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Armin next week

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Last thread got deleted so gotta repost this.

Levi and Mikasa being a super soliders infused with titans was foreshadow with Levis growth and ch 88.
Like Titans Ackermans need sunlight to be at their full potential, Mikasa was in jail for an extended period of time and despite being properly feed she became frail quickly.

Levi's growth was stunted because he lived most of his life underground and got very little sunlight(of course malnutrition).
Think about it, Ackermans are all pretty tall, mikasa is 170 which is tall for a girl and Kenny is 185(6ft)cm, while levi is absurdly short.
But it all works out cause his small size makes him extremely adept with his 3dmg.

Saw this theory sounded pretty legit.

>185cm is tall
That's the king of manlets at most, whoever thinks this must be a manlet.

Based mods deleting these garbage-tier threads.
Banning /snk/ fucking when

Also, season 3 is definitely going to expand on Levis backstory, what would you have them add.

I just kind of want more on his mom

>Levi's growth
>pretty tall

>Japanese people
>Not manlet

5,8 is towering in nipland.

Reading club could still be fun.

>what is storytime

I really don't understand why is Levi so popular with animeonlies, actually so popular that what you said is probably true and that's exactly what's gonna be added in season 3.


>manlet is a manlet because he was malnourished as kid
>dude KOFF lmao
Why is Isayama ashamed of political arc when it's actually pretty good compared to the one after.

Does anyone other than that one guy (you know who) actually think Historia is not in love with Eren?

Fuck off, degenerate pedo.


Yeah it definitely could but only without you and your pedo tendencies.

His quite literally cool, and honestly being so short is a subversion from his character archetype, and it makes his character design pretty unique, whilst being an important character trait in world.

Oh I see.

Guess it's time for the kofffags btfo pasta.

1. Nope, he never died.

2. Armin fell 50 meters from the titans teeth, via they are about as tall as the wall. He then falls on a 3 story building shown to be about as tall or taller then Eren and reiners titans. So at worst he fell 35 meters.

3. Humans can walk off a fall of up to 17 meters, from up to 30 are certainly deadly, but not instantly. Which is the key here, there's no doubt that these things would kill him, but first he'd been in a coma for a few hours.

4. He didn't fall with no resistance, isayama drew his box cutters falling off and him letting go of the grips, but the made sure to show that the hooks remained inside Berts teeth until fully extended, showing them still leaving his waist band.

The image shows that are incredibly long even having not reached their full length, based on the fact that they are still scrunched towards the end and not completely straight.
Do to the angle of the shot they definitely aren't a full 50 meters long, but easily appear over 20.

That being said armin likely only free fell somewhere between 10 and 20 meters, which the average person can get up and walk away from.

5. The burns he recieved are second degree, which cannon't actually kill anyone, all this means is the epidermis is completely gone, a person feels intense pain but it's becoming suceitible to everything that kills you, not the burns themselves. Given he was unconscious he likely can't even remember what it felt like.

All in all, In conjunction these things would definitely kill someone IF NOT TREATED. You'd be alive in in a coma for a wealth of time, you body just preforming it's involuntary necessary actions like breathing, for a while before you completely give out.

Isayama was clearly smart with this twist if he managed to fool this many 15 year olds, who let their blind hate for a character cloud any objective understanding of what happened and what he drew.

Exploding blood Armongfag?

I wonder if there will be enough time to flesh out the Ackerman story.
The manga seems to be finishing, and to properly explain their story we would need a change of pace.
I want to see the coconuke!
But Jean saying stuff like "if we want to see what happens next we have to survive this battle", and Levi saying "don't die, survive" makes me think that they're waiting for something that will change the course of war, and IF it were Armin it wouldn't make sense to wait so long for having him make his entrance.
Make Eren fight the warhammer alone would be unwise if the colossal was on standby .

I think Armin and Hange will appear with some kind of diplomatic solution because.

Post LH before going to the festival


>Reaching this hard
rolling over laughing


Does he ever get to fuck her in hentai?

Because he is edgy. Them and fujos love this, hence why he is so popular.

Its already explained.
Ackermans are a by product of the titan war and the race to create new better weapons.
After the war they lost their purpose and the king could no longer control them.
Head of the family has his life taken so he decedents can live ignorant lives.
Levi and mikasa are the last known living reminants of the ackerman bloodline.

There's nothing left to be said.

>Damn, he's right and everything he said make sense
>y-you're just reaching lmaorofllol xD

It's kind of boring, this pasta is like a one hit kill, i should've teased you first.

>Armongfujos still posting factually disprove shitposts as though it contains facts

It takes some level of delusion to be a Armongfag.

The pasta, was never factually disproved, if so then you could copy and paste this perfect counter that never happened.

Here:This is the very first time it was posted, and i don't see a counter anywhere.

Even Shitren believed he was dead and was surprised Armong was still alive, hence why he went full autism when he koffed. So this should actually have killed someone and it's a surprise he survived that.

>taking time to take together everything proved wrong a year ago

It was. manipulation/

>No one knows exactly how the triggers work
Bullshit. We've seen it multiple times and in No Regrets we get a close up of ODM trigger manipulation.

>Letting go wouldn't release them
It does.

>The cables don't need to be nearly 60 meters at full length, the depth perception makes that clear.
>He feel probably 50 meters from bertolds mouth.
Because we don't know the specific height I said 'nearly' 60m you sperg

>Onto a building shown to be 15 meters plus.
lol no you fucking kek Most houses are like 7 meters tall, you can see they have a uniform height in the manga. The only time they aren't roughly the same height is when you get a close up of Eren or Reiner because Isayama couldn't be bothered drawing the entire Shiganshina cityscape, so he lowers the camera and angles upwards.

