type of people where killing gives their life meaning: Cammy looks like the lesser of two evils. You legitimately just need to not get in her way and give her what she wants and you're fine. Even if you're in her way she still gives you a choice to join her just in case (RIP Owlguy-kun). For a serial killer, doesn't matter how much you plead and beg: in fact they'd probably like it more.

Yeah, the torture and kill your family thing is pretty bad, but that's actually pretty common for totalitarian governments in order to ensure submission and given she's probably been raised getting everything she's ever wanted, I'm sure she's used that threat plenty of times in order to scare someone into obeying her. If that guy would have been like "holy shit my bad, I didn't know please don't kill my family I'll listen to you from here on out," she probably would be happy that he finally came around and realized he should just obey her. Though he did break her arm so there's probably no changing her mind on that. Yes, that's bad but it's not evil for the sake of evil. It's evil for the sake of obedience.



Then why does she slurp cat semen to resurrect?

Oito is baptized, but she's still near level 0. Going through Bisky's method is probably better overall for proper basis.

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Since a baptism instantly opens your pores, Kurapika had a distinct advantage in time, but he is only offering half the amount of time. And Bisky has Cookie-chan to further training speeds and has been shown to be a fabulous teacher. I think Bisky, but a large part of it will be the talent of the students.

Activate it.

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Anyone who argues about which type of category a Hatsu is. Especially when it could fall into multiple categories based on the very small amount of information we have.

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We know Bisky likes hunks like Hisoka. What do you think Wellgay is sporting under his suit?

Based on the two chapters we've known him, I'd say Emitter. He's a hothead, but he'll turn around when it fits his fetish. Although given Bisky's training, he probably won't develop anything past the basics.

Nothing will ever happen in this manga ever again

Judging from his big neck, I’d say he’s probably a little built under suit.

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He seems like Bruce Lee body type looking at his neck.
And I mean more buff manga version of it.

he's gotta have some reason that makes him so stubborn and confident in himself

Stands to reason he's fit. He is a body guard, after all.


Pitoufags, atleast cammyniggers/ fuu x kachofags and Chad-chad shitposters are relevant to the current arc and can hold a conversation about the current events. Pitoufags are literally retards drolling over the same 15 images and saying to shit over and over like anyone even gives a fuck about that cat anymore.

This thread is now part of the CHAD-CHAD zone! Reminder that all other prince's are Bad-Bad, and that won't change even if you get Mad-Mad!

We only need to outlive you to win and that is already well on its way.

Why does Tubeppa's Nen Beast require an ally? She is the only one so far that needs a buddy to activate her NB.

Is she lonely?


Intellectually lonely. Having 200+ IQ is a pain.

It doesn't really matter what your environment is. You can't just remove people from it. A feral dog out in the wild might not have been feral had they been raised by a human, but that's a hypothetical dog you've created in your mind -- the dog in front of you is feral. The reason doesn't change that.

The fact she's crazier than most of her siblings and twin studies have shown quite a heavy loading on genetics over environment means that the likelihood of Cammy being some sweet, normal girl had she been raised in a less absurd environment pretty low.

Chrollo truly is the thinking man's character.


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Science is a collaborative endeavor. Compared to the others it does seem weaker because it's hard to fulfill a condition like that when you don't even know you need to. The Transmuted chemicals and drugs must be damned strong given it has conditions like that.


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It gets stronger the most people he has on his side, but it doesn't seem to NEED followers to work at all like Tubeppa's.

I feel bad for them. Must be awful to live with the knowledge that their character will die, most painfully and soon.

Humans...... so........ interesting.

I hope he gets to armwrestle Kurapika.

Unironically Cookie-Chan

Cammy already died and that didnt stop her!

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What would happen if Cammy stepped on a mine?

And she will keep dying, over and over again until there is only a mumbling and drooling shell of a girl left.

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What will Cummie do when she becomes the mind slave of CHAD-CHAD?

Depending on how the ability works, the cat would attack the person who laid the mine or Cammy's just fucking dead. And you never know if there's something like "the cat only summons once the body is touched" in play.

That’s some nice doujin/comission idea you have Zhang. Imma borrow that

Would it even ressurect her if she was blown apart across a 20 m radius?

This probably wasn't your intention but you bring up a good point, if she dies because of some kind of pre-set trap (mine, like you mentioned, crossbows, inanimate shit like that), I don't think her Hatsu would save her.
Unless it activates when someone touches her corpse.

It resurrected her with a bullet in her brain. There's definitely going to be some limit, but until we see it - if we see it - who knows.

fuck togashi and his show don't tell approach

Nen beasts can't attack other Princes

Is the bullet still there?

Is there a more soy character than Chrollo?

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Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

What if Cammy is conjuring her own body? Then she could get exploded and come back to life. That would also explain why she is mentally retarded and why she can 'survive' getting shot in the head and other vital organs

Hisoka possesses 10 times the amount of soy as Chrollo. Look at those lanklet noodle arms. Chrollo is swole and handsome!


>conjuring her own body

All bias for princes aside, which nen beast are you looking forward to see in action?

But I'm serious. I don't want Cummy to get headaches.

Camilla is conjuring her body, but forgot to conjure the brain, that's why the bullet doesn't bother her.

Luzurus nen beast seems the most interesting one

Tubeppa's. I want to see how the fuck it works.

I want to see some SCIENCE bitch

have viz scans been posted in an earlier thread today or should I not bother looking yet