Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Get in here, bros. Get in here. Get in here, bros. Get in here.

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Every thread until Crusch-sama gets her memories back.

New anime season when?


>eyes are closed
Fuck you
Though seeing slothman again is always very welcome

Dead series

Get in here, bros. Get in here. Get in here, bros. Get in here.

Fucking hell I still can't tell


fuck off, maybe a remake first that isn't rushed

reminder remfags are cancer



Maybe I missed it but was it ever explained why Subaru could easily communicate with everyone easily when he was first summoned? It kind of ruins the immersion that everyone speaks the same language as him but we know Emilia's world uses a non-English alphabet and stuff since Ram teaches it to Subaru.

Is that best gril Petelgeuse?

because of lazy world building, never noticed that almost every race looks like human race?

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Because if he didn't speak the language how the hell would he get any of the characters involved with him? The first two arcs would probably be completely different if he wanted to make it even a little bit believable and all of the characters would probably treat him completely differently making it harder for him to get anything done. It feels a little contrived, but I like it this way.

There's probably some explanation for that, knowing Tappei... or not?

Every thread until the witches come back

Seriously, what's up with the extremely skin tight clothes?


i want to fuck the mummy

Is the mummy her real mummy? How does the loli have witch powers, but her mummy is normal. why is the loli so important, and why does she have the key?

holy shit this is the perfect cover I don’t think I could be more pleased 10/10, also that is literally absolutely fortuna, no one can tell me otherwise

>new LN volume
i don't know if i should be pissed that tappei will focus on these instead of updating the WN or excited for new illustrations.

is that purple or am I just seeing purple because I want to

>will focus on these instead of updating the WN
guess which of those pay his bills

the LN obviously, nobody can deny that. but are you saying he should completely abandon the WN?

you mean the FGO shit

depends on how much time he has. he should focus on the one that gives him money, anyway, we are what, 3-4 vols away from the Tower

Yes Tappei absolutely should. He said it himself, the quality of the WNs have suffered because he's being distracted by the work on the LNs.

taking something that was written years ago and changing it up a bit doesn't any time

>he says he'll continue the story left in the WN soon
>the LNs get to arc 6
>people think he'll have to stop releasing new volumes to update the LN
>he just keeps going
>gets past the part he left off in the WN
>continues the story from the LNs

I would just drop the show because of his lies desu

Bros would lose their shit.


can he even continue the WN, ain the hole thing now owned by the publisher??

The fact that you think that this does not take much time and that this is all there is to it makes me question your competence.

he would earn way more money if he just did a patreon and continued the WN

What does that headline have to do with the rest of the article?

that guy published like 10-15 WN chapters every month back when he still had his other full time job, you're retarded if you think that what he does now takes any time

you do realize that you'd never read how Crush gets her memories back, right?

Someone would translate.

the LN? no.

Yes, the LN.

Not that guy, but I think it's implied that many editors have to edit the author's shitty manuscripts by themselves, so they can make the thing pubishable. Some authors have decent ideas, but they are just too inept to write them down properly.

>Translating the LN
maybe in like 10 years yen press will make it to arc 5.

What competence? That user's not a writer (probably). I aso don't really get how reworking already done material is a lot of work, especially at the pace he's doing it. Unless he's having problems working in all the edits that are requested of him by the editors. Or, he's written himself into a corner for arc 6 so he's stopped the wn till he's fixed it and/or is trying to fix the same thing in the LNs by writing it differently.

some cheap and inaccurate summaries but no translations, just one report and it would be taken down immediatly

Speaking of which, apparently Yen Press releases Volume 6 today

Yeah, I heard about that last week. Does it still cover the anime, or has it gone past it?

can't wait for the translation errors

LN doesn’t pass anime until volume 9

No, we'll only pass it in in 2019

Oh, fuck me in the ass. At this rate, if there's going to be a second season, it's going to come sooner than volume 9 comes.

Then how do people keep translating Overlord LN without this "reports"?

Hair color too. This is Fortuna.

dunno is it licenced? Re:zero has enough hater who would report it

Yes. Overlord LN is licensed by Yen Press too. Yet there are fan translations to the last volume

quick reminder of the true heroine of re:zero

Translatorbroo... where are you..?

he's probably translating a new chapter.

You basically answered your own questions.
We know lots of changes have been made. With every change there is a need for things to be adjusted even far later into the story. Add to that certain regulations that an official publication requires you to meet which an uploaded version does not have to worry about and there you have a time consuming work.

All in all people are just getting eaten up by their entitlement and get buttblasted as a result because the author cannot be bothered to work on the WN additionally to the ton of other stuff he has to do.

And to top it off some actually downplay the amount of work that is needed to their entitlement seems a little more justified

yes a web novel...without the input of another party and official regulation to follow.

If you think writing and uploading on a website as a hobby and working towards an official publication are in any way equal in terms of work load, then sorry you're retarded

no wait, retarded and ignorant. Yes that works

So, is anyone interested in reading the latest translated LN volume?

Alright i'm here. What happens now?

yes, i am indeed. are you going to post a link?

dude why are you sucking his dick so much? a LN is not high quality literature, you don't need 3 months for 300 pages that are to 80% identical with the WN. The author was able to work on the LN, the WN and his full time job back then. Now fuck off.


Give me a little time. Also, you should really support your online bookstores. I have a personal favorite.


Rem is for Subaru-kun, artist- sama.


Shit. I forgot my Mega password.

Get the fuck away from Crusch and Ferris, you spoon wielding piece of shit.


There's no convenient password reset option without losing everything I already have saved there, huh.
>Rem followed behind both of them, and he could hear noises coming from her nose every so often. Rem had a keen sense of smell, and she’d apparently picked up some kind of unsavory scent, staring at the back of the iron helm as they walked along.

you could make a new account and upload it there, it would take more but no losses until you remember your password.

Thoughts on Yen Presses release?

its of jewish descent.

Nobody has had the time to read it.


Well, I could reset the password and lose all my files. Not like I don't have them all saved elsewhere already.

which volume is the newest one?

6. EX2 comes in a month.

I've got volumes one through four and I'm reading the second book right now. Subaru is just about to meet Roswaal.

We were talking about volume 6.

So knowing better is dick sucking now? Interesting. Let's add that you're incapable of properly coming back at arguments. That leaves little for you actually be worth of in terms of arguing.

Apparently you're so much of a brainlet you're willingly ignoring the fact that he has to do several other stuff as well and his spectrum of work cannot be boiled down to, ehem "LN, WN and job lol"

I guess for someone like "you" it appears to be more likely that he's simply sitting on his ass rather than he has so much to do he can't speed up the progress.

Not like I expected much else from this place but you in particular seem to surpass them in idiocy, wow.

For the resident faggot.!3PBHGQRR!FK7Rm9JVU0PI34Ds-6gk0aHwI7_EXSWpgp1AmukJcvA
Oh, and support the companies that release this shit. I'm a terrible person.

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lovely, thank you user. even if you are a horrible person. i'll upload this to my mega where i put all the volumes you share.

>So knowing better is dick sucking now?
what do you know better? you've been more busy trying to find ways to insult me than bring any solid arguments, you're just trying to cover up that you don't know shit. Go keep sucking his dick while he plays FGO the whole day

But seriously, this ebook store gives me such good deals they literally pay me to take their books. I feel unclean.

Would you happen to have the first EX volume to share?

With all the free money they gave me, I can get you that in a heartbeat.


And where can I find such store?