Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku

>cozy camping with lolis
I'm jealous of this guy.

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I love this show, it's the smartphone of the season, sure it isn't as good as smartphone, but it's just as brainless and entertaining.

Looks like they're dialing the QUALITY up to 11 in the next episode.



Death March deserved better.



Yes. For both the LN/manga adaptation and the anime really.

The manga/LN cut and reordered things that weren't necessary, and then the anime makes further cuts.

This preview is pretty much nothing, same with the episode description. I really hope they don't drag things out with the first half being that one single scene.

>Better than Yuru camping.
What a disgrace.


Why don't you just make 10 the highest QUALITY

Not too much better, really.

>main character has no qualms with slavery
>actually buys his own slaves and creates a harem of prepubescent children
>literal quote: "They don't deserve to be treated like slaves, but they feel more at ease that way."

I think Satou is a sociopath who lacks empathy for anything that isn't a small child or "pet". He's the most passively sinister protagonist I've ever seen.

What's her appeal?

She's the only one that doesn't look like a child.

I love Liz.

Relatively flat, loyalty, likes meat, scales, old enough for Satou to have no complaints.

The ui is suggesting they aren't even people. Is the ui god in this case or objective truth? The ui doesn't seam to have a personality so it appears to be non-opinionated truth. What is wrong with the author?


She would be perfect if she wore a ponytail.

Everytime I hear nanodesu, my dick twitches.

Anime promoting slavery should be illegal. My ancestors were slaves. There is no excuse.

Not really, no.
Another case of lolis wasted on normalfag protag who don't even look at them as girls.
Sadly, these days putting lolis in a series with male MC can't ever go well.

No, strike the blood deserved better

She's not all that flat. Probably a B. It's no Nana, but an athletic body like that is a treat all of its own.
Plus even if she rarely shows much jealousy, she clearly loves herself some master.

Yes clearly it would be better to pay them a sub-living wage with no benefits and expect them to cover their own travel costs as well. We've evolved so far past that horrible, expensive slavery where it was your own investment you were killing off if you didn't feed them. Much better now that there's no real cost and they're entirely replaceable.


more lizas

She's the most disgusting one of them all. Imagine having a lizardgirl slave. In winter she'll sneak under your blanket because she wants to leech your warmth. Her scales are hard and they the blanket might get stuck behind them so you could rip them out when you turn around and the blanket moves with you. She's also probably shedding those things frequently, meaning there are scales everywhere. Ontop of that she has a lisp. She's truly worst girl and an abomination.



you've.... never actually seen a lizard other than on a screen have you.

>Tight athletic body
>Decent hips with thin waist
>Red hair
>Likes real food
>Good maternal instincts
>Cute face
>Eager to learn and please
>Loyal but in the way of a trusted retainer rather than a puppy

Why is it always the same few beastmen races. Where are the cute beargirls, sheepgirls or lamias?

see now that's a valid question.

>Death Camp
>Yuru March

Sayounara Ryuusei, Konnichiwa Jinsei has a lamia.

Though it's not an isekai.

Those are some disgustingly fat animals.

This show is the most generic trash I've ever seen. Nothing about it is enjoyable and if you like it you have shit taste

I never denied having shit taste

>actually buys his own slaves and creates a harem of prepubescent children

Let me guess, he does nothing with them?

He only likes old hags.

I would like to see beargirls

Even if they would laze around alot and hibernate in winter?

True. Tensei I think the term is? Lamia seems to be main girl - the combination certainly seemed attractive to the MC's uh, memories.

The summoned hero, meanwhile, keeps picking up women in their early 20s with "dynamite bodies" and wishes he could switch, since he's a lolicon.

At least if nothing else the MC actually worries about this and gets it explained: He's not a sociopath in the standard sense of the word, but because his MND stat's so high, his resistance and recovery from ANY mental damage/pain INCLUDING GUILT is extremely high.
He actually decides not to max out fear resistance after realizing what that would imply given how all the other resistances are working, but it does mean that world has a mechanical reason why powerful entities have so much they feel is "beneath them" or too unimportant to deal with.

I am not sure that is a good idea.

>He actually decides not to max out fear resistance
He actually does max it, but turns it off after realising what it's doing.

To much of the population, raising/teaching slaves is on the same level as raising/teaching any other animal. So that probably has something to do with it.
Alternatively it may be that because few slave-owners seem to give a fuck about the well-being of their slaves, the only applicable term's a universal one usually applied to monster-tamers?

He was going to free them immediately but they are deadly afraid of being abandoned and misinterpreted it as such.

