Waifu station thread

Where does Sup Forums watch their anime


Twitter screencaps.


I meant the area you watch it on.
Like your computer on tv.


If this is yours, fucking nice.

Actually, I want to know how to led like that. Should I use led stripes attached behind the monitor?

>he doesn't know

That's my set up. And yeah. They're cheap on Amazon.


I just upsized and had my floor+dishwasher replaced, so no bully.

on my HDTV connected to my PC

Are those comics on your book shelf? Bag and board them.

Your chair looks painful.

Good eye. Perhaps I will. Since the run is just about to end.

Out of curiosity which series?

Depp down, you know. You don't even need to open this image.

From bed

Need to get more compartments for my figures though. I've run out of space

I like it.

Way better than the rooms with all the cluttered shit.

One day, I will afford my piece of paradise and grave. For now, the basement will have to do.



Must be nice living in a studio. I'm guessing you're from SEA?


I always wondered what he needed all those monitors for

shitposting on 10 boards at a time

In my bed with my laptop on top of me

I need to have my laptop on my small table if I want to watch in bed. I can't feel comfortable resting it on my lap.


I usually have it rest on my chest

Doesn't it hurt your eyes watching from that close?

you get used to it in time but it does hurt yeah