Hideri Appreciation Thread

If that ain’t a fuckin’ ASS.

You should be proud of yourself son.



I love her so much

This show needed more oneshota.

Oh god I just wanna open up those boi cheecks and tounge punch that asshole and lick his underballs

I want to be Hideri.

What does Hideri’s asshole taste like?



Would cum inside and make him boipregnant



Just watched this today

That's a guy.

Is she from Poputepipikku?

(She) is from moe trash

She is from Blend-Ass as for. Goddamn she has a fine Ass


>the lewdest thing we ever got from the show
>it's a guy
I hate this fucking trend.

Little boy ass sells. What can you do?

>Didn't watch the show
user, there were so many other lewds. Tan Kaho, Maika in the leather gear when she got brainwashed, Kaho in her underwear several times, that doujin cover, and so on.

I want to punch Hideri!

Forgot pic

This thread is gay.

ur gay