What's she going to do when she finds out that he isn't pure?

What's she going to do when she finds out that he isn't pure?

He didn't even know what a kiss meant. And it was pretty meaningless. He said he felt nothing and thinks of her only as a sibling. I want to think he can just say all that and the only reason he did it was because he thought of her and that might have helped him pilot the Franxx, but considering the way this show is going with Dr. Franxx making a vague comment that probably reset their relationship after 6 episodes of overcoming that and still trying to force this Ichigo love triangle, it will probably be a shitty misunderstanding and forced, awful drama.

That's assuming she doesn't already know.

Also, best scenario is that she decides to one up the competition by kissing him more. Or teaching him what sex is. In front of Ichigo.

Something like this.

reminder that violet wants to know what is love

>What's she going to do when she finds out that he isn't pure?
more important whats he is going to do when he learn she was fucking his clone

I wish this anime had the balls to do something like that.

>Or teaching him what sex is. In front of Ichigo.

We don't have enough information to assume that happened.

> reset their relationship after 6 episodes of overcoming that and still trying to force this Ichigo love triangle
Shit like this is what's going to make me drop this. I actually had some hope they wouldn't go full on forced drama. How foolish I was.

I like the series and episode 7 overall, but some of the writing in it made me mad. Using the interrupted before getting an answer route 3 times in an episode to avoid any resolution and setup/continue drama felt pretty lazy.

female NTR is problematic in any case. Shoujo/josei manga can be full of smut and cucking, after all, that's what the majority of their audience get off to. Anime/manga targeted towards males is different case. Make a fairly popular female character unpure or get her NTR'd and waifufags will send you death threats and come banging at the studio's doors. It's a dangerous profession.

It's just Ichigo, though. She never had a chance and has been set up for it since the beginning, really. As of episode 7, it feels like she's a running joke in that regard and that's all her character is. Why not take it to the next level if you're just going to keep doing the same thing with her?

Valvrave is the closest thing I can think of


>Saki also voiced by Tomato

I hope 02 takes fucking like a champ as well.

Yesterday I had a dream. Things went like this:
Oni got more and more closer to Hiro to the point he not only accepted her after finding out she isn't pure but also betrayed all the other kids (including Ichigo) and became fully submissive towards her.
After gaining full control, she NTR'd him with a dark skinned guy (not introduced yet) and tried to dispose of him, but I woke up before she had a chance to finish him off.

And what does that say about you?

Ever watch fatal attraction? That.

Saki was so great. I'm still mad at how bad the second half of Valvrave was.

Jesus Christ what happened to Mitsuru?

Take his other purity

Fatoshi probably tried to eat him after he slept with Kokoro in front of him.

Do you think there will be any actual sex in the series or is it aimed at too young an audience?

I want 02 to make Hiro ahego.

Censored or implied, quite likely.

no one cares

I'm going to guess that she doesn't know, or is at least in denial about it. The show has gone to extensive lengths to cement both that Hiro and 02's partnership isn't going away anytime soon, and that Ichigo has unrequited feelings for him anyway. 02 not knowing about the kiss is the only thing that would bring those two plot points into conflict- if she does know, then she's apparently okay with it, and so it's just another thing for 02 to lord over Ichigo.

Also even though they've gone to such lengths to justify 02 and Hiro being permanent partners (Hiro couldn't pilot with normal partners, 02 kills all her partners besides Hiro, even the adults are on board at this point) they've done it without 02 ever openly showing a sign of weakness, let alone talking about her feelings in a frank manner. There are a lot of signs that there's bad mojo going on in 02's head that she isn't talking about, but she and Hiro have never really had a serious talk about what she thinks, despite getting plenty of exposition on Hiro's thoughts and establishing that they're stuck together. The kiss would make a logical point of weakness for 02 so that the show could get on with the exposition it's been conspicuously silent on.

Papa will be mad he didn't protect our girl's smile.

Would be a huge letdown if there wasn't

I really hope we start seeing things from 02's perspective or her inner thoughts soon. I guess they can't yet because she knows too much, so we have to wait for the plot to advance and we're instead bogged down by more drama.

Are we in middle school? Who cares about a kiss....Then again, they are just kids, so maybe they care.

They're kids that were literally raised to think about basically nothing but piloting Franxx and killing dinosaurs. I don't think the adults even think of them as actual living beings, just tools.

The fact that they don't even know what a kiss or love is and finding out about it at such a high age is definitely going to have their hormones in full throttle. Of course they're going to be excited about new shit.

Xth Impact. Not sure if we are up to 5th or 6th

Why do you "people" assume fatty would just take it? He was pretty quick to stand up to Mitsuru in the last episode. I think he'd probably beat the fuck out of Mitsuru in a blind gorilla rage and claim Kokoro's tight pussy for himself. Milkman is a fag.

The episode spent multiple scenes hammering home that a kiss is something special, so yeah.


so who taught zero two how to kiss?

Dr. Franxx probably

But only as a talk, or maybe she went ahead and has kissed a bunch of her stamens before too

Nothing he didn't deserve.

She knows

It's doesn't matter really. 002 Wil die anyway and Ichigo sadly wins

And now we await the inevitable deluge of NTR books.

It could be but with the Blondie guy

Spoken like a true Patrician.