Houseki no kuni

Now we wait for the next month...
EuclASS and JADEd will most likely appear on the cover, also gembutts vs gembutts
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Bow down before your rightful ruler, king Euclase the benevolent!

I love Alexandrite!

>Phos is not one of us
Yikes, just read the chapter and that was brutal.

how many spanish speakers are in here?
Last time there was a mexican, a spaniard, a chilean and myself (peruvian)

Phos fights for your freedom!

pic related

I'm mad Euclase said fuck it, let's forgive and forget. Too cute.

Chilean here
La wea

Is Sensei Indian?

Fosfofilita Lapislazuli El Traidor (Completado) >> Maestro Adamantino >> Cinabrio >> La Profesora


Sorry, I already secured her hand in marriage.

I secured the other.

You are both late. I liked Alex since years ago. I was one of the original anons frequenting the threads that came before the anime. The barren threads. Alex is mine. You can have Hemimor if you want, no one wants Hemi.

I think your wife may be a bigamist

My wife LaPhos is cute!

>threads before the anime
What were those like? Were they just like these but with less people?
Also, I'm curious how you got into HnK before the anime, considering that's how most people got into it I imagine.

Cute, but a race traitor

*race savior

Different guy, but I saw the official rips in a Sup Forums thread, skimmed through it and didn't think of it again until the anime aired.

Oof, that hurt from Bortz. No place for Phos to go back to on the earth, no place for him on the moon, no place in the sea. This whole thing that started with Phos looking for a way to belong had better not end with Phos saving everyone at the cost of being eternally despised and alone. I don't think I could handle that much suffering.

4 posters normally. One user that loved Melon, a russian girl user who posted russian scans, me and an user that got ultra mad everytime we posted spoilers. Which was kinda funny because no one was translating into english so all we could post were spoilers. Though I remember one magical day we got 20 posters, most asking if it was japanese SU. We talked about the chapters, praised the story, and worried about the anime giving us lots of shitposts. Never actually expected all the anons to just want to fuck the gems, I dont know why. Threads obviously didnt last much.

I actually did a HnK story time a bit before the anime aired, I think I got 10 readers. Maybe a bit less.

My first exposure to this series was one of you fuckers spamming it in /opt/ which turned me off it completely. Mistakes were made as its now one of my favorite series of all time.

Oh and how I got into it, found a blog with translations. I think they were up only to Shiro vanishing or even less than that, but I fell in love just with the winter arc.

That's fascinating. Sticking with a series that nobody is translating would be rough. I'm glad the anime happened so HnK is getting the recognition it deserves. Cheers for being so dedicated, user.

to be fair, some part of /a would want to fuck anything. It's kind of a universal constant, you know?

What are your thoughts on the progression of the threads from the very beginning to today?
Like, general trends, the mood of the threads, etc. I'm curious because I joined this wild ride way too late.


Fuck off Euc, phos is pure

first the threads as I described them
then when the anime aired we got constant threads always hitting bump limits with no rest whatsoever during the whole run, but all things considered, they were good threads. They were also 90% spoilered, I was happy to see most of the anons who read the manga were careful not to spoil things to animeonlyfags, and when someone posted spoilers anons got mad. Im talking post after post full of black bars. Nowadays obviously that doesnt matter anymore. On those threads many of the current trends like the Jade bullying or the Jade shrine or the moonies appreciation or the Phos traitor thing started, especially because at some points the manga and anime episodes aired at the same time so the threads became a bit confusing since it mixed animeonlys and manga readers.

There were also lots of threads supporting the anime in general, from people impressed by it. AOTS, finally some good CG, all of that.

Then nowadays the threads are kinda the same, but since the manga is just a slow monthly progression its unlikely to keep having daily 500 replies threads, so they are slow and die. Im okay with that, by the end of it the threads were becoming forced and repetitive. I was scared they would turn like how Tokyo Ghoul RE threads were.
And that concludes my """"analysis"""". Obviously we get good threads when a chapter comes. The rest is despair and theories and cute pics. But I think we can say for sure that the manga has some good Sup Forums support and we are all waiting for S2.

another mexican reporting in

Saludos (a ustedes)


That's not Euclase! She would never say such things!
She would agree that phos is pure evil