Chinese/Koreans in anime

Why are there so many chinese characters in anime but barely any korean ones? i thought the japs hated chinks

They hate Koreans more.

K-Pop and Korean TV dramas are selling very well in Japan. You don't see many foreigners in anime in general. And 80% of them are joke characters.

What do you mean by "so many Chinese characters"? There are a bunch in historical shows (mostly romance of the three kingdoms stuff) and fantasy not-China shows for obvious reasons. But other than that there aren't many.

Also China is much larger and historically more important.

>i thought the japs hated chinks

You will realize Sup Forums memes don't work out that well in real life once you start to live in Japan.

because koreans have no streotypes besides plastic surgery
they are irrelevant

>chinks character
>kung fu
>chink restaurant

>gook character

South Korea is a respectable competitor for the local markets. Irrelevant are miscellaneous countries like the Philippines or Australia. They only get attention when their crazies act crazy.

Gooks are only good as one night stand

If there's a foreign character it's always either an European (German/British) or Chinese.

Kung Fu chefs are awesome. Id say something about stereotypes but I wish my people where stereotyped by awesome food and kicking asses

they eat dogs

Which still only accounts for a very small fraction of shows, because usually there isn't a foreign character at all.

Pigs are smarter than dogs but nobody has problem eating them

chinks too

French eat snails, Polish devour leeches and Americans drink piss.

Never forget.

Pop quizz ! Guess which character is korean and which is Japanese !

My people are really lucky with their history. Being a German in East Asia is the best. Only positive stereotypes. Well-educated, disciplined, reliable, thorough, hard-working, punctual, etc. No matter where you go, you literally get a respect and trust bonus from everyone just for being the German.

The Swiss too.

I'm Polish my whole life and I have never heard of anyone eating leeches.

> "Koreans have no stereotypes or relevancy"
> t-they're a r-respectable competitor for the local markets

You're kind of proving his point. Chinks have a unique culture. Nips have a unique culture. Koreans do not. Also

> implying Australians are irrelevant

Maybe he means lampreys.

>Koreans do not.
Don't be such an American.
>implying Australians are irrelevant
A sparsely populated mining colony at the ass-end of the world. I've lived there for half a year, the pinnacle of their culture is to get piss-drunk in the hick town pub together. Really learned to appreciate European culture when I saw how Australians live.

Koreans are known for eating dogs and plastic surgery. The former is improper to televise and second isn't something that's translates well into 2D. But the plastic surgery does make them popular in real life shows for fujos.

The real question is why kpop isn't more popular in japan but I'm sure it has its niche.

Bits of peas and corn in my fried rice...

Kpop is ridiculously popular in Japan, just not in anime that much because they know Sup Forums tier otaku will bitch about it and ruin sales. Hell, even Pretty Rhythm has kpop. Shit plays on the radio, is on magazines, on tv, and in ads. Kpop is the most popular foreign media next to Hollywood.

Korean movies are cool, but you can't display that in anime well.


Calm down kshitter. It's about time you people started getting the weeb treatment.

Chris-chan lives!

Revy's Chinese
Black Lagoon is very multicultural, there's even a black man.

actually Chinese-murican so nvm

Maybe not anime, but there's a enormous list of Chinese characters in manga

Anyone still remember our bro?

>Chinks had a unique culture

In that case yes it's true. Lampreys are eaten all over the Baltic basin region.

lampreys aren't leeches, they're actually just very slimy fish
leeches are a type of worm

Singaporean/Malaysian/HK/Taiwan Chinks still have a unique culture and dialect subculture.
Claiming Mainland China currently do not have a unique culture is stupidity at its finest.
Any 'White' country outside of Europe have absolutely zero culture, you should neck yourself and raise the intelligence of the White race.

Based VA

I know this my friend.

What about K-pop?

What are some Korean characters in anime? I can only think of Psycho-Pass and Hikaru no Go off the top of my head.
Sasuga Urobuchi for managing to make the Korean a total fucking bro and getting away with it.

Is Ranma chinese?

Jam is yummm!

true, in asia the only negative stereotype about german is that they are not very humorless, which only increases the amount of respect

shit i mean humorous

tonkatsu dj agetaro
yuri on ice
the stereotype I notice is that koreans are always beautiful and stated so verbally

Oh shit, I forgot this dude, he was olev.

Chinks have cute dresses. Koreans have nothing.

It's been a while but I remember reading a theory about how the Japanese have a love for ancient China but believed that a certain dynasty began a downfall of the country and they don't like what has changed and happened there since. I think it had to do with a dynasty that was formed by people not native to China, maybe Mongolia or that general region, or somewhere seized power and took the throne. They didn't outright stop Chinese culture but they made an impact and brought about change.

I can't remember it off the top of my head

and agetaro says he's really handsome

China is at least relevant. Korea is not and has proven itself to be weak without Chinese support. Cheongsam is also very cute. China is also the godfather of a lot of East Asian tradition.

Revy a cute

Fucking based Korean user. I still laugh every time