Overrated shows thread

Overrated shows thread

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I'll start

Read my mind.

Meant to quote

It blows my mind that people watched the trash above this comment

Your favourite anime and every anime you like is overrated.
All of them.

This 100 times


These threads are stupid by the way.

>t. brainlet who hasn't seen enough mecha anime to understand Eva
Give it another shot when you've completed 200+ shows

>Popular show A is overrated
Literally why do you care, move on, watch something else

Eureka Seven. If the show was about about Dominic and Anomone and not those two it would be many times better.

Also most of the ghibli movies.


Everytime somebody makes a thread like this Madoka is one of the first replies if it's not the OP.

Why does Sup Forums always try so hard to discredit this masterpiece? Madoka is probably the anime of this decade.

It was a bit overrated when it was new, with people claiming it was the greatest anime since Evangelion and greatest anime ever and so on, but at this point I'd rather say it's underrated than overrated. Madoka is an amazing anime.

Only thing Evangelion had aside from characters was directing. If you didn't have the directing it would have ended up just another mecha show in the 90s.

And that's what make Evangelion better than a good part of the anime production.

Every once in awhile some hack director gets lucky and makes something with a good story and entertaining characters into a clusterfuck of plot holes and pseudointellectual garbage. It's the perfect storm to captivate the "I wish I were smart" types and inspire decades of autistic debate about "hurr durr what did he mean by this" when in fact it's just shitty directing.

If anything Madoka is better than Eva because it isn't full of plot holes.

Name two (2) plotholes in Evangelion.

Typical Eva fan hating on Madoka because it’s better than his favorite series. Great thread.

>I'd rather say it's underrated than overrated.
The only thing that differentiates this show from other mahou shouje anime is the "dark" and "edgy" twist, that gets advertised to any potential viewers of this series.
The problem is that after they finish the 2nd episode, they get massively disillusioned with this "dark" twist, that turns out to not be that dark after all, and get bored.
If this stupid show wasn't animated by shaft literally no one would care about it. And yes, it still is massively overhyped, even after all these years.

It’s better than Eva. Easily. (I’ve watched both)

It isn't

Here's one

Obviously you didnt watch Madoka. People didn’t freak out about the Shaft animation. It was the Inu Curry stuff that made the visuals so great. It’s true art.

Yea, it definitely is. Unlike you I’ve watched both of them.

I dropped it after 4 episodes.

So have I, retard. Now go kys, people with shit taste shouldn't be allowed to walk this planet.

Thanks for admitting you don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve watched both of them all the way through.

Sorry for not liking your favorite cartoon, kid.

If you get any modern reviewer without heavy nostalgia goggles to rate both series the vote would always go in favor of Madoka. Eva isn’t deep or meaningful and Anno even admitted that himself.

Post more overrated anime

You haven’t even watched it. Your adhd kicked in and you stopped.

Also let’s face it. A lot of the music in Eva is unoriginal. It’s all show and no go.

that's not even overrated, is it?

it's not bad, it's not great either, it's okay

Only sane people in these shit threads.

>Eva isn’t deep or meaningful and Anno even admitted that himself.
I am not debating this, he including half of the symbolism because he thought it looked cool, not because he wanted to leave hidden cues or anything like that, and deconstructing Eva is autistic af.
It still has amazing character design, an engaging plot, a good opening and animation that holds up to this day. The symbolism still looks cool, even if it doesn't hold much meaning. It's a very good show all around.

It's mediocre at the very best

I'm in favor of Madoka but the two shows are vastly different. It's not surprising that someone who likes a mecha show might not like a (dark) mahou shoujo show much and vice versa. You're comparing chalk and cheese.

Finally a sensible answer

The character design is outdated and wasn’t even close to original. It was par for the course in that time. If you enjoy it that’s fine and I actually am a fan but there’s absolutely no way it’s on the same level as an anime like Madoka. I guarantee you don’t even know 2% of what went into that series. Madoka is legitimately the best anime in the world.

When has Anno ever claimed that Eva as a whole isn't meaningful?

You know 2016 was a terrible year for anime when people put Re:Zero in the top 5.

It doesn't have half of the nuance of Eva and the art is shit

It has more and the Inu Curry stuff is co considered legitimate art. It’s not just a style that happens to be “in” for its time.

Nah it really doesn't, it may sound cliche but you didn't understand it at all

Last I checked artstyle was a preference. I prefer the Madoka artstyle to Eva's any day. Neither of them can really be picked apart for art quality because they're both not bad.

I watched Eva a long time ago and read all the theories and watched all the videos and was very invested in the series even looking up interviews with Anno about it but in the end it’s because back then there was really no compilation that I had access to because my main source of anime was AS. Now that I’m older and jaded and not even close to as easily impressed as I was as a kid Madoka did the exact same thing for me but more because when I started digging I actually found a lot of lore and tons of hidden gems where as with Eva I found fan theories and maybe if I was lucky some of them made sense and I considered them to be true.


I didn't like it that much. Not sure what people are seeing in it that I'm not. The characters in particular were really uninteresting.

>lots and lots of marketing

And it’s everywhere even in the littlest things like pictures. I guarantee most people didn’t even understand the meaning of this image displayed in one of the endings even to this day.


Literally the entire lives of the characters are displayed in that picture of them under water. That picture holds so much value and it went completely unnoticed and there’s things like that everywhere in Madoka.

What do you think "okay" means?

I’m actually getting anxiety just being here arguing because I know that most likely none of you have been down the Madoka rabbit hole and can begin even comprehend what’s inside.

I mean it wasn't bad either. It was just a decent anime. I'm not gonna be a contrarian and call it garbage just because people revere it, but I also don't think it deserves to be revered.

