Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen chapter 43

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It's a Sloth chapter.

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>Miyubi… is dead…
















Last page. It's shorter than usual.

Doing the script now.

Also, the script's almost done.

Kinda rough script here:

I'll fetch the volume 4 a bit later.

Starting the dump of Volume 4 extras.


I'm tired of Panda

she's too much of a lanka, making lanka irrelevant because her crush on jin is more legit and she is just overall better



Time for some animal stats.


Ty user



This is the last one.

Translation of the stats here:

Extra story.

Or the panda. Based on the content so far though, I doubt anything close to it will happen.



Panda is a better Lanka.
I like Lanka but she got boring super fast. Even Hitomi is more interesting than >muh pack



Killing Bites, this is?

oh nice, Miyubi chapter



cos she's not hot


who's scanlating this now?


Oh shit. Murder mystery?

oh no, did the koala kill her with her shitty cooking?

This chapter reminded me of something. Way back when Jun was the one who got sloth cleaned up and presentable looking, and I doubt she can really do any of that stuff herself, so is Jun still going to her room every day to bathe her?


What a happy little sloth.

Last page.

I hope she returns over dyke.

Preview of Volume 5.

That's all for today. See you next week for the omake.

how come this bitch gets to sleep with Miyubi & I don't?

Would he kick out panda if she tried sleeping there?


The one with the sharpest fangs wins
That's what killing bites is

I loved the way the smaller girls are aligned by height. It's pretty cute

Kinda rough script for the extra chapter:

I'm so done.

bitch really getting a lot of focus. there

The cutest

Thank you user

Aw shit
It's a "bullying the sloth to her death" chapter
Poor girl

Remember when Lanka looked like an actual girl?
Yeah, good times.

Thank you for translating.

Anyone disappointed in Hyena not rocking a skirt anymore?

>It's a Sloth chapter.

Thanks user, but I feel bad for Yena's family.

Seems like an easy chapter, I'll do it in 48 hours since I'm stuck with Hinamatsuri
t. typesetter

Sup Forums

Thank you for the heads-up.

I think some crazy scientist will kidnap Jin and use him to create genetical abominations.

big dog chapters > little dog chapters > zebra chapters > hyena chapters > panda chapters > cat chapters > sloth chapters > human chapters > koala chapters

* > koala chapters
I disagree with some of the others, since panda needs to be higher, but human chapters are just a forced way to avoid the end result of Jin realizing he prefers non-humans.

We are up to date?

Are we*

Yep, all chapters before these are scanlated.

>there are """""people"""" that want big dick Hyena to wear this

She's barely the focus of the manga anymore. It fucking sucks

Lanka is the cutest most sexiest dog