>With his wires fully extended,
lol no because you can see the gear break off, as it's intended to do. It was specifically mentioned in the Female Titan arc that the gear will break off to prevent damage and further accidental injury

Armongfujos need to stop trying to defend this asspull and jiggle on home. Can't believe you're still pulling this shit.

We don't know most of the stuff about them. What does being a "byproduct of titan science" even means? They had humans fucking titans (who don't even have genitals) ? And they were living prior to the XX century, what kind of genetic engineering could they do? There are a lot of stuff unsaid if you give a fuck about understanding what's going on.

manlet must love to have found someone that is even shorter than him

Isayama actually said his type is taller than him.

I bet he always wanted to do that without having to use a stool.

So most of the world's adult population?

Seems like it.

>Eren - 170
>Armong - 163
>Connie - 158
>manlet - 160
>Sasha - 168
>Jean - 175
Godammit, Isayama.

Why do we call Levi a manlet when everyone in your list is a manlet? I mean yeah they're 15 but still, damn.

>35 years old
Manlet. These are just manletlets.

Someone that is not Historia

Because Shitlet is a manlet.

>EH has that many haters because pedos can't selfinsert as a teen
I guess it is the same for FG

Both EH and LH are shit and delusional.


Which one?

In this case I'm obviously talking about the pic that user replied to.

>No Regrets we get a close up of ODM trigger manipulation.
That's anime original content, and it was the equivalent of typing fast on a computer and breaking down some super govt. password, fuck out of here.
Based purely on what isayama has shown us you need to actively remove the hooks.

>lol no you fucking kek Most houses are like 7 meters tall,
Nope you're completely wrong, especially in this case where reiner and eren stand right next to them all throughout that arc.
pic related, shows it's just about as tall.

>lol no because you can see the gear break off

Again you're absolutely wrong, isayama makes sure to draw the box cutters falling of, the actual wire remains until fully extended, that was the point of drawing that panel in the first place, the leather waist banned rips after the wires have fully extened, otherwise he would have never drawn that wide shot showing the wires pulling out of the gear whilist logged in CT mouth.

Not only was the pasta never countered but the points you're making aren't even real.

The manga is so much better without Armin not gonna lie.


>That's anime original content
Stopped reading.

Whew they look great together


Why do you call manlet a Levi? Are you fucking new here?

>Implying everyone calls him manlet

It was really amazing seeing Eren capable of figuring out something on his own without being confused and needing Armong to hold his hand through everything.

So you are new.

But literally everyone in the 104th besides Bert are complete manlets, why do we call any of them by name instead of manlet 1, manlet 2 et cetera? That's my issue.

>hurr hurr new

Someone is acting weird here

Shitletfags from dumblr call him that here. They started coming here during the political arc.

Reiner is 188cm, not a manlet. The others just have another thing going on that's not being a manlet.

See If you were here five years ago, you should know why.

Manlet is big now

I think Zeke has this "are you fucking kidding me" look on his face here. He looks disappointed.
Lowest cutoff I'm willing to accept is 190, Reiner is manlet king.
I've been coming to these threads on and off for a few years, but not 5.

Fujo milkies made him stronk

I bet they would be crying about Geographia and Rosa too.


Growing when you are an adult must be painful.

It looks like he's smiling, really.

holy kek

His pitcher instinct told him this girl was meeting the Rock soon

>functioning lungs and internal organs after swallowing boiling steam for a full minute which from just breathing in a small gust managed to scorch and bloodied Connie's throat.

Someone edit him wearing high heels.

So he took so long because he was fapping to kids.

Smiling because he already knows this is the last fun those people sitting below him will ever have.

Not the story itself, but the magic figure flickering that controls the odm.
They didn't even need that shot, they just wanted to show "Oh wow levi is REALLY REALLY good with odm gear", it's wanking, and vapid.

Is how manlet seems himself

I hope so. I miss Armin a lot.

Yeah, tumblr does too.

>Ackermans are all pretty tall, mikasa is 170 which is tall for a girl and Kenny
In Chinatown maybe.


>replying to yourself

>it's wanking, and vapid.

What is the face is trying to tell us ?

Mikasa was thin because she didnt fucking eat after learning that Eren dies in a few years

low budget Eren vs. Warhammer Titan

For both Eren and Armin.

Annie is dead and you all killed her.

No, she's learns about that a few hours before being released, or possible a few minutes depending on how long it takes eren to tell the story or kruger and grisha.
They get out right as Eren says "attack titan", which is right after he explains the curse of ymir and the 13 years.
She was eating regular the entire time.

>Ackermans are titans
>Ackermans can reproduce
There is science to be done
We must find how we could get titans to reproduce

True, we also call him a Gary Stu and shitlet. At one time even dumblet because he’s also a retard.

FOUR babies

Armin was there when connie breathed in the smoke so he was definitely aware of the danger, and isayam explicitly shows him gritting his teeth and getting his body tense the entire time.
It's not hard to imagine that he would hold his breathe the entire time.
In addition, connie had his mouth wide open when the happened, when eren first fought CT he never breathed it in, when SL fought CT up top the wall none of them breath it in either.
That was connie being stupid, and armin learning from his mistakes. In ever panel of the altercation armins teeth are drawn to be gritted, looking back.

Again you're still wrong.

Ackerhax aren't gary/mary stu/sues, despite being strong, they aren't OP to point of handling things by themselves, under every circumstance they have ever done anything of significance it's cause of teamwork, or perfect circumstances created by their friends/back up.