Sailor Moon

After seeing all that hype about that otaku figure skater that performed as Sailor Moon once, I remembered how much I miss this show. I grew up watching Sailor Moon. Anyone else miss it?

Also, do you think they'll ever make another season of it? Cardcaptor Sakura got another season so it's possible, right?

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I love Sailor Moon! No one else?

Go watch Crystal and regret your wish.

Original 90s Sailor Moon will forever be my favorite.
Been catching up on Crystal since I never finished it.

For anyone who doesn't know what skater he's talking about, it's Russian skater Evgenia Medvedeva, and this is the video he is referencing:

I've been re-watching the original series recently (since Crystal is trash). Definitely comfy-kino, but it will sadly not get another season since crystal exists. Maybe in another decade they'll do another remake but until then you're out of luck.

Mercury>the rest


I had a legitimate moment where I was concerned the announcement that they were doing the Dead Moon arc as movies was just some post-Crystal depression fever dream I had, but apparently that's real.

So that might be neat.

Anyone here watched the musicals? The recent era batch have been neat.

regret? Crystal was great!

It's a little known fact but Usagi Tsukino was a real person once, but was literally too good for this world and became a fictitious character as a result. She is the purest hero of all time and someone to look up to for anybody.


She's so amazing. Love her. She also went on jap TV and danced as Sailor Moon as she played the game.

>otaku figure skater that performed as Sailor Moon once
Why am I imagining that desperate cry for attention Johnny Weir and not an actual woman...

They're finishing off Crystal with 2 movies.
No, no it wasn't, season 3 tried its best to do damage control, but by then it was too late.

kek'd. it was actually great.
be careful... you won't be able to forget the theme after watching and listening to this.

After finishing Sailor Moon S1 recently it's in my top 10 for sure
All the sailors are best girl

Was Mootles a big Sailor Moon fan?

~Sincerely, Not Moot

I used to fap to this anime back in the day. Fuck... I feel old

I used to watch Sailor Moon before school when it was airing together with Dragon Ball on UPN.
Later I watched a couple of episodes when it was on Toonami, but I didn't want my sister or anyone walking in on me watching a girl's show so I dropped it.
Though I've been tempted to pick it up again now that I've watched far more embarrassing things. Does it still hold up?

Yes, it's a classic because it's pretty timeless.

Yes, a massive one at that.
>Does it still hold up?
Yes, of course. It's a classic and still one of the best. It will always be amazing. Ignore "it's for girls" or "it's for boys" labels. They're mostly meaningless.

>She lost the gold medal because the judges didn't want to give it to a filthy otaku
Top kek.

If M00t was a SM fan, he almost definitely saw it as a kid when it was on tv in the U.S. a lot. Which means he was almost definitely lead into anime by it like many people were. Which means he was an anime-via-SM fan when he started Sup Forums. This leads to one inevitable conclusion.

Usagi Tsukino caused Sup Forums.

Thinking about little shota-moot watching Sailor Moon gives me warm fuzzies.
Though I think he would have probably been at least a tween when it was airing.

He was underage b& when he made the site. Which just makes it better.

>implying that was the sole reason alone

maybe thats why he ended up being a giant fag.

Nips are mad about skating and adore Russian slaters. This performance is pandering in its best (or worst). So it's very unlikely that it was the sole reason.

>Anyone here watched the musicals? The recent era batch have been neat.
The final show will be shown in theaters around the US in March.

Why does it feel so right for Tuxedo Mask to be played by a female?

I was thinking earlier today that I'd like ORESAMA to write a song for the new Sailor Moon films.

>Anyone else miss it?
>Also, do you think they'll ever make another season of it?
Only if Naoko gets bored.

The better question is why Chibi-Usa is an adult?

The judges made the right decision.


Why would she get bored? Her no-talent husband is always home, isn't he?

Aren't they friends? Maybe she's a weeb too.

>They're mostly meaningless.
Entirely if you ask me.

No Sailor V anime done in the same style as the original show.

I thought this glitch didn't happen anymore

God, that whole thing was a trip. They even played a clip from the anime on NBC. In the prime time slot. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it with my own two eyes.

I like Sailor Moon. I've been meaning to sit down and watch the whole thing (at least, as much as I have) to compare the old released vs the new re-release vs Crystal, just in general. I've just had a bunch of other things getting in the way of that plan, though.

It's doubtful that they'd do another season, based purely on how the story ended. Plus, as fun and goofy as the old TV series was, they wouldn't likely recapture the camp there and it wouldn't be as interesting without some overall goal in the story. Just turning it into a silly "slice of life" would probably kill it.

I'm legitimately excited for the Crystal movies after season 3. The last few Precure movies were pretty good, so I have some faith in Toei.

Might as well do it as movies. The villains are just one note characters and it's all about ChibiUsa and her bestiality fetish.
>tfw this straight from manga adaptation won't be as nice as the OG or even musical interpretation

I'm excited too.

>movies will be lifted directly from the manga
>no cute gay Fisheye

I feel like they'll have them.

Honestly, having Stars be a movie with half decent production values is the best think they could do at this point.

Well of course they'll have the Amazon Trio, because they are of the Dead Moon. It's just that the manga versions were little more than a small footnote in that arc.

I'm actually in the process of watching the whole series this year. Just started R. It holds up pretty well for a show made in the 90s.
Are any of the movies worth watching?

They're great. Please watch them. All of Toei's movies pre-2000 were absolutely beautiful.


>The last few Precure movies were pretty good
They've been experimental CG so that they'd be able to easily reproduce character models in future movies, as opposed to having people hand-draw some 50+ characters and making sure all the details are right. Because you'll be damn sure that some fans will nitpick if you get anything wrong.

Toei isn't going to be writing the plot (outside shortening it down to the movie length) so we mostly need to see how well they handle the animation. Which has been pretty good.

You are rightfully in love with him but don't want to feel gay.

She is a recluse and spends all her time messing with sports cars. It's why she gave Uranus that trait.

It was early days user.

There are many things that the anime did better than the manga but that is one of the biggest examples.

Fun true story: I met my wife via SM the end, by user.

I'll only love a Sailormoon series if it focuses on the misadventures of Chibiusa and her subordinates.

I'm pretty sure there were one or two small side stories in the manga which focused just on Chibiusa and her grade school friends.

I remember sailor moon. I used to buy a sailor moon figurine because I had a crush on one of them as kid.