No Game No Life

Tet is such a bro

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Tet was a bitch who nigged his way into being god.

t. secondary

I'm proud to say that I managed to avoid crying when watching the movie, although it got pretty close when loli robot waifu died and riku found out.

I want to create a new race with this elf.

The movie was pretty good.
And it makes me angrier that Madhouse won't ever do S2 fffffffffuck

>tfw, the purpose of living is gone

Heaven forbid we experience that.

>sex with a dead person
Well, no way she lives 6000+ years.

I had to dump my broken toaster a couple times.
Didn't need to cry about.

Tet was created by the belief of Riku and Shuvi.

all 3 are long dead

Why is Jibril is alive?

I darkened and saturated the crap out of this and removed some unnecessary highlights in case anyone wants it. The original was way too bright for my taste.

steph is love

Flugel phisiology. She doesn't age like humans. Actually, I don't remember if she ages at all


you ruined it fgt

I'm angrier I didn't cry when I was reading the novel. I was really touched, but a dumb girl in the airport kept screaming and overwrote my sadness with anger. I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER HER DEATH IN PURE RAGE DUE TO A RETARDED KID IN AN AIRPORT

Asriel is much older than her and looks just fine, if they age at all it's a very slow process.

How old is she now? At least 26,000 years old?

For this hideous crime you deserve death

That's pretty bad my dude

Small details there were missing off the top of my head:

Riku was the one who came up with the commands system. It allowed humans to survive longer than without it. The people who went with Riku in excursions entrusted their lives to Riku and willingly accepted the commands
The reason Riku doesn't attack Shu'vi at their encounter is because the entire cluster would consider ALL humans as foes if anyone of them attack any one ex-machina.
The Ghosts represented the strategic positions of each race/faction using a chessboard and chess pieces. This is why Tet updates a move on the chessboard at the end of the movie.
Some explanations of how Old Deus come to be, and how Riku and Shu'vi made Tet happen.
The black ash prevents other races from casting magic onto the ghosts, but it turn it fucks up their health. Riku was basically half dead by the end.
The ex-machina's raid on Altosh
Altosh wanting to taste defeat for a change
Tet acknowledging humans by giving them the most important race piece
The difference between Achete and Aschiente

>most important race piece
And at the same time the weakest. Game revolves around the King, but his death is game over

Wow that image is such an eye fuck. the artist had skill but either has never heard of or does not care about composition.

I havent seen the original, but by saturating it you may have made the eyefuck even worse.

Post the original please?


I don't understand why people consider the movie "good".
There was practically no game.
We were told his "ghosts" managed to get all sort of info through trading (sometimes with their own lives) and high risk gambles. But we were never shown how they did it. The MC just suddenly got all of the top secrets. How? Because.
All this movie had, was just Shirofag pandering. Except they can't actually have Sora asking Shiro for marriage, so they made a notSora asking a robotic notShiro for marriage. But the notSora was just dumb and whiny and boring.
And most importantly, there was no game!

>There was practically no game.

yeah i was real disappointed at the plot

at least the art direction was great

RoboShiro was qt so fuck you

>no game
Well duh. It's about the world before Tet acquired the power to establish his world of games.

So, like I said, that's the only thing the movie had.

>No Game No life

>there was No Game so everyone died
Like pottery

Yes, but the whole process of obtaining info, which they implied was done through gambling, can be similar to games. That would've been interesting if they actually showed those "games". It's No GAME No Life.

This movie is literally gender flipped romeo and julio

>No game no life
>Upset about no game

>But we were never shown how they did it.
Why waste movie time and budgeting to show that? All we needed to know, was that the plan worked.

Because playing these kind of games was the main theme of the series?

>which they implied was done through gambling
You must not have watched the movie.

They obtained their information by picking through the ruins created during the endless war for every bit of knowledge they could.

There were no games being played. The ghosts' job was to collect information like I described then hand it out to the right factions to get them to do what they wanted: gather for a final battle with all of the weaponry they had.

Then you demand for S2, like the rest of us.

She's too good.

>Because playing these kind of games was the main theme of the series?
That simply means it's not the main theme of this specific story. You may not like it but many others seem to be happy with what they got.

No you didn't pay attention. They gathered bits of pieces of info by exploring those ruins. And then when MC decided to set his plan in motion, they go to various factions to trade and gamble for intel. Which was extremely dangerous since all the other races can easily just kill them. That would've been interesting and befitting the main theme of the series, if they actually showed those "games".

>You may not like it but many others seem to be happy with what they got.

what a pointless fucking platitude. shut the fuck up

You could claim the politics were the game. Kinda a cop out though.

>Achete and Aschiente
That got mentioned in Tet's ending monologue but it was just 1 line basically.

In other words, there was Shirofags pandering so Shirofags are happy.
I don't have a problem with the pandering. I just expected a movie titled No Game No Life to be at least similar in theme to No Game No Life. Apparently that's unreasonable for some people.

do you not read the 'Zero' part?
its technically a prologue. and it is precisely made and named like that to have a different approach to the story and theme.
And if anything, it was because you ddnt read the source material and the part where Tet expresses how he thinks Shuvi and Riku are much stronger than Blank because they did not flee from reality and faced it head on as opposed to Blank who became shut-ins.
Missing that one detail may actually be the adaptations' fault though

>Apparently that's unreasonable for some people.
Who exactly is saying that?

Or maybe you should think for yourself and infer why other people like it instead. I thought Your Name was a complete waste of time but I can still see why so many people like it.

Remove Jibril.

Fuck off de gozaimasu.


There was no Game, that was the point. notSora and notShiro are superior to Sora and Shiro because they won at real life. Unlike the latter 2 who used games to escape real life.

