New episode soon, don't expect ainz or anyone from nazarick to appear.

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Implying I watch the anime for Ainz and not because I wanna meet all the characters that they will curvestomp

But Sebas is from Nazarick.

Overlord Season 2 will tank hard. Not sure why the author thought it would be a good idea to tell a story from the point of view of low level npcs.

Or have no bonuses with the BD.


yes mam

It looks like it will be an episode where Brain goes further insane while viewing Sebas dart around.

The lizardmen arc was pretty fucking boring in both the mango and the animu, should I just skip it in the LN?

Does anyone have any new information on that new Nabe figure?

I know they want to do the world building and tell the story in many characters perspective but those characters are just so boring I don't give a fuck about them. Some fucking lizards or some fucking knight and princess that you saw 1000th times already??? ... Could they just make the series about Ainz and Narazick fight against another player who also stuck in this world with the same power levels????

Just finished Volume 12.
Surely she will survive,right? Maruyama won't pull another Arche, right?
Gustavo is the doppelgänger, right??

Nobody liked Arche.

Yes, Neia is cute and will survive.

I can still see her left nipple.

they can't be contained

She's dead Jim.

Isn't she placed 15th in the popularity poll? Quite a few people here also seems to like her because >muh background.
Neia will shoot a paladin who turns on the Sorcerer King and prove her loyalty!

>Quite a few people here also seems to like her because >muh background.
Those are plebs who fell fore very badly laid bait. Clem's backstory is quite sob too but every Clemfag think it's a lie.

Her background is supposed to be a parody because of how cliche and retarded it is.

she will meet her father and mother in vol 13, so don't worry about her.

No pre-orders yet, be patient.

I think its pretty good that there are several red herrings and compelling reasons for each of the 3 main suspects to be doppels, keeps the suspense up.

RTW is better.



Also terrible censoring attempt that will likely end with a ban a thread deletion.

there's dsgstng.com/ streaming now AT-X. new episode will start in 50min



Narb is a qt.

Where i can find the illustration for the digital version (like the one posted here)?

Lurk more.


cute tsuare and chair

But Sebas is showing up, and probably Entoma at the very least.

Conspiracy theories, anyone?

>tfw Nabe would rather call you a worm than show an areola slip
Also, wrong board for something that lewd


5 mins

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So no stream?

our protag walks into the bar

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usual place

they are showing gundam now, is there another stream available?


show LINK



>lakyus practicing chuuni lines




Oh boy they animated her best scene

What fucking usual place you shitty elitist? it's not on disgusting otaku

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Usual place before dsgstng came to, you fucking newfag

Is she a virgin ?

Gues not many buys will have the guts to get it on with an adamantite adventurer.

He'll pull a WN Arche and give her the sex slave treatment.


She's caught and proof that she's being chuuni.

Maybe ask reddit, reddit-kun.



Fuck off already.



Isn't Overlord supposed to be a successful franchise? Why is the anime so half assed?

thingken of renner



Budget, hopefully s3 will be better now that it’s huge in chinkland.


Being huge in chinkland despite a low budget probaby just encourages them to make another, but with a similarly low budget because they think they can get away with it because stupid chinks, sadly.



Another boring ep

Because it's Madhouse.

I'm *hoping* they're just saving the budget for Vol. 6, which is supposed to be pretty large scale in terms of what they'd need to animate. I'm probably very wrong and they're just being lazy, cheap shits.

victim time


>boring episode in Overbored
who would've thought. It's like they are trying their best to not have S3.





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>Incompetent secretaries
Why did President Ainz keep them around?

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Here's why she's dead user.
Its because Remedios is most likely the doppelganger.
Remember who arrangement for Neia to be Ainz's escort?
Well that was part of a SKoAOG plan to get their runic weapons market exposure. They had her pegged as naive and impressionable from the get go and she's just another pawn in Demiurge's grand scheme.

As far as Ainz is concerned Neia is just another stooge who doesn't even have the courtesy not to glare at him while on official business.


bases shizu

all of them?

>Remedios is the Doppelganger
That doesn't make sense. Remedios fled with a large group of paladins, there was no time to make the exchange. And she is nothing more than an ant in Demiurge's eyes. A respected warrior in the humie's eyes, but nothing more than that. She has no political power.
On the other hand, we have a humie prince from a religious country being respectful towards a sudden undead that he had no notice of before, with no apparent mental scars even after being captured by demons as well as being the best option to rule move the HK without Calca. Plus the first thing that Ainz ask when meeting him is if they have knowledge of anyone being capable of seeing through shapeshifters.

>Ainz: If we increase the personell-
>Yuri: President.
>Ainz: Hmn?
>Yuri: Do you really think anyone in our company is properly capable of dealing with claimers?
>Lupus: Wadda ya want? I'l fucking kill you ya'know?
>Naberal: You mere dung beetle.. Should I tear off your mouth for you?
>Solution: Oh my, what pitiful screaming you do!
>Entoma: Yaaay~~! You should just die~~
I lost at Entoma.

Did you not notice that nobody except Remedios knows what happened to Clubca and her sister? In other words, she was the sole survivor of the battle against Demi? Not even her vice-captain survived. Plenty of time to make the swap.

Would you swap swap a captive retardin?

Because revealing she is a doppel when the chips are down would cause maximum despair to the humies. Also she's doing a great job of being completely incompetent and making Ainz look good.

Look at it from another perspective.
The most immediate obstacle SKoAOG needed to overcome was to obtain a peaceful reason to intervene in the HK's war with Jabadabado. The most likely candidate to ruin this would be Remedios, but she's also the perfect foil for making Ainz look good.
Having her as a puppet (without her strings cut) would be perfect for their plans.
As for when she was swapped, there's no reason it couldn't have been done. The clubbing scene wasn't described to the end and for all we know everyone could have died.