The concensus on Ghibli

I don't watch a lot anime but I've seen all the Ghibli movies. Don't frequent Sup Forums much but when I have I never see these talked about on here. Just wondering what everyone's opinion on them is, since you all probably watch a lot of anime.

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The consensus is that you should either lurk or leave, because we aren't here to cater to you.

Everyone knows they're great so it's not discussed too much outside of contrarianism.

Some of them are good, some of them are great, some of them are shit. The visuals are always stunning even if the rest of the film is shit, like with Howl's and Ponyo.

>every negative comment is contrarianism

On Sup Forums? Pretty much. Genuine criticism is one thing and that thing is rare here.

Ponyo is a masterpiece, you souless monster.

Whisper of the Heart is my favorite Ghibli film.

They're pretty good stuff, Howls Moving Castle and Whisper of the Heart is some of the best stuff you'll see.

I don't really care for them anymore, Some of the films they've put out are really must see tier, Amazing visual and animation work too.

People probably like the movies but all you will see about Ghibli movies here is shitposting. Sup Forums gets rustled by Miyazaki's opinions on otaku.

I'm on my way too, OP.

I have been watching Ghibli chronologically for a while now. From the first (Nausicaa) to the last (Marie), remaining only Kaguya, Wind Rises and Marie itself, that I pretend to be watching all 3 next month.

So far my overall opinion is that's a great studio, one with the most solid works in general. I had fun having this experience of watching in order of release.

Also, Only Yesterday, Ocean Waves and Neighbors Yamada are the biggest underrated movies and always I had the chance I like to recommend them.

Even the bad ones like Gedo Senki and Howl's are worth watching. The 80s and 90s stuff is all masterpiece tier.

>Also, Only Yesterday, Ocean Waves and Neighbors Yamada are the biggest underrated movies and always I had the chance I like to recommend them.

None of them is as underrated as Pom Poko. The ones you mentioned are sometimes recommended as hidden gems, but I never even see people advocate for scrotum squirrels despite it being the most complex film they've made.

Mononoke is a legit masterpiece and has a great message, if you're an /out/fag like me.

What's the message? Don't mess with creepy-faced deers?

OP here. Only Yesterday, Pom Poko and Whisper of the Heart are my top 3. Funny that none of them are headed by Miyazaki. I put Takahata's works higher.

>Sup Forums
Pick one.

Some hate Miyazaki's messages. Some dismiss Ghibli because it is mainstream. But most just watch them and rank them on occasional "what are your favorite ghibli movies" threads. There is absolutely no consensus on these lists.

>Even the bad ones like Gedo Senki and Howl's are worth watching.
Gedo Senki is fucking waste of time. Goro Miyazaki is joke of a director.

I want to fug NausicaƤ

Everyone with taste agrees.

The message is that humans and nature can live together but only with mutual respect. If humans take advantage of nature for too long, then nature will suffer.

Well, I have very uneven realtion with ghibli movies. Like, Nausicaa is my top4 anime (and the best manga ever) and I really like Castle in the sky and Monoke. But everything else ranged from "okay, but kinda boring" (Spirited Away) to "Oh My God, just end already, please!" (Howls).
And even though those movies are beautiful and few levels above any other anime I just don't like their aesthetics in general.
but propably that's just because I'm not the type to enjoy slow moving, more down to earth dramas.

Me too, good taste in waifus, brother.

Porco Rosso is my number one feel good movie.

>that rolling hill animation

Their best films go unwatched while the most uninteresting period of Miyazaki's career is constantly held as the "Ghibli standard" and always talked over, with pretty huge and unwarranted reactions.

The thing with them is that, beyong huge popularity and sales, they've always retained their identity as an author based studio. Copycats (even within their staff, GORO) will always fail to match them because they simply don't get 'em.

Agree with these posts

Omoide Poroporo is my favorite anime film, bar none.

Has anyone ITT been to the Ghibli museum?

I wish they would release their fucking audiovisual material already. Keeping short animated films in a museum is fucking sick.

It's elitist and downright spiteful towards the studio's fans.

Is it in canada?

OP here, I don't know how exclusive it is, but there was a Ghibli anniversary festival held at my theatre last year and there was a special showing of 'Ghiblies 2' and 'On Your Mark' on the first night, the latter was fucking mindblowing.

