So I had a dream last night about Tomoko and Tomoki switching bodies, and then Tomoko (in Tomoki's body)...

So I had a dream last night about Tomoko and Tomoki switching bodies, and then Tomoko (in Tomoki's body), having to take a bath and clean his penis. So then I woke up and thought "damn that was pretty hot". So now I am going to look for doujins of that, or futa Tomoko discovering and playing with her penis, because the idea of that also sounds pretty hot.

Watamote thread I guess, I just had to tell someone about this lewd dream.

I love her so much it physically hurts me






Season 2 when?

next thursday

I have dreams about the pure meth addict where we constantly have to act like parents to our retarded friends who act like kids

meth worst delinquent

impulsive, violent, mentally stunted girl
probably doesn’t even know what sex is or how to kiss
mature, willing to be civil and diplomatic, still kind of an idiot though
pure, motherly (as noted by her babysitting tendencies), cute, mature, I love her, beautiful, kind, honest, sexy

why do we call her meth-chan anyway?

she looks like she's on meth

She has no established name and looks like a meth, crack or pill zombie

She is still very cute


how does she look like a tweaker?

Droopy face, massive bags.
I won't post a 3DPD comparison but google it yourself.

Droopy eyes

She could just be another nationality aside from Japanese for all we know. Maybe she’s either half or full Chinese and the way she’s drawn she looks like a nightwalker

Why don't we ever see Rena's eyes?

No-eyes are another ethnicity that lives in Japan like the Emoji people

She's also a delinquent. Delinquents do drugs because they're delinquent.

That was a really good show




New chapter soon, boys. Will it finally be the Fang redemption arc?

I can’t wait for the chapter where Tomoko sees that all three of them heading and taking part in a “Don’t Do Drugs” campaign for the school

she’s fallen, only tanned douchebags who spray her now

>this fucking autist can get not one but two wives
>and she's a girl
Just end me.

She looks like Jesse Pinkman.

>still no futa tomoko fucking yu posted

draw it yourself

Yuu is yesterday's news. Yuri is the new hotness.

yuri is too pure to get fucked by futa dick

>implying tomoko wouldn't bury her face between yuu's tits given the chance

>too pure
I'm sure she wants Tomoko to go down on her though.


I'm pretty sure Yuri is one or two keychains away from going full yandere.

She's gonna murder Nemo first.

I want to ______ inside Yuri


shut up

put my lesbian fingers

put my trust


>I could simply take her for me only Tamura-san whenever I want and in the way I want, It would so sooo easy, but I won´t because I know you probably kill yourself at the idea of losing another friend at the hand of a superior female so chill out, nobody is going to take away Mokocchi...for now. You can put that earbud in your ear now

she belongs to old men now


Since I am an old man, that suits me fine.

This: I'll be sure to hug her and pat her head.


Never, they already adapted all the good parts.

Nemo needs to win the Tomokobowl. Yuri is a psycho and Emoji is too obsessed

>all the good parts
did you even read any of the newer chapters?

Fang a bitch but I did feel bad for her during that scene. Why was Pineapple so mean

>in the Tomokobowl at all
She's just messing around. Yuri is the only one who likes Tomoko's personality, so she's the one who deserves to win.

Because she's been a bitch for the longest time? Just because she's small and cute it doesn't mean you should forgive everything she does.

Depends how new you mean by "newer". I quit reading it a while ago.

Then go back to read them, you fool.

yuri deserves it because the awkwardness between her and tomoko is just too cute. imgaine them having a date.
but emoji might just be what tomoko needs to be fully normified. also, her realizing how she actually felt about tomoko when she grabbed her hand during that ride was just adorable. im intrigued

>more of this
Yes, please.
Emoji is too much of a normie, though. She only wants to bang her.

nemo shit

>implying Asuka won't become Tomoko's dark horse mommy gf

Asuka will become my wife, sorry.

Serious question, how many of them are actually interested in romance? I can't imagine an actual couple in this manga (het or yuri) because all the girls are a bunch of weirdos who don't seem to give a fuck about romance, except for Yuu who had a boyfriend, Ucchi who wants to bang Tomoko and maybe Asuka. I wonder if the manga will end with Tomoko or any other character getting a boyfriend or girlfriend.

There's nothing my daughter needs to be redeemed from. The other girls just need to learn how to handle some friendly banter.

You're forgetting all the many girls that want to fuck Tomoko's brother.

I didn't forget about them, but it's clear the brother doesn't give a fuck about Komiwhatever or the other girl.

He will end up with Delinquent-chan.

They just aren't sluts who think about nothing but getting dicked and romantic interests of Asuka, pinneaple, fang, Mako etc. simply haven't been a topic, yet.

Don't the delinquent friends have boyfriends?

No, Delinquent must remain pure

She's a nice girl. That's why she'll be the best sister in law for Tomoko.

Meth chan does but that will all change when she meets me


What if he's a delinquent too?


I’ll beat him up and make her my girlfriend

He’s probably the one who got her hooked on the meth reefer in the first place, I have to do it to save her

>someone’s life is this miserable that they felt the need to make this