Japanese government will grant permanent residency way more easily to the foreigners who are highly skilled in manga or...

>Japanese government will grant permanent residency way more easily to the foreigners who are highly skilled in manga or anime, or who are very enthusiastic about the "Cool-Japan culture"
Well, Sup Forums?

Nothing to do with me. Moving to Japan wouldn't be worth the hassle, and their culture is strange and weird.

I'm highly skilled in anime as I have watched hundreds of anime in my time. Where do I sign?

>With skill of Japanese culture easy to live permanently
>Government, animation cartoon and subject
>The government plans to reform the system to make it easier for foreigners to settle in Japan for foreigners who have high skills and willingness in the field of Japanese culture "cool Japan" popular overseas such as animation and manga . We aim for realization this summer. Government source revealed on 26th. In addition to increasing the number of people who contribute Japanese culture by incorporating diverse and talented personnel, the aim is to be a "bridge faction" when selling overseas.
>Cool Japan's overseas deployment does not work well at local bases and information gathering, there are many cases where it hits the wall. I expect that foreigners with high abilities will be valuable forces to break the situation.
This seems to be for "find new interesting manga that can sell in my home country" people, or people who want to open a branch office in Japan, or people who want to work in those industries in Japan (e.g. maybe in supporting Japanese companies in licensing matters).

This just means that they need more inbetweeners for their anime studios, because almost all otaku in Japan now know that working in the anime industry is shit.
It's a lost cause, though.
In a few years, 3DCG software for TV anime will be cheap and abundant, so learning how to animate as a 2D animator slave is worthless education.

What do Japanese people think of Jews? I own a lot of manga as proof that I like "Cool-Japan culture", but it probably isn't enough.

So the shitty work environment finally takes a toll on the industry?

You have to move to Japan first.

With that working condition, salary, and treatment?
No thankyou. I'd rather start a patreon and accept commissions for Sonic x Daffy vore fanfic


Bah. There's always a catch.

Why else would you need permanent residency?

>implying I'd move to japan where I can't be a NEET

Yeah, sure, to work 70 hours a week and still get less money than the minimum salary in my country?

As a western foreigner, you would be treated a teensy weensy bit better than an asian foreigner or a Japanese native, because the Cool Japan foundation wants to use you as a mouth piece to promote and sell more Japanese cultural exports.
Sometimes, being born as a blonde caucasian with blue eyes really does have its benefits.

Salaries in 3dgcg studios are actually far better than in my country. I'm going in Japan again this year, guess I'll keep an eye on it.

Any Korean and Chinese weebs with work experience in the sector can fulfill their dreams now. Sounds good, doubt this is aimed at anyone from Europe or the US. Who would want to slave away at way worse conditions than here?

Weebs without a reality check

This thread was on Sup Forums, I'd do anything to move to Japan, but I think you still need a bachelor's for the program.

Pay is better in Japan and working conditions are pretty much the same since you're a gaijin. One of my colleagues worked here for nearly 10 years, he kind of regrets going back to his home country since his pay shrinked as well as his position in the studio.

are you that dutch flag

It's been taking it's toll, it just looks like its finally reaching the point of no return where they're trying anything to insulate themselves from it until this happens:Problem is there's no accounting for skill or technical knowledge as Orange is the only nip studio who knows wtf they're doing. Even Knights of Sidonia was an easy passable attempt had the studio in charge not screwed up the framerate.

I'm from Arizona

Who cares about pay, this is your life and the chance to have a place to belong, isn't that worth any kind of troubles you would go though, working long hours fornlownoau is still a guarantee for permanent stay, that's the most important thing.

>Cool-Japan culture
I want to visit mogra, This is cool Japan culture.

permanent residency please.

Given what I've heard about how they treat their animation staff and manga artists I don't know why you'd sell your skill over there. Seems like you'd have better luck working in the states or making your own projects.

What exactly is manga or anime and how does one become high skilled at them?
>I am high skilled at manga and anime.

>or who are very enthusiastic about the "Cool-Japan culture"
Makes sense. If you are taking in any foreigners at all, you better pick those who are enthusiastic about your culture because they will assimilate a lot more easily than the others.

I'm just a novelist, do I have a chance? I'd be a Macedonian writing novels in English, and they'd be translated by an assistant to Japanese, but oh well. Anywhere is better than here.

Oh no. Anything but a good story. Japan hates well constructed, well-ended, and realistic novels

Wanting to live in Japan would have been cute when I was 18, but now I'm 26 and no one gives a fuck about me.

Wait a minute, you get paid even less for hand drawn animation here than in Japan? I'm no expert but your buddy really needs to look into other income opportunities than a studio job then.

>regrets going back to his home country
Don't worry, he's a fag.

That's how he got in!

some countries are shitholes

>he does not have a master's degree from a decent national university in a highly sought major
Sup Forums in 2018

Hand drawn and 3dgc pay way better when you're a stranger in Japan. I don't even earn 2000€ per month in my department.
I dismiss USA and Canada since those countries have insane money ratio compared to the rest of the world.

>Accepting foreigners into your country

That's tragic man. Do you have comparison numbers for foreigners in Japan working in those departments? What are your plans for the future? If you get paid better in various places of the world you've got good reasons to go

>not accepting the good foreigners
You're so dumb it hurts. Are you American ?

>the good foreigners