These are your Isekai Protagonists for Tonight

These are your Isekai Protagonists for Tonight

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I'm trying to remember the name of an Isekai I saw a while back.

The protagonist was a retard who'd dress up the main girl character in various outfits and be a pervert but refused to fuck her without a condom. I vaguely recall there being two girls. I hope that's enough info that someone knows what I'm talking about.

I pick Beef McLargeHuge

Isekai Shihai no Skill Taker: Zero kara Hajimeru Dorei Harem

Fuck this shit.

Skill Taker

skill taker.

Who's the middle guy?
Is there any fantasy setting anime or manga that has a beefy, reliable, and likable main?
Berserk is the only one I can think off of my head.
Muscle men mains are my guilty pleasure in anime

MC from Worthenia senki


fuck yea. thank you
hit me up with any more likeable muscular mcs

The middle guy from Wortenia Senki would fit pretty well in Drifters.

>Old Man Henderson

Fuck no.

Where's the first one even from
All these MCs look the same

nidoume no jinsei wo isekai de, old man Isekai.

Is that guy really beefy or does he just has a masculine jaw?

>2Mts = 6'5"
>Buff body
And he is still growing larger.

I'm trying to remember the name of an Isekai. The MC goes to the merchants guild to sell shit and is treated super nice, but when he goes to the adventurer's guild they're rude and shit. I remember him thinking about how the merchants guild was much better than the adventurers one. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

He's a big guy.

I'm still disappointed he didn't kill him

I know it's a meme but are LHtranslations actually dedicated to just scanlating Isekai stories?

There's good, long running fantasy series stuck in limbo for years but they somehow manage to pick up every single fucking isekai that comes out.

Dunno but sounds interesting. Establishing connections with the merchant's guild rather than with the adventurer's one. Pretty much what shieldbro does but not what you're looking for.

world of moral reversal MC has them all beat

damn it amahara wheres the next chapter of manslut

Nigga have you seen their translations?

More like they're greedily grabbing everything in their reach that's even remotely popular. Some scanlators i talk to said something to that effect.

Is that the one where, in order to get permits and not pay the poll taxes every time MC goes in and out of the city, he has to join a guild first?

That sounds like Moonled Journey.

Whatever happened to that spider Isekai? I think I lost interest around the time she became a spider-taur.

I'd kind of like to see more mainstream isekai with female MCs.

I’m trying to remember an isekai light novel from a while back. It was almost identical to Tanaka’s plot except for the fact that the MC looked “sleazy”. Honestly, the similarities between it and Tanaka were uncanny but it’s a real series.

That shouldn't stop anyone else from deciding to work on it themselves when the quality can be so poor.

dont you know what the lh in lhtranslations stands for

I figured it out, it was Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou.

You should read that one if you haven't, the MC is summoned to a fantasy world but he's a useless peasant instead of a warrior. But he can cook and use a special 'food menu' to summon ingredients and spices, and his amazing cooking manages to tame a gluttonous Fenrir wolf. It seriously owns.

Destruction Flag Noble Girl Villainess

She became goddess and is trying to save the world now.
Abilities Average anime just got announced yesterday.

Arafoo Kenja no Isekai Seikatsu Nikki? Think the guy translating Skeleton Knight is looking at picking it up next.

some isekai where the mc has misunderstandings, where he thinks the girls love other guys and is as fucking dense like a black hole?

Chad Chrom is that you?

Old man protagonist? Hell yeah

The isekai where MC adopts a little girl that it's yotsuba tier adorable is really good.


Do the sluts also fuck the chad before falling for the MC?

This sounds great, picked up!

Definitely Bakarina.

Yeah, this is exactly it. Thanks, I’ve been trying to recall it for a while now.

What's that one about again

Might be Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi? The one where his cheat is instant magical access to Japanese-Amazon, and his real cheat is the super powerful Fenris that muscles in as his contracted beast to have access to all the tasty Japanese food he can buy.

He goes to to the Merchant's guild and they're very professional, while at the Adventurer's Guild some guys scam him into overpaying for a map.

Where's the old man from?

Tell me, how does the one on the left deserve to be compared to the old man Henderson.

He died with his life fulfilled at 94 years old.
Everytime he uses his skill window people think he is nuts because they cant see it.
He keeps meeting gods and angels that no one can see.
His mind has been wiped by otherworldly beings.
He schemes and rants like an old man all the time.

this is ntr bait like tanaka?

One of the things I think Isekai should have is that rather than self-inserting for the sake of it, there should be a "personal point" to them being there. Maybe he was a coward and had some demons from his cowardice in his past life and wanted to use this opportunity to not be a coward anymore. Maybe she had the easy life or a self-deluded one and through her journeys realizes just what horror really is like. This "he's from Japan, now he's in Wizardry 8 in all but name" seems cheap as fuck. Feels more like a power fantasy for nerd rage than it is a proper frame for the character to pick things up.

I'd love a Seinen Isekai where a military man is dropped into a Berserk-esque world and has to survive while confronting his own shoddy best as a coward/deserter.

Im not really sure if this one counts as Isekai.

I present your new novel then, all the romance in this story revolves around MC misunderstanding the heroines.

It gets so out of hand that the harem he unwittingly picked up has to chase him across the world and physically restrain him to confess and fix the misunderstandings that piled up.

Though there is NTR in the novel, the MC's childhood friend who he loves (they even verbally promised to marry each other) ended up falling in love with the Hero.

MC and childhood friend were both villagers, one day when the village is attacked it's discovered the childhood friend had the abilities to become a healing priest, which is rare. She is pressured to join the Hero's party to defeat the Demon lord by her parents and her fellow villagers, so she leaves with the hero to kill the demon lord.

