Nande koko ni sensei ga!?

What do you think season 5 will have?
S1-Demon Sensei
S2-Angel Sensei
S3-Tomboy Sensei
S4-Nurse Sensei

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Slut Sensei

Lonely cake sensei who drinks too much. Translations never.

I tell you what it won't have. A fucking translation.

Motherly sensei. All the others have been in their early 20's so she could be closer to 30.

No way we'll get a slut sensei. Best you can hope for is a flirty sensei who is constantly flirting with the new MC.

Nurse Sensei ended up being much cuter than I thought she would be.


Cute. Too bad translations never.

Man, I wish there was more romance shit. Like, lewd shit's neat, but I miss the real romantic development the first couple had.

The first couple had tons of lewd shit too. Most of the romance stuff didn't start until the second half of her arc.

How about an emotionless sensei? Steel-faced and such.

One would thought that this will be popular enough for scanlations to be killing themselves to translate it, but no.

Once the inevitable anime happens then scanlators will start fighting over it.

Gyaru Sensei

Would it better without the porn? And more sweet moments?

Yes please.

Probably, but it would be a waste of his artwork. He draws incredibly sexy women.


As long as it gets popular enough to lead us in to the sensei era it doesn't matter.

Isn't that already Nurse Sensei?


Very true.

Kind of.

Tsundere Sensei.
>I-it's not like I want to teach you or anything.

>chilhood friend
How can the others even compete?

They can't. She even got the cutest boy.

Nurse sensei sucked because they had zero chemistry together and it felt like a generic stereotypical porn flick. I couldn’t even care about the two of them.

Still hoping that the next sensei is a biology teacher. That would be amusing.

>A-And then the male of the species usually proceeds to uh, y’know after the female signals she’s....erm...
>”I’m not understanding what you mean. Could you give an example?”

>Nurse sensei sucked
She was the best one since the first. This arc as a whole has been the best one since the original.

Post soft gals


This has shitty masturbation scenes. It ruins it

I want tomboy sensei to sit on my face.

>glasses mc


Why exactly is this shit not being translated

Not many people want to translate mindless ecchi manga. Asa Made Jugyou Chu! was finally fully translated yesterday after years of it being untouched.

>Not many people want to translate mindless ecchi manga.
yeah isekai is better

Isekai is popular right now, so translators are picking them up in hopes of getting more patreon bucks.

>all this crying and moaning about the series not being translated
finally, all the work I put into learning jap will be of use! see you later, losers


did author just pull a Yabuki there?

>Cake: The manga

Picked up

None of them are actually cakes yet.

Even so. Older girls are best.


What if 5 arc will be male teacher and JK?

There are 3 other guys

>What if 5 arc will be male teacher and JK?
I doubt that this manga's target audience wants that.

Isn't there an overlap with the gal gohan audience?

That would be interesting. Bonus points if they went to school together during her first year and his last year.

>”Wait, senpai looks like THAT now?”

I don't think so.

there's only 3 year groups though unless it's a combined middle and high, how long is a teaching degree course?

How about one deliberately getting into the situations rather than just reacting to accidental ones.

An Ara Ara

Fuck off, heathen. This is a pure series. Go read hentai if you want intentional lewd.

Twin teachers: They swap places for fun frequently. Second sister thinks the boy is first sister's boyfriend so keeps trying to act like they're lovers so he doesn't figure out she's not sister 1.

Eventually they both realize they like the boy

on inspection theirs only vestigial crossover between their audiences
Kodansha's Young Magazine
Parallel paradise, Kangoku Gakuen, Kiss x sis, etc, etc.
Hakusensha's Young Animal
Berserk, Holyland, Nana to Kaoru,SE, etc,etc.

why not just have both assume he's the other's boyfriend?

>calls the student out
>has set traps in the meeting room for him to trip to get into lewd situations
I like it.

leads to a sophisticated game of escalation where they each try to trap the other

Doesn't matter, user wants to self insert as a late bloomer highschool loser.

yeah I'd noticed that trend in a lot of these works always set in an idealised high school neverland

I self insert as the girl

Not everyone self inserts like you, fag.

>I’m not trapped here with’re trapped here with me!

battle shounen but with traps and the victims being whoever can't disable or modify the traps in time and forced into ecchi situations.

It would be nice if this manga ends with a time skip and each couple getting a wedding chapter.

Maybe the first couple getting married and new teachers entering the picture? you occasionally see the various other couples in backgrounds.

Do you want to make me HNNGG to death?

>you occasionally see the various other couples in backgrounds.
More than just in the background. They're all friends.

I would love this.

no I meant for a new group to enter the picture with only a tangental connection.

Does the teacher win in this one?

It had a harem end.

Is anyone translating this? so far I've found up to chapter 15.

A Sensei that's a dom.

I want a karate sensei. Mixed gender dojos are basically a gropefest.

Do Japanese high schools typically have karate class as part of the curriculum?


accidental orgy when?

That will be the final chapter.

Where are the raws
or volume raws from download sites

Why is this chapter not translated?

which chapter?

It's an extra chapter from the end of volume 2.




Ah sorry, I've never actually read this apart from maybe a few of the first chapters.