8 years and still no anime has surpassed Steins;Gate

8 years and still no anime has surpassed Steins;Gate.

But it didn't surpass Haruhi

i couldnt get into haruhi just seemed rly boring

It didn't surpass Seto no Hanayome though.

Damn I wish this one got a sequel, was a great ride

It's been the worst decade in anime desu.


Madoka was better.


This. You must be a normalfag with low IQ to think Steins:Gate is better than Madoka Magica, Penguindrum or even Fate/zero.

Madoka was a 7/10 and there are unironically shows every season better than it.

Name one show this season that is unironically better or even objectively as good as Madoka

This show is fucking trash. He didn't even end up with the childhood friend.

No it wasn't.

Madoka is boring as fuck



opinion discarded

There is a VN that comes close, though.

>ping pong and haruhi

Wasn't even the best show of its year.