It isn't really revealed until basically around the end of the story when the MC confront his childhood friend over the trauma of being betrayed by her that she fell in love with the Hero over time as he kept saving her during their journey to kill the demon lord. She feels guilty as fuck for betraying him but still stays with the Hero in the end and apologizes to MC for betraying him and break their childhood promise.

This all happens in the webnovel version of the story though, it seems due to fan reaction the author changed the story in the LN adaptation and now she's faithful and part of the harem. Only the WN is translated though, so beware .

This is that one that he punches the dragon and becomes friends with it right? Manga for it was pretty neat til it seemingly died. Time to read the webnovel.

That blue haired looks soft, picked up.

I honestly don’t remember. I recall an user posting a summery in one of the previous isekai threads and 90% of it was identical to Tanaka. I wouldn’t be surprised if it plagiarized off Tanaka.

Depends when did they get published.

Yeah, that's the one. The webnovel is almost fully translated aside from the final 10 chapters of the story.

It's not all bad for the MC though as he does get a large harem by the end of it, all of them are overpowered wives.

It probably turned mediocre near the middle, I just liked how monster hunter it was with him just powering up through killing and eating everything on the mountain.

The manga's incredible but the translation I was reading earlier tonight SUCKED ASS. Shame. I truly do enjoy it so far.

God though I would sacrifice people to satan happily if I would get the artist back into good health, the manga owned.

Its a really fun series, until the harem catches him, The Sister almost saved the story, but it was too much for me to keep reading.
Maybe one day ill pick it back up when the Manga is further along.

chapter 8 of the manga is out.

pick up
makes it even better

I find it reasonable that the childhood friend eventually was won over by the hero if he kept saving her ass but an user had posted before that she became a famewhore along the way.

which manga is that

Lies and slander,
Tanaka aint no cuck

Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de

I always thought chink novels were unnecessarily edgy until I read Overlord and visit the thread. Boy was that a mistake

Just looking at the WN versions on narou it looks like Tanaka is older. 2014/03/15 vs 2016/02/07.

>until the harem catches him
This sounds amazing. A shame the author didn’t keep the running gag.

I read up to vol.8 of overlord. It’s not that edgy.

interesting, however i don't think we should call it plagarism unless it has been translated to the point we can compare the two. Besides they're pretty much 2 years apart.

An user said that the LN was different regarding the childhood friend.

The Exterminator.

>Old Man Henderson
I know I probably shouldn't be terribly surprised by /tg/ references on Sup Forums (especially in an isekai thread) thanks to Overlord, but geez that caught me off guard.

>up to Vol 8

This is fucking stupid

They should slap themselves for picking it up.

That user might be talking about the LN version. To be honest the childhood friend isn't really talked about for a majority of the story in WN. She only has 3 scenes where she appears in the story.

MC catching her getting intimate with Hero in the beginning was pretty much the only major part she stars in besides the scene where MC confronts her once and for all to verify if she fell in love with the hero or was being harassed by him.

She doesn't even get any side chapters to herself despite being the reason MC ran away from into the mountains, which started up the events that lead to the story.

The way i see it if it already has a manga then it's not new.

Bakarina translation fucking WHEN

Couldn’t get past the shitty gob side story and the stupid herb couple. Sue me.

>share his girls
>still virgin
>no a cuck

manga update when.

What's the name of the isekai that had the "realistic" plot, the protagonist is corporate slave gets transported to other world where he wants to a hero but due to the language barrier and lack of money he works in a restaurant and becomes a wage slave just like in his previous life. It had a darker tone to it and only a single chapter was released as far as I remember.

Tanaka wants pure virgins. Not anal sluts or turbo sluts.

Hopefully the LN will have more about the chilldhood friend. As you said, she was just only a plot device that set the events of the story in motion in the WN. Would be a pity if she wasn't more relevant in the story in the revised version.

Try reading vol.9 and you will see why I called it edgy, not that it isn't so already.

black company

it was a one-shot

Has there ever been an isekai where the source material is an manga. seem lately that a lot of the manga versions of isekai are just advertisement for LNs.

Gimme something edgier than Dungeon Seeker and Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi.


I've seen posts discussing LN version and she does get flashback chapters to see what was going on.

Apparently instead of falling in love, she stays true to MC. When MC sees the Hero announcing to the public that he intends to marry her, she punches him in the face and runs away.

She returns back to village only to find the letter MC left to her saying, "I wish you the best with the hero" and all, so she immediately sets off to find MC to correct the misunderstanding. Imouto appears as she leaves the village in search of MC and understands they're both rivals and whoever finds him first can confess first. [Open] [Open]

>share his girls
To be fair he doesn't want most of them. Just the maid, doris, and goggor. Because he thinks that those three are pure and the others are all too crazy, thots, and rapey lezbros

Does the manga follow WN or LN?

My autism prevents me from skipping chapters, let alone entire volumes. I’m trying to slug my way through vol.8 but it’s sooo fucking boring.
>muh slice of life
>muh goblins
>muh herbs
>muh muscle flex
>oh no, a wild houndoom appeared
>goblinbro, I choose you!
reading this is suffering.

Why is it that people even have to ask about this? Has there been manga that follow the WN plots rather than the LNs?

In hindsight that was obvious, oh well you learn something new every day

No, not that one. The one I am taking about has a complete lack of comedy. It doesn't have the regular manga art. You don't get see the protagonist's eyes. He washed dishes at a restaurant. He is really depressed. Rather than being a satirical take on isekai the author plays it straight to the readers and shows that the other world is no different than ours.

Really, it's a shame.

I know exactly what you're talking about but I'm pretty sure that was just a short story.