So Kizuna Ai just got an anime

So Kizuna Ai just got an anime.

What does Sup Forums think?
Apparently this Virtual Youtuber thing is getting popular in Japan.

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This is going to bring in even more Sup Forums crossboarders so I think it's terrible.


Reminder that probably all of her movements and facial expressions come from some middle aged fat hairy dude in a motion capture suit.

Don't they have like a million shitty LNs they could animate instead? How the fuck did a person playing videogames badly get an anime before trash like Re:Monster or something?

Hot. How would he fake his voice then?

Your waifu was probably written and drawn by old men too.

more crossboarders, more cute girls, i don't know what to feel, and does this mean you can post her here now?

Yeah, but at least they are not the old man himself wearing a virtual cute girl costume.

But she's voiced by a hot seiyuu

>he needs more generically "cute" anime girls
Bruh, you seriously need to get that thirst fixed. Allowing crossboarders from Sup Forumsv just for some entry level af moe aesthetics is fucking sad.

Who Siro Gang here

It was bound to happen at some point I just didn't think it would be this soon

believe it

It's not an anime, she'll just have a TV show. I think they'll basically just broadcast whatever they upload before they upload it.

Fantastic news!


>it's another OP can't read moon and assumes something episode
It's not an anime, just her own TV program.
>Apparently this Virtual Youtuber thing is getting popular in Japan
It's been popular for about half a year now.

The fox loli thing in the middle of OP's pic is openly voiced by a guy and that's her (his?) shtick.
The white haired girl is voiced by a cute C-lister VA though.

but she is japanese, animated and on TV, how is that not anime?

yeah, that's why i said, i don't know what to feel.

Fuck off Sup Forumsshitter


I want to fuck Mirai Akari so badly.

>On Tv
>3d model
so basically anime?

will it flop?

Fucking Sup Forumsermin, when will they learn? Anime have OP/ED songs, a director, and a story. This will have none of those.

It'll probably be her usual thing where she rambles about random crap and plays games, or it might be more like reality TV where real people come on as guests.

She's a tragic character in that her role was being the eternal 2nd place character but now Luna overtook her in popularity.

>This will have none of those.

All TV shows have a director, you fucking retard

it will do better than your favorite anime

Has Yua committed suicide yet?

>calls someone a fucking retard when he thought something that didn't have アニメ printed in big letters in its announcement was an anime
When you're in a hole, etc.

I am preparing for an in/v/asion.


Eh, I'm fine with that.
I don't mind her that much and put her videos on for background noise when I'm doing work

>Anime have OP/ED songs
most anime
>a director
All shows do
>and a story.
a shit ton of series don't

its a reminder that anime is fucking dead

Except that as it has been said before, it is an anime since it's japanese, animated and on TV, so get fucked, you fucking retard.

she's a girl, she did one of her streams without the voice changer by mistake iirc

Maybe you should do it first,

This is good news. I'm not so interested in virtual youtubers or whatever, but the expansion of VR and VR tech can only mean good things. Just a few more years user, soon we'll all be able to live with our waifus in VR bliss. Just a few more years

Why is she getting a fucking anime when she doesn't even play video games? She still hasn't finished an actual video game.

oh no. doushio?

luna is fucking trash though its like a drunk kindergardener and shes only 5fps, only thing is shes actually good at games

>a shit ton of series don't have a story
This isn't going to be fiction son
>it's an anime because it fits my personal definition of it
I should have added "stop digging" so you would understand the first time.

she finished BIOHAZARD, idiot

I said an actual video game not a visual novel.

It's not like it matters anyway.

I don't even know what to type.

I shouldn't want to live in this planet anymore but at the same time I want to see the shitfest out of morbid curiosity.

A shitstorm is coming.

>it's not an anime because it doesn't fit my personal definition of it

Keep digging, retard.
On top of being retarded you are also hypocritical and oblivious.

>be Mirai
>will never reach Ai in popularity
>comfortably in 2nd place until Luna overtakes her out of nowhere
>starts to get desperate and tryhard in her videos
>fans start joking how she'll be reduced to whoring herself out with increasingly fanservice-y dialogue and angles
>she slowly starts doing just that, perhaps rolling with what she's got

Another shitposting season to celebrate

It literally says TV BANGUMI, TV PROGRAMME. If anything this should go in Get out.

>shes only 5fp
get with the times gramps, that meme died weeks ago

She's going to exploit VRChat popularity and rise to the top, I believe in her!

I feel a little sorry for you by this point so I'll give you a hand.
An animated TV show is only anime if it's made in Japan.
And an animated character having a TV show in Japan isn't considered anime in and of itself until the Japanese call it anime. Otherwise you'd be arguing pic related is an anime when it most certainly isn't.

You're beyond retarded

fine shes 10fps now


>This isn't going to be fiction son
You are going on a really dumb angle on your definition of anime. Anime is just a medium, not a genre

Nice ""argument"", tard.
Call me when she finishes an actual video GAME, not just a "video".

>more ironic weeb garbage

Name one non-fiction anime with product placement. Real product placement, not WcDonalds or Glegoo.

Because that's most likely what this show will really be about. It's good PR for the games she plays and the random product she tries. It will basically be Asaichi with a CG character screeching.

Hot damn, Mirai Akari is so sexy, I am literally creaming my pants with lust.

I for one can't wait for the Stalker threads to explode if a box set compiling this stuff outsells their favorite studio or tops rankings.

Seriously, screenncap this shit, the potential to get stalkerfags anally obliterated is infinite, I'm really excited for the shitposting to come.


Please try harder.

Add kyoani and trigger into the mix and we will reach peak stalker

>uses Chinese bots
>voiced by a gook
Abe will probably shut her down if she gets too popular with the normalfags.

Isn't madhouse releasing something that season to boot with a side of Tatsuki other project?

It would be a perfect storm for shitposting.


this is the future of anime

Everyone is trash except siro. Her dolphin squeals give me orgasms

What you are literally claiming right now is that any new series with an idea that hasn't been done yet can't be called anime. Essentially, no series from this season can be called anime because every single one of them has done a combination of things that others haven't done yet.

I hope Shiro's actress gets a "proper" anime role.
Maybe p_maru too; she can take on the roles KobaYuu is too busy for.

Someone is running out of ideas, I see.

>no yua


Idolshit already always outsells all the popular anime on Sup Forums and there's no anal obliteration about it.


Just wait for her contract to run out (I'm sure she is).

What are you on about? Ideas? It only boils down to the difference between fiction and nonfiction, having a script versus not having one.

>I hope Shiro's actress gets a "proper" anime role
She was too quirky and upstaged a senior VA at one event where she was MC'ing, that's probably why she hasn't found much work.

What the fuck are they going to discuss about? Play some video games?

Luna is genuinely hilarious. I love it when she's trying to get siri to respond

>these cancerous Sup Forumsshitters that spam e-celeb youtuber pictures won't get deleted or banned anymore

Sup Forums hates Kizuna now that she has become too popular.

This really should be taken to /jp/ but OP was retarded. He could work for ANN.

>Yua in Ais comments

Kaguya Luna is so far the only one who has an actual personality



I'm almost afraid to ask but who do they like now?

Shiro has personality too.
>cute but bloodthirsty


Luna is the only VY I'm subscribed to.

Since we're talking about /jp/ - why does /jp/ have their own song while we don't? It's pretty catchy too.

>why does /jp/ have their own song
Did I miss something

Sup Forums has a few


I think Sup Forums's shtick is that we do Sup Forums sings instead

I think it's this one