Nobuhiro WATSUKI final verdict

A 200 000 yen fine. That's it. It's time for Rurouni Kenshin to return.

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Hokkaido arc goes on. until some tumblr autists ruin it.


Is is confirmed that Hokkaido arc will be continued?

actual child rapists in the UK get away with only 3 months of community service.


lel it's fucking nothing

Ah well more RuroKen please

He did nothing wrong. The government should pay HIM for this perversion of justice.

fuck off pedofag


A $1860 fucking fine. For owning actual child pornography.
Haha Japan is wild, I mean cool Rurouni Kenshi is coming back but that's so fucked. The maximum prison sentence over there for owning CP is, get this, a single year. It really is ridiculous.

The series is forever tainted though.

How can the west even compete? LMAO

actual child rapists in the UK get away with only 3 months of community service.

>actual, unironic, serious pedophilia
>real pornography and nudes of actual, live children
>nothing wrong

365 days in prison for owning a Digital Video Disk that he had nothing to do with.

Will Kenshin be okay? Nips are very conservative with this shit.


He had the videos before the CP law.
That's why the value is so low.

OP, 200000 yen is still a lot of money. That's similar to the average yearly income of some countries.

Lest be honest this was coming (TORIKO)

>time for Rurouni Kenshin to return
Please no. Just let it rest in peace.

Japan is the opposite of some, though, not to mention Watsuki is rich. Either way, I am happy for him I I can't wait for Kenshin to get off the damn boat.

it's less than 2000 dollars.

The absolute state of Sup Forums

Yeah but in japan it's more like the average monthly wage

Even if the heavens won't cast judgement, the tumblr autists will.

Fucking dumbshit tripfag, 200K yen is fucking nothing.

Johnny fucking cochran did it again

If I were a pedo Japan would look like a nice vacation spot right now. Punishment might as well be like the price you pay for a buffet

Not even average. You get around 200k wage right after university.

Well yeah, degree wages tend to be above average.
That's why people go to university

>200k yen

That's fucking nothing holy shit. That's a slap on the wrist.
Oh wow. And all the fucking crazy news stories and people going nuts, and this is what comes out off it.


Is fucking great isn't it?

their lax cp laws are only for natives, white piggus are exempt

>Liking CP

Was his lawyer a hardcore Kenshin otaku or something? That's literally 0 punishment. The lawyer literally did a ARNH on the law.

you can be sure they'd crack down hard on you though. because they definitely wouldn't want to set a precedent that turns into a pull factor for pedos all around the world
also his punishment was probably rather light because he obtained that material when it was still legal to own, he just didn't dispose of it when they changed the law

>possession of marijuana gets jail time and ruins career for life
>literal kiddy diddler gets a small fine and gets to resume his work
Third nuke needs to happen

>literal kiddy diddler
No, he isn't.

if they became this degenerate after 2, why would you tthink the third one will help?

kys pedo apologist

say that to the peruvian who's been in jail since 2010 for CP possesion.

I think the law is soft for japs only.

Serves you right stoner

You have to go back.

tumblr btfo!

>He had the videos before the CP law

Somehow that is even worse.

>caring about subhuman thirdwolrders
those savages deserve to be buried alive

Maybe to you malnourished pinoys. Watsuki is already loaded with Kenshin money so this barely does anything to him.

Are you clinically retarded? How that can be worse?

>fined only for around 2 months worth of my salaries
Sounds like a good idea.

Anons, it's a fucking collection of 11 year-old girls being anally fucked by men 3 times their age. It's not a 16 year-old girl. Not an 18 year-old girl. This isn't the 12th century anymore where it was a blessing to even live past the age of 13.

It's not a crime if it doesn't have a law saying it's a crime.

Because that confirms that he had this compulsion for a very long time and yet he received light punishment for it.

the accusation was that he's a kiddy diddler though. he's a pedo but (at least according to what's known) he never fucked any

God dammit Japan.

>Only need to pay $2000 for CP jail free card


I want to see people being proud of buying and reading his manga openly. The guy deserves to root and get the manga pirated so he won’t get any money from his work. Friendly reminder if you help the mangaka, you are giving him money so he can find a way to keep his fetish.

>pretending japs aren't the only true humans

Sup Forumsonly cares for 2D, this was for owning 3D. Plus he got caught in a really dumbass way that's completely his own fault.

