Boruto Thread

Any predictions on Urashiki's role, and how he'll die?

>Kurama was inside Kushina while Minato was fucking her
>Kurama was inside Naruto while fucking Hinata

He's seen everything. He is a part of Kushina so might have felt him fucking him too. Trapped in there forced to watch and listen and experience.

cutest grill also the worst

He's probably the main villain for the Boruto series. At this point with Naruto and Sasuke running around no ninja could really be a threat. Only a god like them.

Himawari is the cutest

Momoshiki and Kinshiki are father and son, so what does that make Urashiki? The crazy uncle?

>The best
I agree.

she could have been great lads

I prefer her current look over this. Especially the manga look with the sexy short skirt. That picture covers too much skin.


Fuck off narutards

That applies to Naruto as whole.
At least they could of preserved Sarada's ch.700 incarnation and all implications therein

Name my boy band

kawaki and the autists


they should have gave anime Sarada the curves manga Sarada has. She's a lot hotter in the manga.

I like Metal but Denki is absolutely a little fuck head.

I whole hearted believe that Sasuke received brain damage in the 2nd VOTE fight

>muh breeding hips meme
She literally looks like every other female her age besides Chocho, why do you keep forcing this?


because she's hotter in the manga. All the girls should have curves like that. I actually don't like chocho because she's too fat.

he'll go down along with Namida and Wasabi, thus disbanding Team Sumire.


Considering the sudden switch in goals he had post-VOTE2 (hating Kohona for their crime of committing genocide on his family, wanting to seek justice for family, to liking Kohona and seeking redemption), sudden personality change (strong-willed, independent, and emotionally intense with some grasp of human emotions to docile, meek with no grasp of human emotions), and the lack of planning, forethought, initiative, and poor-decision making he showed after the fight (having Sarada despite not being ready, just wandering around in the Kayuga dimensions trying to find aliens with out a team to back him up, or a plan in mind, despite the impracticalness of that strategy & fact that his ever-longer presence in the dimension would leave a trail for these aliens to find Kohona), glassy, faraway look in eyes

She’s average, and every character looks better drawn by Kishi

none of them are dying

huh. I see your point

Got any proof?

No wonder he decides to not recreate an arm for himself/accept the Zetsu arm from Tsundae, and pull and Itachi Lite on his daughter; he is too stupid to think other wise
But I’m pretty sure that brain-damage is healable in the Narutoverse though, consider the feats that medical jutsu can pull off

Namida dies so Sumire and Wasabi feel guilty cause they pushed her to be a ninja when she wasnt sure if she should be. Then they give up being ninja because they couldnt protect their friend. Which explains why sumire doesnt take the chunin exams and isnt dressed like a ninja when we see her in the manga.

Does Hanabi fall into depression and become a full-time NEET?

It'll be sad

No clue, but we havent seen her in the manga so who knows, maybe.

Momo's brother?

Just get your fucking arm already

That'll be terrible. I really hope it doesn't happen. Id hate that

what other way can they write for Sumire and team to not take the chuunin exam?

>Cloud ninjas kidnapped Kushina to be their breeding factory
>Cloud ninjas kidnapped Hinata to be their breeding factory

Why are the Cloud Shinobi so rapey? I’m surprised they haven’t tried to grab Sarada yet

Well, Episode 49 will be titled "Wasabi And Namida", so maybe we'll get an explanation in that ep.

Hopefully not

They didn't feel ready so they skipped it. Easy

When did ether of those things happen?

they needed a breeding mare, bloodline limits are a serious business.

You have autism. That would literally never happen in a series like this.

some chapters in the manga

how is that unrealistic?
Namida and Wasabi are weak as shit, of course they would feel insecure about taking the exam.

Id say they are on par with the rest of the new charactes besides the main 7

Read the manga or watch the anime

Kushina & Hinata almost got KUMO’D

Ok... that says nothing about rape dungeons

Oh you guys are kidding about the breeding thing. Yeah they tried kidnapping both

why else would they kidnap 2 girls?

unless they were going to go full Oro and dissect them which is even more creepy

Hinata for the byuakugon

>he forgot team guy skipped a year before taking the exams

>I’m surprised they haven’t tried to grab Sarada yet
Their taste isn’t shit enough, they’d be better off going for Himawari

>implying Kawaki isn't autistic too

Huh? Did the next episode titles come out?
Got a link?

