ITT: MCs that nobody likes

ITT: MCs that nobody likes


I liked him




that fag from darling in the franxx

>get best girl
>break up with her
this fuckin guy


lots of people like him for manning up. He's still a boring MC

gotta love him for ruining bitches life

Name a blander self-insert character

No wait you can't.



How can you hate Oreki?

Eh? Nandatte?

You had gone too far.

Oreki has a character.
I think the Kakegurui character is the single WORST though.
Hes basically transparent.

I can't because I've forgotten their names

Just look at that stupid fucking face

Touma and Index are the least interesting thing about Raildex.

>hating kanye
Insecure much?


Sure Index is.
But it's Touma's whining that got me through every first quarter of the volume.


MC's are so fucking lame in general, why even have them onscreen at all

I like all them ;)

His entire problem was that his hair made him seem like a delinquent but he didn't wanna dye it because the blonde hair was his only connection to his mother.
So why the fuck didn't he just go full blonde?

Shit taste


Not really, the Railgun characters aren't very interesting. The story arcs are filler as well.

But nobody hate? I mean, he just wanted to have a peaceful life, he's basically Yoh from Shaman King but with less weed.


Why is Kyousuke there? He's only comparable with a character from Gurren Lagann in any case.

This isn’t the one true answer



I will murder you.

This I don't know why it's so hard for some people to understand

>Series has been going on for years
>MC still cant even control a small fraction of his power
>became strongest by eating a hair
Why the fuck is he popular

There is a dedicated hate thread for him open at all times
nobody likes him

Nobody likes a blank image



Eren post-timeskip is pretty good.

What did he mean by this

Autistic shit


What makes an mc's design good and not "bland"?

Unique character traits which help to tell a story and aren't just kept generic so a lot of people can self-insert as the fag

Just sound effect.

>being this jealous of a 14 year old

Shinji only exists as the otaku self insert, and if you read the threads you can see how the fans don't really care about him.

IMO MCs are good when they're as cute as the girls and not desperately unattractive.

A good example this season would be

There's nothing to hate about him. If you think some stupid shit like "he's a useless idiot Yuno wiped his ass" then the story of Mirai Nikki was somehow too intelligent for you which is just pathetic



Leave Mastah to me.

Physical traits? Like what?

>There is a dedicated hate thread for him open at all times
>none is up
Guess the autist finally gave up

Fuck this piece of crap.

Oreki is probably the one different in here

Not physical traits, just the personality or quirks within him that makes the story move on in an interesting manner.
Basically not being the typical character that is relatable to everyone in the world because he has no personality

Based Cygames reminding us all why sluts should be shamed.

Bland shit character from a shit anime with a shit audience.

Haru was quite okay. Much better than Kirito.

I would say that a lot of MCs in anime are completely unrelatable to normalfags because they're essentially timid losers. They have a distinct personality, it's just a personality that is incompatible with normalfags who in turn get mad because the shows don't pander to them and provide them with power fantasies that are relatable to them.

Nah, he just has a plain design.


This guy is so bland I'm hoping it's some kind of cleaver satire that's going to go somewhere

They're made to be relatable to otakus, which are disgusting and pathetic human beings, so of course they turn out being unlikeable.

Especially Index. That little cunt should have been removed from the series ages ago. Good thing she's mostly irrelevant for now.

faggot list

Indeed. They are all faggots in that list.

They all fucking look the same

They both suck.


I liked him

Darling from MonMusu.

The motherfucker doesn't even has a name.

I think it was more over the asspulls in season two instead of switching the protagonist entirely.

nips learned to draw prettier characters, that's what. Plus, you did quite a bit of cherry-picking. Half of these guys are meant to look like your bland, average, high school protag while the guys on the left are characters from action anime.

Inaho was unironically enjoyable once you realized he was legitimately autistic.

Inaho was fine: tactical savant fighting alien magic with the power of high-school physics. Hell, S1 was fine.
S2 was pants on head retarded.

Apparently there was some LN with a flashback to when he was younger and he went full sperg autist on some bullies of his sister and just fucking destroyed them and it freaked his sister out. The series would've been more interesting if he was actually some kind of functioning psychopath who found his calling in life in war and just started murdering people.

There was nothing good about this guy.

He was autistic, in all other areas shown he was exceptional. S1 was the source of most of the problems that caused S2 to fall apart.

Pretty much everything after the third episode began to show the problems that would become much more obvious in S2. None of the fights, teamwork, or exploitation of the power mechanics ever really came close to that first fight.

I really cant wait until he dies mid season and we get Mitsuru as the main character like they've been foreshadowing hard

Touma is fine apart from the moralfaggotry

The true answer

MCs who go for tsundere characters are almost always bad. Harem anime MCs who go for tsundere characters ARE always bad.

Go away Tumblr/whiteknight

In the anime at least.
Jesus the voiceacting is bad. I can't watch a single episode.

Bow to the king of spazz shitbags.

Get out of my Sup Forums immediately.

I didn't think it was all that different. They all kind of followed the same formula. It started the tendency of the villain of the week to sit there and die.

I feel like he did what needed to be done.

Wasn't this the series about the beta who tries to be a Chad but screws it up and gets shanked?

Did nothing wrong. Women were the problem.

He didn't even try, he became Chad because of some emotionally unstable girl.



he fucked the entire cast of girls and died peacefully