We need MORE patriotic Americans in anime. More patriotism in general really

We need MORE patriotic Americans in anime. More patriotism in general really.

>posts a hell resident

Fuck you mods, last thread had primo discussion.

why would nips want freedom?


Only if they all have Clownpiss' delicious, patriotic body.

It'd do the industry some stagnation-busting good.

I want t be a girl like clownpiece.

Here is my favorite American anime character: Kaname Madoka.

>MORE patriotic Americans.
In japanese anime industry. Japan don't give a shit about gaijins, even they are born in Japan.

Yeah, good luck with that. Americans are just fatasses and hamburger eaters to most nips.

Also the fact that they can't find a single VA that can speak semi-decent english. Everything is just laughably bad engrish whenever they try to portray an american foreigner, who just HAPPENS to speak better much better japanese than english...... okay. Sure.

>I spent a good amount of time typing this reply to OP's question in last thread
>gets axed before I can post
Fug. Probs for the best. The thread was waxing Sup Forumsitical and my post was even more so.

How can we get Japan to start celebrating the 4th of July?

>get an American-born VA
>have him just spout random words

I heard Sakaki is american.

There's plenty of patriotism but Sup Forums just complains about how the Japanese shouldn't like their country.

I would enjoy more overt nationalism in anime. The nippon banzai characters are always my favorite.

Make them fly this flag again.

I'll start digging up MacArthur.

When does Florida man get his anime?


>Add cute, powerful American loli to show
>yuropoors and third worlders start crying
Thank you, March Madness.

By detonating the 1776 Pieces of Nuclear Ordnance upon lesser nations

clownpiece is SO cute



Post more CP!!