Raynare did nothing wrong

Raynare did nothing wrong.

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I want her to kill me.

I don't believe she is really dead.

Please no, I think Rias has been bullied enough

>make 9/10 character
>replace her with a 6/10 redhair
Should have dropped it right there.

She broke my heart

funny way of spelling "everything"

It's been like 13 volumes she's dead.


>Wanting Raynare to return


He should have saved her. Massive waste.

>Characters of the same faction wanted to literally sweep her under the carpet.



>The battle of Hyoudou Issei who is a former human which began from the fight with the Fallen Angel――。

It's been ten years yet the story's chronology is only one year.
There is hope or nothing to this point.





Threadly reminder, best girl next season

I'm looking forward to seeing more Ravel to be honest.


Will Ise impregnate her?


I hope so

>Raynare did nothing wrong
>Betray and doublecross EVERYONE around you
>did nothing wrong

Ashy lovers are hilarious
Nope she was erased from existence, there is no coming back from that, destruction magic is considered fucking powerful for that reason.

They already had a 10/10 black hair waifu on the cast , so why keep an inferior one around?



Why is Raynare cosplaying as a catgirl here?