Ryuuou no Oshigoto

Is it fair for a single man to have 5 little girls all for himself?

He is getting 10 years in jail for each of them.

Blue Ai > Red Ai > Char > Megane > Fang > Future Ai > Keika > shit > Ginko

Imagine being the guy playing with the Meijin.
You not only get completely defeated but no one pays attention to your match because they are too busy watching some pedo dude and his underage harem.


>Most of the girl is loli.
>Best girl is a hag.

god the cakes in the show are too cute

hmanga when?

>5 kids starting going inside your studio
>Well fuck let them in, it's basically just the most important match of the year and the Ryou is lusting over our girl, who even cares at this point anyway
How can shogi ever recover?

When is he going to fuck the cake?

I want Ai to spit on me

Who cares about shogi? Gotta get dem views, that ad money won't make itself.

Are shogi players really this chunni?

when Meijin?

Yes, their life is like a hotblooded sports manga.

muh dick

Did you not play Persona 5?


That giggle she did was too much.

that's actually a very accurate ranking

Nah there should be no one below the shit Keika who

keika>comentary cake>blue ai>shit>rest

She's really cute

I can almost feel Char's silky skin.

post more cake

Who what? WHO WHAT?

Dere Ginko is most kawaii.

Why do people want cake when this anime is all about lolis?

I refuse to believe someone can act like this and be intelligent enough to be a shogi player.

Love this dork

A woman with so little self-esteem that she's ready to degrade herself to achieve her goal has her own kind of appeal.

The only good ginko is a dead ginko

She was obviously seducing the guy to secure her future.


Because the cakes in Ryuuou are hot as fuck.

Fake cute and fake ditz. She's pretending. In truth, she's a crazy yandere-like bitch who wants Yaichi's D.

Did you forget how easy it is for women to be considered professional shogi players?


This is also because there is like 20x less female shogi players. It's a game for super nerds.

He's pretty normal outside of the battlefield.

She acts ditzy but picks up on Yaichi being a loli monger in an instant.

I hate this teasing.

>In truth, she's a crazy yandere-like bitch who wants Yaichi's D.

>“Long time no see. Are you two doing well?

>You two are really famous now, aren’t you? I thought you’ve gotten nervous from all the attention, but it seems I don’t have to worry about that.

>After all, the audience who came to watch the two of you don’t really give a single fuck about shogi.

>Isn’t that right? People would rather watch a game between female pros if they really want to watch an actual shogi match. That’s why, all the people who spent their money to see the two of you playing shogi don’t really care about shogi. They simply want to see cute grade schoolers trying their best in playing shogi. So there is no problem whether you lose or play badly. Right?”
Shots fired.

>this coming from a girl who looks like Ai 12 years from now
Will Ai grow up to be a cunt like her too?

Previous thread?

Nah, she will just be a crazy stalker.

Use the archive.

>dragon dick broke her

Char is an adorable creature

She already is.

Can we all agree that this episode was the best one so far?

desu loli

>Char Iozard
Her name is fucking Charizard. It only took eight weeks I should go become a boxer because I don't need to worry about damaging my brain because I'm already brain damaged.

Wouldn't that be Char Izarudu/Izard?

>Ginko that low for no good reason and isn't at least in the Top 3 with Red Ai and Blue Ai
Geez, I am convinced Blue Ai camp have all the bad shitposters or maybe they have falseflaggers.


Red Ai is best girl, but Ginko is second best in my book. Blue Ai is third.

>red Ai reacting to comments
Too adorable


sex with red Ai on stream!

Poing, poing.

>yet another hag introduced that manages to be cuter than the entire loli cast

Welcome to my life. Maybe next time loser ;). Hope you get reincarnated as the MC instead of the glasses-kun.

howed the japs manage to draw a police car with only characters


Ginko is actually kind of cute if you look past her shitty personality and terrible fanbase.



I keep thinking they're gonna roll back the loli shit and focus on Shogi and actual women. Nope. Just gets worse. Think I'm finally dropping it now. Those girls are too young.

She's merely pretending.

Where are Char's parents and why are they leaving a six year old alone in a foreign country?

She's the obvious best girl. If you disagree, then you like the manipulative headcase named Keika, or are a legit pedo.


>shitty personality
Wow she's against bringing in a tiny kid, what a monster

This was the best episode

Red Ai > Ginko > Fang > Char > Megane >>> Pudding > Blue Ai > Keika

Is there no webm of her backing the Ryuo into a wall with screen blurring as she's edging closer with that cute laugh of hers?

>ginkoshitter falseflagging as a red Aifag


Have a (You)

>Wherever she goes she must rape
Female Rance is already 100x better than Ginko because unlike Ginko she doesn't feel inferior to male shogi players.

>tfw She's in Yaichi's strike zone



That anonymous 2D person seems to be a cool guy.

If she's so good why hasn't she made it into the real pro league?

Ginko has an admirable and adorable personality, and her fans are bros an do right by making fun of shitposters like LRD and THK.

So she was clearly doing this on purpose. What does she have against the loli king? Maybe she heard about the rumors of his loli squadron and was giving him the cold shoulder?

Or you know, he's tsunloli lover and Ginko is smol and a kuutsundere so she's preferable. He didn't call Blue Ai shit or rank her dead last like you do. So if anyone is a falseflagger, it's usually you who falseflags Blue Aifags.


Nice non-argument.


Ginkoshitters are the worst

Here's your (You).

Friendly reminder not to respond to known shitposters

You keep proving my point about you. Keep it up.

Fuck off Ginkoshitter


Fuck off

>THK has started sperging because he's triggered
We were doing so well.