It most certainly does. Madoka is a case where a lot of the fans took it at face value and still enjoyed it even though 90% of it went over their heads. Also episode ten is the best directed episode of anime probably ever.

It's pretty easy to take anything that's mediocre, be it a book, a film or an anime, and claim that it's really good, people just didn't understand that
No one will be able to debate you, because how can you disprove something like that?
I dislike arguments like this very much

I would be happy to fill this entire thread up and going into extreme detail about why Madoka is not only better than Eva but probably the best anime on earth but I don’t have the time. I’m eating breakfast right now and I have to get going really soon.

>It most certainly does.
No it doesn't.

Please elobarate on this hidden value Madoka has.

I really don’t have the time and I wouldn’t be doing it justice at all if I attempted to half ass it. I’ll just say you win for now.

Attack on Titan and Made in Abyss

Those are literal fanarts, can you bait a little bit more subtly

This is all the proof that Evafags haven't watched Madoka and much anime besides shitposting in their threads for 10 hours a day.

Madoka is overrated as hell. It is deeper than your average anime but so are most children's novels. The actual deepest shoujo anime is Revolutionary Girl Utena which is infinitely better than Madoka, but since it's old it doesn't get the attention it deserves. Everyone here saying Madoka is one of the deepest anime ever should probably read some books.

Also these threads are shit.

It's actually just one retard.

Re:Zero was amazing though

>mad Eva fans

>we’re not Eva fans
Yes you are.

>25 IP's

Not that it was good it was because they didn't have anything better

10/10 characters and directing is already enough to be better than 99% of anime.

Add in a good art style, decent animation for the time, clever use of symbolism (literally undeniable unless you're a total brainlet), a generally strong and appealing aesthetic, solid voice acting, music, and sfx...

Eva isn't perfect but it doesn't make many mistakes.

It has uses of symbolism, but I wouldn't exactly call "dude put a cross somewhere even though we have no idea what it means" clever

Didn't see either until five years ago. Eva is much better imo.

For one thing I can show it to people without them thinking I'm an autist who jacks off to sailor moon, but beyond that, I mainly found the characters of Eva far more compelling. A few in PMMM just didn't really make me feel anything much, beyond "huh, you're pretty dumb".

Yeah, because that wasn't what I was referring to. Symbolism hasn't always got to slap you in the face like that (pic related).


Eva characters were far, far more believable as human beings than the characters in Madoka.

Madoka characters are flat as fuck.

>10/10 characters and directing is already enough to be better than 99% of anime.
If you don't watch much anime, which many Eva fans actually say they refuse to watch new stuff.

Lol, clever symbolism is thrown in the background or in subtle ways. Putting an entire shot dedicated simply to showing your """"clever"""" symbolism isn't clever at all, it's hamfisted. If you want a good example of symbolism, watch Cool Hand Luke. Parking meters, the intersection of roads the shape of Luke's body at various points when he's lying there are all examples of subtle, recurring motifs.

How many recent anime can you confidently say have both? I have been keeping up to an extent, and the list is short indeed.
This isn't even a time thing, that combination has always been rare.

No one mentions this shit has no ending whatsoever. Otherwise it is really good but that totally kills it.

I didn't want to bother with picking some example with a tiny symbolic hint in the corner that I'd have to actively point out. The fact that so many people genuinely think there's no symbolism in Eva beyond "hurr durr there's a cross" is proof enough to me that they don't know what they're talking about. For brainlets like them, the messages we gain from each new shot of Gendo's glasses are genuinely too subtle to catch.

Did you even watch the whole thing of Madoka?

every kyoanus show ever.

And here we have the Eva pseudointellectual in his natural habitat. "Oh yeah guys, I was just pointing out an obvious example but there are more but I'm too lazy to talk about them". Cmon, if you're going to make a claim at least have the decency to try to back it up. The "symbolism" in Eva can all be boiled down to user being depressed as fuck and desperately crying out for attention by throwing in as much pseudointellectual shit as he could to try and make himself and his work appeal to exactly the kind of demographics you represent.


Yes, and the movie.

Really the only somewhat interesting aspect of Eva is how much it is a picture of a tortured and depressed mind. Almost every main character has at least a portion of his psyche projected into them.

This but unironically

Still a good show though

Things can still be good and overrated or bad and overrated. When you call something overrated, it doesn't mean it's good or bad. It's just rated higher than it should be.

overhyped and overrated is different things.

Care to explain why you think they are flat? Why Eva characters are perfect? Homura, Madoka and Sayaka all go through a dramatic change by the final episode and movie. Eva characters stay stagnant and never change.

Madoka is not shoujo, and there is more to anime than just depth. Madoka has a good story with good execution, and that's what makes it good.


>I-if you don't like Eva you didn't understand it!
I'm fucking tired of this meme. And I do like Evangelion. Stop pushing this 2deep4u bs


You're probably right about Mahou Shoujo and Shoujo being separate. Regardless, what the guy in this thread has been claiming is that Madoka is deep, which it really isn't, and that seems to be why he enjoys the show. Utena does infinitely more with its writing, cinematography, music, and symbolism than Madoka does which is why I pointed it out. If Madoka deserves praise for those aspects, then Utena deserves more.
Madoka's execution is good, but it isn't perfect. The first two episodes are slow, and some of the characters aren't particularly interesting or memorable. Madoka is a good show, but it isn't a fantastic show like people say it is. So it's overrated.

Nostalgia is the only thing that's keeping this show rated. Its aged terribly.

Madoka rides on the success of it's stupid shock value. The art was shit and it's mostly a rip off of butcher's favorite kr season

I only watched one episode of it and dropped, I don't have a concrete reason why. I don't have a solid opinion on it. Why do you not like it?