My kind of girl

At first it's a wise survival option; this guy seems not to be a racist child-beater, was involved in saving them from being stoned to death, and offered them fresh clothes and clean food. If you're gonna have an owner (and there's no getting out of that one easily in that kingdom given how slavery's a semi-permanent status effect), you'd be an idiot not to go for that one. Plus given their alternative at the time, it was a heaven-or-hell situation.

Later on Pochi/Tama see him as a father-figure, and Liza wants to spend her life by his side, so they even have to be convinced that it would be okay to be retainers instead. Even then they want to wait until Arisa and Lulu can be freed too. It's understandable though, consider how they've been eating with this guy!

If you asked what went wrong i would reply "good archetype done badly and stuck in a shitshow".
But appeal? She is less prominent so she is less revolting.


How the fuck is it possible to be isekai'd, overpowered as shit, rich, in a country where slavery is a thing and yet the MC doesn't have a single worthwhile girl in his harem. There's like 7 hussies in this image and not a single one of them is worthy to carry out a child. They should've changed his backstory, instead of a programmer he should've been a garbage collector or something because the amount of shit this guy has picked up while he's in a fantasy world is absurd.

Liza is good. Already proven to take good care of kids.
Nana is good, already shown to care - though a bit too smothering - about kids and has demanded some.
Mia is good. Proportions aside, she'll make a fine young wife in one or two decades.
Lulu is... a little dangerous. But she'd pop out some kids just fine.
Mentally, Arisa's biological clock is smashing a gong as hard as it can, but physically she's not too interesting as breeding stock.
Pochi and Tama were never intended to be for lewds. They're adoptive children.

>At least if nothing else the MC actually worries about this and gets it explained: He's not a sociopath in the standard sense of the word, but because his MND stat's so high, his resistance and recovery from ANY mental damage/pain INCLUDING GUILT is extremely high.

If only the show explored this in any meaningful way instead of endless scenes of nothingness or showing how "nice" he is to his slaves. (Feeding and giving food to people you own is the bare fucking minimum).

But then he keeps them as slaves and acquires more slaves, and since they are slaves, it seems they are compelled (by magic?) to obey his every order (Arisa has to beg for permission to use magic again).

Also, he finds out that two of his slaves were sex slaves, one of whom is fucking 11 years old, and he's totally ambivalent about the whole thing. Dude doesn't give a fuck.

He'd flat-out ordered her not to use skills, that's why.
And none of his slaves were sex-slaves. Arisa even explains she used mind-magic to avoid that.

I'm not talking about their qualification, I'm talking about their quality. They are all extremely low tier waifumaterial. They are all plain shit.

>Pochi and Tama were never intended to be for lewds.
>never intended to be for lewds
>never intended


So Lulu stripped and presented herself to Satou on their first night on account of what, a penchant for nudist house cleaning?

Even if you want to bullshit handwave Arise and Lulu away ("Oh, we were just kidding, ha ha"), sex slavery, including of children, seems to be completely condoned and normalized in this place. Not once does our main character show any reaction to this or express any opinion besides total apathy.

>He'd flat-out ordered her not to use skills, that's why.

Yeah, and she was forced to obey his order.

Not completely, but unless it's someone like Mia or Arisa, she is flat with compared to Karina or Nana. Which is part of the reason Satou doesn't stare at her as well when changing.

you really need to read things more carefully. maybe not skip every other sentence and third word.
They hadn't been bought and used yet, but as far as they were aware (and as far as arisa hoped) they were about to.

In this case Arisa intended it, and probably suspected Lulu would be safe enough with Satou, or just wanted him enough that other concerns were no longer important at the time.

Liza: wants to be a knight/amazon. would only marry someone stronker than her. She's a warrior not a lover.

Nana: She's basically the autist clone of Mia. Too mentally immature to be a waifu.

Mia: Elves don't reproduce much at all. In the WN, it's noted that they spend decades not even fucking after they get married. And half-elves are not possible in that world. Only gods and other elves can get elves preggers.

Lulu: starts out little more than maid skills, but ends up being a good cook at least.

Arisu: Otakus don't make good mothers, but she's proven to be a decent babysitter for the beastgrills at least.

Pochi and Tama: Too young. Called FBI.

Yuru camping with slaves?

What, you think warriors/amazons don't fall in love? And Liza's shown some clear (for her) affection and even hints of jealousy towards Satou. Even the 'only someone stronger than me' was pretty much a direct reference to the only person that *is*. I wouldn't be surprised if we ever found out her mother was the chief's bodyguard, same way Liza acts around her master.

