What the hell was with the ending to this? Awful

What the hell was with the ending to this? Awful.

I guess Sup Forums does not remember this then.

Yeah it was pretty loco

>koko wants to fuck up the weapons market
>she gathers a group to fuck up logistic systems around the world
>her brother kaspar laugh ironically and leave us with some food for tought
Also this series brought with Chiquita and Valmet, snu snu prime material to this day.
I dont see why you are complaining other than 3deep5you

Just the end was the rest of it was great.

Nope. Once you got past the novelty of this being a /k/ anime, it was mostly forgettable.

Yeah the last episode is pretty boring, the ride was fun though.

Black lagoon is the same way then.

>Oh shit. How do I end this manga.
>I know! I just pretend that every computer can get hacked, or at least planes prevented from flying on-sight.

Did the anime adapt the entire manga?

>I'm going to shit on a significantly more popular anime for attention
That won't save Jormungand from being shit.

Valmet a best with Chiquita

What are you talking about? The ending was Anime 101. Keep it vague and scream "TOO DEEP 4 U".

>I know! I just pretend that every computer can get hacked,
Seems like somebody doesnt know about Spectre or Meltdown CPU security flaws. Iknow this is not Sup Forums but come the fuck on m/a/te, news sites had a field day scaring the shit out of people on this flaws.
TL; DR: Its possible

I just started watching this, on episode 7 and its pretty good so far.
I wish people would stop comparing it to Black Lagoon, they are both really good and don't really step on eachother's toes, so why can't we just enjoy both?



What's her name again?


turns out the author is a gun grabber

still salty


I'd grab her guns

>oh sweet! gunslinging action!
>ends with magic computer that creates more wars because of idiot CIA