One Piece

“Even in front of a huge enemy army that he had no chance of winning against, Roger stood tall and would not run."
>runs away from big meme

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>Did Sanji lose all his fans after the year of Sanji?
New thread, your reasons are interesting. Imo Germa really did damage how characters, they are just unlikeable
>But Reiju
Well she suffers from the Oda's curse where a woman can't be bad

What if One Piece is a time portal and turns out Luffy is Roger all along?

>gets killed
>series is over
woah guys, so unexpected!




DBS > One Piece

Leave Ace and his dad alone.

Pro tip: Naruto>one trash

>mfw this line is funnier than most stand up comedians

I now know what he is saying! He is excited for the party.

>there's people who like naruto

How was that new chapter of naruto btw?

Can't blame him, Big Mom is best girl.

>still uses powerup from enies lobby
>only powerup after timeskip was that he could fly
>luffy can do that in g4 form
>robin can do it with her wings >essentially nami with zeus

You know what else is funny? Big Meme lmao

Any katakurifags here? I want to kick your asses.

>fathered the biggest jobber in the series

Let's see Sup Forums's opinion on Sanji.

>Shanks is the devil that tempts pirates to go to Raftel
>He travels between different universes


>Roger took one look at this and ran away

Why user? I'm a Katakurifag and a LuKafag

Better than this one crap arc. Not saying much I know

What if she wants to breed with Sanji after she eats the cake?

Post LuKa

No smoke without fire

Better than WCI

I'd bet 100 bucks Roger was actually a Sanji tier chilvarous guy.


Finally, patricians


We talking compairing luffy to Roger?
Cuz there are hige similarities but Luffy in the end isnt Roger

All the more reason that Luffy is already better than Roger.

Has there been a better Husband vs Wife fight in One Piece?

>Luffy in the end isnt Roger
We have a brain surgeon over here

Nami is cute and hot and a real cunt of a whore

Not to mention that the similarities already have justifications in universe.
Garp was Luffy's grandpa and Roger's friend. Garp shared values with Roger, which he taught Luffy.
Which is why Shanks was surprised to hear Luffy say "if someone laughs at you and you don't fight them you're not men! you're not pirates either!', which were the exact words Roger used to say.

>marrying anyone

>one piece
Read a real series plebs

Katakuri training would be so intense

>Meets someone similar to Roger
>Makes sure to remove Rogers defining trait from him

Is he planning something or just drifting the oceans and decades inbetween Pirate Kings?


Retarded crybaby faggot couldn't take some friendly banter and wastes his dad's, his crew's and his brother's efforts and sacrifices

im actually surprised these faggots aren't reading the best manga ever written called fairy tail


Me and your mum


Planning something.

Post your Best Boy.

Yeah, dying to Blackbeard in front of Luffy lmao

Thats a good excuse for jobbing to a fodder level sea king

>“Even in front of a huge enemy army that he had no chance of winning against, Roger stood tall and would not run."

Holy shit didn't Luffy do the same against the enraged army?


That's rude
>Your mum and me*



This. Fire Fisted Ace was a jobber that couldn't take a little joke. He deserved to die

Enel when

Assuming that him being a second fleet commander in the new world is a proof that he knew haki on a sufficiently high level...
I now realize that Akainu is so strong that even with Ace usig haki to try to endure his punch, Akainu managed to punch through his chest.
Which makes it quite brutal, to be honesto.

Could he beat the strongest living thing if he were alive in his prime right now?

Law is best boy.
Not some gumboy or mochiman.

Why do you think he was annoyed by the counterattacks after that punch?

He can beat him to Raftel

get with the times boy

Can't wait when Oda fucks up the next chapter hard

Impossible to say, but based on appearance/reputation/my headcanon, I'd bet that Kaido is slightly stronger than Roger or Whitebeard in their prime.

I'm more hyped with this week episode anime than the chapter manga
>Gangster Gastino in anime
>Smoothie jobbing and no Katakuri fight this week

But Shanks fought him equally before going to Marineford, doesn't that make him weaker than the both of them in their prime?

At your beck and call

If Roger was in his prime then he'd have the title of strongest thing alive

At the beggining Katakuri wrecked Luffy and suddenly they're on same lvl? And suddenly in few hours luffy mastered CoO? That's a fucking bullshit and asspull.

Also: how is that fucking possible that Katakuri injured himself with this trident? The wound was so huge that he for sure damaged his kidney and other internal organs. He shouldn't stay alive, at least because of blood loosing, but also beacause of heavily damaging internal organs.

fuck this shit really

We don't how Shanks stopped Kaido since Oda left it intentionally vague. For all we know Kaido could have gave up and went home knowing that he wouldn't make it to Marineford in time if he had to fight Shanks. Top tier characters can fight for days on end.

You've been speedreading if you forgot that characters in One Piece are incredibly durable.

But how did Shanks make it so quickly if Kaidou was on his way there too?

Would Marineford have actually been hell if both of them made it there?



>People think half of the women on this calendar want to fuck Luffy

And the best one

>WB, Shanks, Kaido and even Teach all fighting and getting injured at Marinford
>Linlin aggressively expands into their territories
>The entire New World is made of food

The girl on the page of your birth month is your waifu for tonight.

>all of them head back somehow alive wondering what the fuck happened

Roger ran from big mom? What? Am I being a retarded stupid fucking cunt munching farmer here? I don't remember anything like this.

I thought she ate the rest of the months, my mistake

>This not happening
We're truly living in the darkest timeline

>tfw your birthday month waifu's are carrot, rebecca and viola

Disgusting. Fuck off.

>daisy dukes

>tfw i have big meme
You should be greatful you have at least viola user

>big mom
I fucking wish.

Don't deny Luffy's harem.

>yfw the calendar lacks Katakuri

This needs an update.

There's no Rebecca or Alvida examples, and barely any Hancock swooning.

>At the beggining Katakuri wrecked Luffy
He wrecked him in the middle and most of the end as well.

>What is this stuff!? Its so sooooooft!!

Why do all the One Piece woman look like shit?

>be Toriyama
>rehash C18's face on a new female
>instant guaranteed hit

>be Oda
>rehash Nami's face on a new girl

OP women proportions are bad, Oda should make their abdomen bigger and shorter, same with the legs, that way they would look much better and not so doll-like

It would be cool if it was a situation similar to Luffy and Hancock.Something like Big Mom wanted his kid so he noped the fuck out.

You mean like how OP women proportions used to be in the beginning?

Why did Luffy save Shirahoshi from the axe if he's not a hero or good person?

>Viola and Reb