Why is this show so appealing and comfy?

Why is this show so appealing and comfy?
Dont act like you didnt watch it as a kid.

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God-Tier OP/ED selection

Because we watched it as kids.

i watched it recently and it's still good lad

Agreed, it's still comfy as fuck, nostalgia aside.
Great show to have a few strong ones and unwind after a hard days work

I loved staying up till 4 in the morning just to watch it.

The first 50 episodes or so are very good. After that it's mostly crap. Even if you remove the filler episodes it's still incredibly long-winded. Then you get to the second season and then they start cramming so many chapters into each episode that they feel like summaries rather than adaptations.

Its alright, nowadays it would be a 6 or 7 out of 10

I think it really was just in the right place at the right time in America, for a lot of people it was their first real anime besides Dragonball or Pokemon.

You only really had to stay up until about 1 but you could stay up until 5 to watch all of adult swim broadcast a second time.
Which i would.

i tried to but even as a kid i realized it was shit

I made a vhs recording of a full night of adult swim once. My parents never had money and when the cable was turned off I must have watched the same episode of Inuyasha from that tape at least 20 times.

Feels bad man

Because the art is amazing, the soundtrack is amazing, the characters have fully fleshed out personalities that don't rely on gimmicky tropes to understand who they are, and the story is a classic.

Pacing gets bad, but it's a 8-9/10 overall. People love shitting on it, but that's just because nobody is allowed to like Inuyasha anymore.

Did you ever watch the whole thing?

My mom liked it more than I did

It's pretty much perfect until Inuyasha learns the backlash wave. After that, the pacing is a mess. But each individual episode, aside from filler, is standalone pretty good. And of course the Band of Seven arc was just fantastic. 2nd season did feel a little fast, but I think everybody wanted to get to the conclusion, and what a conclusion is was.

Band of seven arc is great, after that it really goes downhill.

Many times. The only other two shows I can recall being on it were Case Closed and Bebop, I distinctly remember it being the final episode. The tape was with me for a long time until I recorded a marathon of Chappelle's Show over it and threw it away years later.

I watched it for the romance

I didn't
fuk you

Maki is a cutie.

That's such a Chappelle thing to do

Everyone talks about the 2nd ED but the 1st was the best. Fukai Mori isn't even the best song on that album.

1st ED is easily the best

Everyone just liked seeing Sesshoumaru.

But the 1st ED has the comfy train and ferris wheel during a gentle snow.

I lust for Sango

And the second had Sesshoumaru standing around the whole time. How do you beat that?

Because it has one of the great OTPs of all time.

The art and the soundtrack trigger nostalgia for me. ED1 is largely responsible for my fascination with Ferris wheels. If I go somewhere and see a Ferris wheel, I gatta get on it. It's made for some good memories and nice date moments. youtube.com/watch?v=eI_el2XhI8s

I think a big reason why the show works outside of nostalgia and art/sound is that Rumiko, who is known for her comedy and slice of life stuff like Ranma and Lum, doing a battle fantasy shounen is pretty much a recipe for something enjoyable.

Sango > *

I never got into it, I think I saw 5 episodes total only because I left the TV on and it ran after what I was watching earlier. My cousin was in love with it. She would spend all of her allowance and gift money on Inuyasha stuff for like 5 years

Kagome's fashion sense is DIAMONDS

The nostalgia hits like a freight train whenever I watch the ending themes.

holy fuck I love grain

need moar

Childhood is liking this crap.
Teenagerhood is forcing yourself to hate everything about it.
Adulthood is acknowledging that it was crap, but still humming/whistling/singing the music to yourself because it was pretty good.


I like Inuyasha, but I love grain more.

Can we go full grainthread?



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1. Manga written by officially best manga author in manga history and richest person in japan Rumiko Takahashi
2. KyoAni (working as subcontractor for some of the episodes)