Were do you live, Paris? I hope you enjoyed it.

Those are easily attained. Great shorts, though.
The Ghibli Museum works have never been released publicly. They are only screened at the Ghibli museum in Japan. A few are available as camrips. I think Hideaki Anno worked on some of them, too.

I really did, thank you. And it's Australia, actually. It's a miracle it even came to us.

If you've haven't watched On Your Mark you should check it out:

Yuasa did an actually good Ponyo last year.

Most are great. Miyazaki is completely correct, and I know the die hard minstrels on Sup Forums are gonna attack me.

Ghibli/Miyazaki is the Disney/Pixar of anime. So, depends on how you see it, they're either the greatest thing ever or just overrated children's cartoons.
Myself being in the latter camp, but I can see why people like them.
I dislike the fact that Miyazaki has an aviation addiction and didn't use scripts for his movies, including the most popular one Spirited Away.

Have you seen much of Takahata's work?
Also, I wouldn't really call Porco Rosso or The Wind Rises "children's cartoons," if we're just talking Miyazaki.

Who is you're Ghibli-fu?

Kaguya, Pom Poko and GotF are Takahata's films, right? Still not a big fan.
>Also, I wouldn't really call Porco Rosso or The Wind Rises "children's cartoons," if we're just talking Miyazaki.
Not all, but most of them are still kids cartoons like Castle in the Sky, Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Totoro, Kiki and Ponyo. I didn't really mean children's cartoons as an insult. They are a good watch, just not masterpieces. The same way that I feel about Disney and Pixar.


>not masterpieces
If any anime films are "masterpieces," then Grave of the Fireflies and Nausicaa surely qualify.

Is this Sup Forums or IMDb?
Why is Grave of the Fireflies so praised, I'll never understand even after seeing it 4 times.
>"It depicts the horrors of World War II"
lots of movies do

Well, I don't really feel like giving a detailed account. If I had to give some cursory praise, I'd mention the strong characterizations using body language and detailed sound editing, along with the usual Ghibli high production values in art and animation.

What really sets it apart, is the message of culpability among Japanese citizens for the suffering that took place during the last stages of WWII in Japan. It doesn't try to place blame on Americans, instead choosing to focus on small cruelties between family and countrymen, such as the aunt withholding food from her niece and nephew or a farmer withholding a small amount of food from a starving child. It also emphasizes that the brother's pride and poor decisions are part of what leads to her sister's death. The book itself was written as a true account by the brother in film, as an apology for a death he felt he caused. Honestly, the characterizations and storytelling are on on athoer level than most films. Trying to pass it off as "another film depicting the horrors off WWII" really does a disservice to the very specific and nuanced focus of the film.

You're right and it's mostly praised because people feel the need to revere it for its seriousness even if it's among the studios weaker output. It's not terrible, but its a simple film with a very specific purpose.

>among the studios weaker output
It came out during the studio's classic period, though. Anything up through Spirited Away is amazing.



Here? Pretty much.

Possible relation?

Yuasa has never done something good.

I was thinking that too, it could be a nod to her couldn't it? What a disappointing film though.


I'm sorry about your shit taste, user.

English dub got me good

Best cake. The most protectable smile in anime.

Oh God! What happend to her face!

>all those sweet designs in Shin Chan
>those 6 first episodes of Kaiba

Step your game up man

>Ghibli/Miyazaki is the Disney/Pixar of anime

I really really hope this meme dies soon, at least before he does.

She's CUTE!

But it's like "oh, yeah she's really cute" and then those things I can only describe as wrinkles of satan appear!

no they're cute

it's just so god damn comfy. Pirate voices in the dub were pretty great too.

They wanted to give the adults a more realistic look compared to other anime at the time, as well as replicate the dimples of Taeko's voice actress, since the line readings were filmed before animating the characters. Isao and other animators did address that it was a fine line between making her look real and just making her look old.

Maybe to people that aren't accustomed to japanese faces it would look old.

It put me off the first time I saw the film but nowadays I understand and find it endearing.

They're normalfag and crossboarder bait, so they're ignored at best, openly mocked at worst. Also, Miyazaki is a hack.

>babby's first buzzwords