Ryuuou no Oshigoto

Does anyone else think that a relationship with Blue Ai would almost certainly end in a Murder Suicide? You're talking about a girl who moves across the country, forces her way into someone's life, and then (after knowing the guy for maybe a few hours) gets almost psychotically angry at the thought of him talking to another girl.

She's dangerously unstable and she's like this at 9? She'll absolutely take it too far over some misunderstanding or another, kill her lover and herself.

Well, that's a yandere for you.

Doubt. Her mother snagged her husband in a similar way and Ai's already got a stranglehold on Yaichi's lifestyle. By age 10 they live together functionally as wife and husband,she's got a very tight grasp on his tells so she immediately knows whenever he's up to anything with another woman and knows exactly what to do to drive him to becoming a criminal. At the same time though she's literally the best thing that's happened to him so he's not exactly complaining.

LRD is in the other thread, can we talk about the show here?

You start.

Okay. How is Ika so strong? Does she get a tragic backstory or is she just a bitch?

In the thumbnail the nose shadow looks like an oddly placed mouth.

She has a very big talent. That's pretty much it. She used to play with Yaichi online when he just got into Shoreikai and was taking a break from normal matches. Since then she has been wanting to play only with him and did some crazy things like going into his house, getting naked and waiting for him.

I want a crazy JK to wait for me naked!

Yaichi sure attracts some dangerous individuals. Between Ai, Ika and Machi he's got three girls with yan tendencies after him.

Fuck off, shitposter.

Fuck off, LRD.

Who's Machi?

Best girl. She's already shown up a bunch of times. Yaichi very much approves of her figure.

The announcer?

Who's LRD? The guy who bitches at stalker?

The guy who insists that he's a lolicon and that none of us are because this show is "anti-lolicon moralfag shit"
He isn't actually a lolicon, he just tries to make lolicons look autistic by acting autistic. Now stop talking about him or he'll show up.


>he isn't actually a lolicon
Nice one, normal faggot-kun.
I bet Ginko is your favorite girl too.

Oh. Not really my favorite but she's cute.

See, now he's here.

Ai a cute
Dumb ginkofag

Red Ai is shit! SHIT!

Ginko wins against her though, both in shogi, and in getting the MC.

Char is the cutest

Shogi - for now.
Dragon dick - Ai literally almost raped consensually.

There you have it.
Also, protag clearly likes bigger girls in a sexual sense, so no, and it never happens, unless big timeskip.

best girl kaboom

Ginko and him slept in a love hotel together while she was wearing lewd cosplay days before too. He did nothing to her and didn't even need to talk himself out of it like he desperately did with Ai. Clearly his sexual preferences lie at the extreme ends of the spectrum.

No such thing.
He likes mature women, we saw it already, that's it.

Now you gonna tell us that Shitko it's a mature woman. How delusional can you get?

Her body isn't, but anything else surely is.
And she's set up to be the romantic winner regardless, that's not even up for doubting.

If you read Yaichi's internal monologue you'll find that the man is absolutely a lolicon. Only lolicons would react the way he did to Ai.

>the man is absolutely a lolicon
Except no, we saw proof of what his preferences are enough already.

>nuh uh I'm right

>Her body isn't, but anything else surely is.
Ginko? Really?

The girl who argues with Yaichi out of pride, runs off to Keika crying and blames all their arguments on him?

The girl who can't come out with her feelings even though she demands Yaichi give her attention?

The girl who takes her frustrations out on the guy he likes to the point he has very good reasons to doubt the signals she gives out?

The girl who actively and genuinely wishes Yaichi would be set back in his career and skill so he doesn't leave her behind?

You want to call that shitty tsundere mature? Grade schoolers show more maturity than her.

You clearly don't read the LNs.

>random shitpost
I mean, you can argue with hard facts if you want, we still saw him being into endowed women, multiple times. Hell, it was outright commented in the latest episode.
But hey, you can just continue your "lol" tier posting if that's easier.

LRD pls go. And see those on your way out.

>the latest episode
the absolute state of animeonlys

But that's exactly what the anime shows us.
How wacky. Certainly not for comedic purposes.

>what the anime shows us
the absolute state of animeonlys

But that's clearly what the anime shows us.

>dismissing lolicon scenes as comedic
>while taking the boob gag as 100% fact
You really don't want him to be a lolicon, huh?

youre baiting, right? theres no way youre actually this stupid

No shit, Sherlock.

She just needs to rape him every day to calm down.


