This show gives me a headache

This show gives me a headache.

Retarded shaftshit with cheap animation holding literally zero artistic value

There's a lot of visual and verbal information to parse, you'll get used to the pace of it, might be worthwhile looking up some analyses if you're not sure what's going on or why.

Or just be this dumbass if you want

it's odd but i like it for some reason. that tsundere is bit overdone, though.

Kill yourself, shaft is the best

It's a deconstruction of tsundere.

Really? Rec had more heart to it.
There's that word again.

OP here. I just finishedthis anime and I spent the entire time repeating the words "This is reddit, this is memes, this is reddit, this is memes..." under my breath.
I fucking hated it. I was writhing around on the floor in front of my sofa for the last 10 minutes it was so painful.

>Ayy le randumb lmao
If you liked it you're in the wrong place

What exactly makes them the best? Their cheap, abhorrent animation? Their waifubait shows for teenagers?

this is reddit
this is memes

well, she was aggressive towards mc at first but then she expressed that she likes him. kinda the definition of tsundere.

She was a massive bitch and clearly mentally ill, anyone who likes her has mommy issues.

They started to date in the first arc which is massively untypical.

Too deep for you?

It's pretty flat considering it's 2d.

i'd shoot up an orphanage full of parentless children with bullets from my gun into the bodies of the underaged unattended mini people for a reboot of the tenchi series made by the animators from shaft that animated animations for shaft, I would

yes they dated after the first arc, but how much time did he actually spend with her. the amount of screen time they shared was less than most non canon couples share in the average 12 ep anime.

Well she has sensical in character reasons for her initial nature and the reason she eventually opens up to Araragi, doesn't really have much of a dere side though.

>stealing a meme from a Gigguk video because you can't come up with an original argument

Classic brainlets

This show gives me a boner

thats kinda harsh, it wasnt THAT bad

is tenchi really that good?

Then stop watching trash.

Agreed, it wasn't that bad. But the animation still looks like dogshit and the show has still gotten like 7 additional seasons and spin-offs, which still draw in people and make Shaft money. It's just overrated.


the first two ova's
the first and third move
and to a slightly lesser extent, the tv series "universe" are all damned great

but the rest of it is complete horse shit

Broadly speaking, the show is a set of interconnected character studies, with a greater focus on psychological flaws and shortcomings of it's characters. It doesn't spend time, generally, on things that are going fine. For large portions of the show their relationship simply isn't relevant to the theme being explored.

>animations are bad
>actually unique, visceral, and engaging

I can't understand how anyone can be so objectively wrong. Even the OP's look like they had money poured into them.

I mean I get if you just want your standard animated artstyle, but just because one is actually different doesn't mean you need to screech about it.


How much of it have you watched?

All the stills, without any movement.
All the close-ups, without any movement.
All the frames of random text or real life photos or videos.
This shit is so cheap to produce. They didn't even need to animate half of the stuff in this show.

I was so relieved when I finished Nisemonogatari and could start watching Konosuba with a good conscience. The difference in animation quality is massive.

>Studio Dean

I love Konosuba, but it also has some of the most inconsistent animations possible. This convinces me you're retarded. The series' just lucks out that it can stress that poor animations add to the quality to mask the reason for a lack of consistency.

Jesus, I never thought I'd see the day that someone was praising Studio Deen

The fact that Deen's very mediocre animation is still better than Shaft's by miles should be telling

Aqua's tantrum was pretty nice though.

Except it's not. It's blatantly inconsistent if you give time for one actual rewatch. One moment a character's mouth or eyes are centered, the next they're not. Background characters have absolutely no thought into them. It just happens to add to comedic value, but it's not like they're intending to make it bad.

I'll concede that

Almost fell for the bait

Calling Shaft out for it's cheap animation is bait now?


>you shouldn't criticise things because some people might thing you're angry
If the world worked like this, it would be a very sad place.

They punch above their weight of their pretty restrictive budget, and given that it's basically a talking heads show they are able to give a lot of information visually through some pretty interesting cinematography. If you want fancy fluid fight scenes you were in the wrong place to begin with

Isn't Shaft like one of the richest studios? I always assumed it was, because of their Monogatari cash-cow series and the massive success of Madoka. Correct me if I'm wrong, though

Wasn't at the time of Bakemono though unless i'm mistaken

You're right about that, but pretty much everywhere outside this place is like that. That's the point of the pic, I've seriously never met anyone who said Studio Deen had better animations than shaft until now.


t. brainlet(s)

Lurk more.

Yes so why does it matter if they dated when nothing ever came of it in the show? You'd have a point if it had focused on them as a couple, but after the first arc they hardly interact.

Parody. The word you're looking for is parody.

OPM is a parody, this isn't.

More of a pastiche, or simply a demonstration of how to do the archetype solidly

>i watched a show while trying my hardest to hate it
>why do i hate it

Hitagi doesn't really behave like a tsundere, though. She puts on the act deliberately, but she's rather honest about it. One of the core parts of tsundere behavior is that they treat their love interest like shit as a means of denying their affections-- they don't want to admit to themselves or others that they're in love. Hitagi sort of does the opposite-- she's calling out Koyomi's flaws in an exaggerated manner, but still saying she's in love with him despite that.

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looks like an average monogatari thread
i'm just gonna drop this cute monkey to remind you all she is the best

Ougi > Shinobu > Snail > Crab > Math > Cat > Monkey

Christ you're new if you can't even recognize that pasta.

I don't know where you got this information from but it is incorrect

nah, monkey is worst girl

she is one of the most fun people on screen when interacting with araragi and she's both cute and sexy
this is objectively incorrect especially when characters like snake exist

The animation and music was the best part of the show. I picked it up only because i really liked its style.

This list isn't bad but could do with some tweaking.

Ougi > Snail > Bat > Cat > Snake > Crab > Monkey > Math

you put the best girl at the top, so I am mostly ok with your list


Agreed. It's ecchi for the psudo-intellectual.