I'd also prefer himawari

Yes they did. No link

Himawari is best girl

What's Kara's ultimate plan? Any guesses?

Ruining lord Hiashi's keikaku.

probably just end the shinobi way of life because they hate ninjas or something

Create the New GOD and make a better world.

Rewrite the end and or war arc of part 2 to make it less shit

>kabuto revives less shinobi
>former akatsuki survive for longer and battle together and not just against enemies who counter them
>more deaths
>madara less powerful to begin with and 6 paths less powerful
>black zetsu and kaguya completely scrapped
>naruto and sasuke receive powers from retard alien and obito helps them to defeat madara
>end battle is with eight gates guy, kakashi, obito, sakura, naruto, and kakashi vs madara
>obito sacrifices himself in the process to win
>next and last arc is sasuke realizing and believing he is now the most powerful shinobi planning to fight naruto
>they fight like canon and lose both arms
>story ends happy and no more alien shit throughout into bort

>bort thread
>extremely low amount of sarada
dead on arrival

He had brain damage since the first Itachi mindrape.

You mean Sumire

Are they using a bra under these robes?

Wew, I hope not

Mid to high tier Ootsutsuki member.

He gives me a Zetsu vibe for some reason.
Maybe he's their boss?

He looks nothing like the other two.

Honda just announced he did the script for tomorrow's episode.


>Minato's teammates are left unrevealed

Fuck you Kishi. They at least must've been famous for being trained under Jiraiya.

Is he the guy that did the godawful postgrad episodes?

Honda sucks

The kid on thr far left is the ramen guy

No way. Teuchi is clearly older than Minato in comparison

>had sex once in a decade

Industrial revolution will be the main villain of the story. Can't run the village without money and shinobi system will crumble. Ninjas are forced to become mercenaries and there will be factions.

His wife is literally Haruno Sakura, a top medic ninja. How can a family be this autistic?

But the village is already industrialized.

too many plot holes

Uchihas are autistic by nature

What makes you think industry can't crumble?

So, if Naruto uses his clones that's means he is cucking himself?

>more ayys
Fuck off, Kishi.

it was badass seeing all those shinobi Kabuto revived. I liked that.
As long as none of the main or more important characters die then yeah sure more deaths. Kill as many nameless ninjas as you want.
Madara being so OP was really cool. You didn't think it was awesome how strong he was after hearing about him throughout the entire series? If anything they should have also made Hashirama stronger. There's no way Hashirama was able to not only fight but regularly defeat madara from what we've seen.
I can live without Kaguya and Zetsu sure and the alien stuff.

1 of them is clearly blind. A blind ninja fighting only using sound? That sounds cool

how do you know it was only once? She probably had sex more than once she only got pregnant once

i'd hate that. That's so fucking boring. The shinobi system is cool. I wish there'd be a huge world wide event that sends every village back many years in the past in terms of tech. They lose all knowledge of tech just so ninjas can continue. Political drama is boooooooooooooooring...

Sakura needs to knock him out with some sleeping gas and give him that god damn arm. He has no choice.

the Sarada picture in the bottom left is always my favorite part of this pannel. Only normal one lol

I have no idea. It's still him so I don't think so. MY question is if he fucks his own clone is it gay sex or masturbation?

He almost doesn't need it

>it was badass seeing all those shinobi Kabuto revived. I liked that.
Too bad they all jobbed horribly except for Itachi and Madara.

he does. He looks weird as fuck without 2 arms

Look carefully, something isn’t quite right in that panel either

There were some who gave the characters some problems actually. Took Naruto a while to figure out how to beat 3rd raikage. The clam guy with the genjutsu. Mu. Asuma took some time to beat. Just because they were eventually defeated doesn't mean they were useless.

In Sarada's picture? Yeah I don't see it. In the pannel with all the pictures the Sarada picture is the one i'm talking about.

Uchihas shouldn’t be allowed to smile