His anime still airing in at least 40 countries, not counting the book that still reprinting outside of Japan.

what does his wife think about him?

if you're japanese, and depending on the job. there are gaijins living here, as architects with master degrees making half of that a month

Buying translations doesn't support original creators in any way. Though I highly doubt that you buy manga at all.

Who’s that? I only knew aboout the brother of the major peruvian serial killer facing death row in Japan for a killing spree few years ago.

Is this nostalgia thread?

2D=/=3DPD you fucking newfag

Not for the full time job.

Fuckin' told you so.

Bad anatomy time?

I only buy finished manga I really liked and for non translated, I have some artbooks. Also, the mangaka gets any money from the anime version airing, probably dubbed, in other countries?

Careful there faggot. The ones who scream the loudest usually the most dangerous offender

Haven't Western societies reached the point of university graduates being the average?

Where I live college students are the majority.
"Fachkräftemangel" my ass.


Its superior 2D anatomy time.

I was talkingbout the peruvian jailed in Nipland for CP, you doofus

unfotunatelly, they work an average of16h a day for a 100K yen or 150K yen a month. Lets not also forget mangakas that at the beginning of their careers work 24h a day for 500 dollar salary.

>A 200 000 yen fine.
I lived in shitty third world south east asian country with shitty jobs that sum still nothing with only 6 months saving.
Not counting this Nobuhiro is one of top mangaka in the 90s, He's loaded as fuck.

Wow, I thought America had a tiered justice system, but Japan's is even worse.

>they work an average of16h a day for a 100K yen or 150K yen a month
It's illegal.
>at the beginning of their careers work 24h a day for 500 dollar salary
I don't know where are you pulling this out.

I fucking told you it was only gravure videos.

mny jobs in japan, specially related with arts, are illegal, even famous architects here, pay an average of 80.000 yen at the start. why nobody believes this shit is out of my mind. many gaijins here prefer to be english teachers, they get better pay, that to practice their profession

He might be able to pay his way out, but his legacy is forever tarnished
>both him and his wife would be pestered via social media like twitter
>his little daughter probably has to transfer school a few times to prevent harassment
>cannot even cheese out the story like having Kenshin fighting for the "future of the children"

>200000 yen is still a lot of money.
I spent like 300,000 yen on my 3 week trip in Japan last month. Its not a lot especially for a rich mangaka

I mean, he just had some fucked up videos in possesion, but he's not a rapist nor a murderer, what do you expect?

What does this have to do with japanese cartoons?
Thread: Shut.It.Down.

Where is your screencap?

Remember original thread and those excerpts about how he asked lawyer if he isnt breaking any laws and if he can be send to jail etc. etc. and how everyone laughed because he was arrested after all?
Turns out lawyer was right and it was nothing serious law-wise

HIs daughter should be send to relatives who can provide her a healthy enviroment. If the girl is still with him after this, then something fishy happened under the table.

No one in their right mind will work for 80k (ergo no one will be offering that) when you can work part time as a gaijin in a fucking combini for 100k.

I was hardly alone.

You've really been brainwashed haven't you?

CP might be horrible but i'v seen actual child rapists get like 10 years while people with only CP get 20+ years in the United States. CP should come with a lighter prison term. A year or two seems more then reasonable. 20 years not so much.

As expected, this whole thing was a public humiliation and warning to other mangaka.
Sucks that watsuki was the one they went after but if they went after someone like oda the jump yakuza would kill them.

has his wife made a statement?

if you wanna be an artist in japan, you will. believe me

Loli artists and mangaka literally have nothing to worry about, this is only for real CP which is unequivocally bad.

2000 USD is still a pretty heavy fine, coupled with his tarnished reputation. He must have had a pretty good reason for being in possession of literally hundreds of CP to not receive further punishment.

any news from creators/mangakas of any work are allowed in Sup Forums, you newfag

It does indirectly, doesn't it? I thought it went: people buy translations -> publishing company see it's still popular -> they continue to pay a flat rate for licensing it

>coupled with his tarnished reputation
He can just moved to Comic Lo and do his dream job after couple years he can do normie manga again like most all Comic Lo artist.

This is Japan that we are talking about, you guys know nothing.