Liza doesn't have much time speaking compared to the others unfortunately, but she has places where her interest in Satou can be found. She wants someone stronger, and it seems likely she was asking someone if children were possible between species.
I don't think Mia is that concerned with children now, and she has Arisa around to corrupt her thinking. I doubt she would want to wait decades, and while they know Satou isn't normal she may still assume Satou won't live another century.


Liza rather views Satou as a higher life form instead of a love interest. You can see this when in her intermissions she calls Satou a being that does not really need others and she only wants to start pursuing him romantically if she wis able to become strong enough to deserve being at his side according to her.

yeah, "but I'm not strong enough yet" is a pretty clear indicator of her feelings.
she wants him, she just wants to be able to stand beside him to do so.

I suspect she was also asking because of an interest here:
>"It seems Master and Arisa's sense of value is different, but regardless of race, the general common sense in this continent is that breeding is a matter of the highest priority. The grace period for long-lived races is long, so it appears that there are times when they have relationship with other races, but even them always end up leaving descendants when they're of marriageable age."
>"You're quite well-informed Liza-san."
>"Yes, master Guya and ms. Poa sometimes talked about it when I was training in Boruenan."
>I see, since it's from the elf master, this seems to be the common sense among the elves too.
One of the times she mentioned strength:
>"I do not intend to form a pair with someone weaker than me. Come back after you're at least able to defeat a greater demon."
>Liza coldly dealt the macho warrior who was laughing happily.
>Liza.... I don't think there's a man who can satisfy such an unreasonable requirement you know?
Early on this seems like it could be some interest as well:
>"Since master is refined, he might be embarrassed in showing his back to the woman of the same tribe. While it's presumptuous of me, I will wash it."

>Satou being dense about where she could possibly find a man who defeats greater demons
Given how she views him she probably figures he'd take care of any interspecies breeding issues with a snap of his fingers and that he probably already has.

There's also a couple of mentions of "did I just imagine that?" on cold glares from her when he's swarmed by eligible girls too.
And that time she's holding his sleeve while no one else is looking.

He is too dense at times. He has promised Lulu early on that he would marry her in five years. He seemed to have forgotten about it until she mentioned only four years were left. He knows Arisa is interested especially, but along with Mia they aren't his preference, so while annoying it can at least be explained. I don't know how he manages to avoid those around him, when some of them are old enough by his standards. Maybe if Liza was as large as Karina or Nana he would have noticed her, but I hope they don't end up using that regeneration device that accidentally enlarged that one from the weasels.

Might be an effect of his mind stat. The only girl for a long time that caused him to feel a measure of romantic interest was a high-elf more or less designed/suited for gods to get with. He's otherwise dangerously detached, but hasn't really noticed the issue unlike with fear and guilt - lust/love he just handwaves away because they're "not in his strike-zone yet" or "already taken" (or whores).

I hope it's given some plot reason like his missing memories, because too many MC are excessively dense with no explanation.

Haven't gotten to the latest WN chapters yet, but do Nana's sisters ever appear again?

It's been a shitton of time since they appeared in Muno to deliver Zen's wedding ring.

They'll probably also be surprised that Nana's way over-leveled.

In the WN the sisters are all dead, only Nana survived.

Interesting. One of those things that the author changed in the LN release then.

They really changed things around with the Muno County arc too.

What the fug

Some of the changes didn't seem necessary.


Is she the thirstiest?

Arisa is thirstiest.

in the WN, the Limit Break skill is lethal, intentionally so to push the Hero-to-be "beyond life & death".

She's just a lustful old hag

Mia is just more restrained. She only talks more than a few words when panicking or has had alcohol. I wouldn't expect her to try as much as Arisa either.

Saving those characters wasn't even necessary, the are too many already.

>some plot reason like his missing memories, b
No. He likes big girls.

Having a preference may be understandable, even if his is wrong, but he doesn't even seem to be aware of the interest they have.

Normal healthy adults don't think of the children.

Not all of them are, and he still isn't aware.

He already promise to marry Zena, he might resist and delay but he isn’t as heartless as leaving her at the altar. It’s just a matter of time before one of the girls gets him in bed and he has to follow suit with the others because it couldn’t be fair otherwise.

I expect him to marry most or all after the current trials are over, but I don't expect him to treat them differently without something more to force it. He should have about three years left until Lulu is expecting marriage, unless recent events speed the process. I don't know what it would take for any of them to get Satou in bed, but I expect it will take more for ones like Mia and Arisa. Arisa will likely get kicked out of bed the first night after she is married when he finds her there.

Well, it seems that he is just as slow as the elves in turn of romantic development ao just needs one or two more decades.