>You really don't want him to be a lolicon
To be honest, I'm not giving him my trust on that, yeah.
It's true though, is it not?

it is what the anime showed in one comedy scene
meanwhile the ln has him lusting after Ai

>in one comedy scene
Compared to these totally-not-comedic lines?
And the anime really don't have him luusting after Ai.

the anime doesn't matter you stupid fuck

>anime really don't have him luusting after Ai
Because the director is a ginko fag? Same thing happened with Hataraku, director was a massive Chiho fag and we haven't gotten a S2 for that series, expect the same for this show, unless they remove the director completely. Also, Ai it's the face of the show, you can see her everywhere, the best merchandise is related to her etc etc

Ginko is also everywhere though, and I'm not falling for an author for a popular title having the balls to pull anything seriously lolicon.
Ginko's whole existence is there to be the legal girl.

>animeonly thinks his opinion matters
I may be one too but at least I know my place.

read the ln or shut the fuck up

Or you can just fuck off too?
I've read through it enough to know Ai didn't win, and you can bet your ass that Ginko is gonna end winning in the end. "Hard work gets rewarded" shit and all that.

The second half of that scene has him realizing he is indeed a lolicon and that Ai is purposefully seducing him as a lolicon. He naturally very barely manages to avoid jailtime but from that point on he's aware that Ai is very good at exploiting his weaknesses and that he needs to be more careful around her.

Also, the anime is a shitty adaptation. You're not getting to see the best parts done the way they were depicted in the LNs and I'm not talking about the loli scenes. The only reason Ginko seems like such a big part is because of how much they're cutting away. In truth her role is mainly fanservice and to help along other character arcs via a handful of scenes per volume.

you don't know shit about the story, read it or shut up

You're telling me that the anime is at fault here completely, and that all the merchandise and advertisement that involves Ginko means nothing?
I'm still convinced Ginko was there in case the series got popular, which it got.

>it's newfags trying to convince LRD he's wrong episode

>I've read through it enough to know
Funny how every time someone writes this it's followed by some stupid shit.

Or you can fucking shut up too, dumb phoneposter pretending you know anything.

The stories are still loli-centric, so you're wrong.

what did animeonly-kun mean by this

Oh, is this LRD too? It doesn't have his signature posting style.

Can we all just unanimously agree that Ai's mom is best girl and everyone else is playing for second?


>all the merchandise
Like acrylic keychains? Are you going to discard the fact that Blue Ai has gotten two (2) scales and a nendoroid so far? Does it means nothing? How many figures, how many cushions has gotten her?

I'm not saying Ai is not important, I'm saying Ginko receives a ton of merchandise too, so it's not just the "anime making it look like she's important".

No, that's exactly pure genuine LRD's posting style. Endlessly whining about how all loli shows are anti-lolicon because they aren't blatant loli hentai and how the designated old hag will surely win.
In fact, I have no idea how ginkoposting was blamed on him in the first place when there are many people who can dislike her, but LRD is the only one who whines about shows being anti-lolicon. I guess newfags just liked that word and thought it means "troll" or something.

She might be, as important as Red Ai and the three other little girls, since the merchandise for them is the same. The thing is Hinatsuru Ai is the main heroine (or should we say the only heroine?) of the LNs and you have to be blind to deny it.

>because they aren't blatant loli hentai
That might be your favorite phrase, but that kind of thing doesn't exist, so don't exaggerate.
>and how the designated old hag will surely win
Unless you can come up with anything popular or animated where the loli won, I'd say it's more than justified.
Even full-on lolicon titles at least do a time-skip, or just don't go anywhere with the romance.

blatant loli hentai doesn't exists?

No, me "complaining about a show is not blatant loli hentai" doesn't exist. When I complain it about fanservice, it's either completely butchering lolicon source, or giving the hags heavy fanservice, while not having any of the lolis, and even then I only complain about it when the series clearly targets lolicon audience too.

The loli won in Kodomo no Jikan.

After a timeskip into legal age.

Even Ginko would be a better choice than Blue Ai. And Ginko is shit.

Comfortably within the original given range for nymphets.

What? Holy fuck, no. If only.
She was 16 at the end.

Blue Ai deserves to be kicked like a soccer ball. Garbage yanderes need to be in the trash where they belong.


Your mother was kicked when she was pregnant that's why you are a retard now. Fuck off shitposter

>Blue Ai deserves to be kicked like a soccer ball

Why boner?

>implying I’m shitposting
Fuck off with your garbage taste. Girls should know their place.

Ginko-hater-kun is now inventing blatant lies and saying they're from the ln. What a time to be alive

ow the edge

Why don't you read the LN before you pretend you know what's going on.