>i will never marry a cute robot waifu

why live?

Make one yourself

because my goal in the life, it's die virgin.

Are there any exmachina with vagina?

JUST finished the movie. Holy fuck bros what a ride that was.
>mfw a 1h45 movie tells a better love story than entire seasons of anime

not gonna lie, that's pretty hype writing

Can somebody explain the Achete words to me?
What's what here?

I gotta say, I wasn't too enamored with [animeisdead]'s subs. Some lines just seemed iffy, like this one at 47 minutes. There was another one later where the same line was repeated twice but he clearly said something else.

Am I the only one that prefers Shiro and Sora? also just because the monkeys surived in a shithole and were manipulating some events doesn't mean they are smarter.

there a full translation of volume 8 yet? all I can find is the prologue.

also what the fuck is with all the autistic shit happening

well, in the LN, the confrontation with Elf was a mind game, of guessing, bartering, and forcing opponents to the position you want them to be. It is also mentioned that the ghosts are mocing the pieces on an invisible chest board of many pieces, by trading information and blackmailing every single race with the power of another. That's their game, the game of chess with thousands of pieces of multiple different sides that all moves erratically on the board that is their world. They themselves are not on the board, but the hands that moves the pieces.

Why is intelligence your only criteria for a character's likability?

wait what? they didnt show the chess games with Elf?

Shuvi is much more lovable than Shiro

They played a game that is hugely in their opponents favor, and managed to pull a draw, how is that not smart? Blank wins thanks to their ability to play games in a world where everything is set by games, while the original pair won in a game where everyone can kill you, and nothing will stop them from doing it. How the fuck is that not smarter? I't like playing against a player that can just throw your pieces away as they please without you being able to do anything about it.

You prefer Shiro and Sora to characters that are basically Shiro and Sora?

god this movie fucking blew, I couldn't even make it through the whole thing I was so bored. It looked like shit for most of the time too, and the looks were the one thing I was looking forward to. At least we got a cute cut with his sister

admit it, you loved it

This is the second time I've seen the same webm, form a post making the same complaint.
Of course he loved it.

I loved the scene that I already posted in the webm, that's it. I wish I'd liked it but I didn't

Get away from the computer, Steph.

Oh, but can we talk about how not steph notSteph was? It's like karma had to compensate for her awesomeness by making her descendents so useless.

>mfw I watched it in theaters and someone fell asleep

I don't understand why people like you would even watch this film. If you liked NGNL you liked this movie.

Sorry, not the dude you're talking about, I made that webm myself.

Why are bloodthirsty anime girls so hot? Jibril as an angel of death made me rock hard

I tried to watch the movie because I did somewhat enjoy the tv series so I was hoping that they would take the freedom a movie grants them and make something more worthwhile, but I was disappointed. It's not like I'm blind to what people see in the movie, I just hated almost everything about it.

Yukarin + beamspam is always a superior combination.

Not meeting your expectations doesn't make the movie bad. It just means your anticipatory opinion was shit.

>falling asleep while watching a movie
I hate this meme. If you're falling asleep while watching anything, there's either something physiologically wrong with you, like narcolepsy, or you should have been in bed before you even started watching, so it's your own fault for falling asleep. Fucking retarded bullshit.

I mean if they want to sleep more power to them, just the idea of spending 20 bucks or whatever to sleep through something blows my mind.

This thread pretty much sums up what is wrong with most people and how they view movies. If it's not the exact same should t as what came before they don't like it. If it has a sad ending they don't like it. It's a story of the tragic history of disboard. Of course it's going to have a different tone. Bitching about it is dumb.



it uses nekomimi-subs as a base so that's to be expected

If you remain a virgin until death you will reincarnate and obtain your own robo wife.

She did nothing wrong

jibril is only like 7k years old. that other whore with the green hair is like 25k iirc.

>there is no reincarnation in this world
then how?

why do you call someone a brainlet when one of the most important plotpoints was that there were games, but they simply werent shown? how little attention did you pay?

NGNL takes place 6k years from the movie
Sora and shiro were summoned from another world or universe which lends credence to the probability of multiverse theory. In that case, it'd only be a matter of time before Tet can find a suitable pair of characters that can fill in the likenesses of Riku and Schwi

I think some of those don't need the tell part and is fine with just context clues. I don't think everyone is too brainlet to realize what the goal of using the ash and the consequences are for example.


Yeah, I mean, the first episode had a whole minute and a half segment about the Great War and how everything was dread and gloom, with imagery of towering mounds of corpses.
I'm not sure how they expected the prequel to be anything less than bitter and sad, unless they thought the main character would be an elf or something.

Why do robots have tear glands?

>One True God with access to literally all knowledge in existence, and absolute power that transcends the bounds of reality
>tries "believing in" reincarnation
>Oh, woops, looks like I reincarnated them.
Makes sense.

23,193 *23,193 No Game No Life: Zero Limited Edition
*4,615 **4,615 No Game No Life: Zero Regular Edition

*5. *2,714 **2,714 No Game No Life: Zero Regular Edition

30k in its first week and S2 still never.

I can't say why but I found the movie boring.

did you go with expectation? I didn't know anything about it other than it's time setting and enjoyed it. I thought it would be more like the first season but caught me completely off guard with how dark the tone it had.

when she made him cry at the cabin I guess that's where she learned it.

That's not very good for a movie, new faggot.

Tet didn't bring Riku back to life, despite his power to undo anything that happens in a game. Fuck Tet.

Is this The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya of our times?

You do realize that wasn't a game yet, do you

How did Riku survive the dragon blast? Did Teto save him?