What makes a top-notch gyaru?

What makes a top-notch gyaru?

/ss/ and a pure heart


Not being secretly pure

Being openly pure

Having a slutty body but actually being a pure and innocent maiden.

Playfulness and sexiness.

Actually having a character


Being adorable.

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Drug addiction, tattoos, body modification, and an ever increasing downward spiral of depravity leading to a dark and ultimately satisfying ending.


Nothing, Gyaru are shit.

/fa/bulousness and purity.
/thread and /discussion for all time. You're welcome.

Being pure.

Anyone can put on an assload of make up and use implants and suck tons of dick. But very few can stay pure.

Gyarus are only good for losing in the end to the actual best girl

>Anyone can put on an assload of make up and use implants and suck tons of dick
Tell that to my bank account.

>Tell that to my bank account.


A dead one.

I see you are man of taste!

The heart.

>What makes a top-notch gyaru?
being me

>when the latest fad are goth girls
Do Japanese have goth scene?



Enjou kousai.

Competitive prices without compromising the quality of her services.

>let's have a girl dress and act like a slut, but have her secretly be a kissless virgin who gets flustered whenever she's close to a man

Purityfags are fucking ridiculous. They want even the sluts to be pure.

What about being openly pure?

For winning the bowl and pushing other popular female archetypes into the gutter

What is better Sup Forums?

A pure slut, or a slutty pure?

The one that isn't a slut, obviously.

>doujin involving degenerate gyaru
>the gyaru loves the guy in the doujin in a sincere heartwarming way and is all lovey dovey and cuddly with him

Not being anything like real gyarus

hairy armpits and anus

Add cooking skills and you have perfection.

Tiny and spunky.

In need of tender-loving care.