Itt isekai protagonists we don't need but that we deserve

>itt isekai protagonists we don't need but that we deserve

tanaka posting forbidden

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beta protagonists who get their women stolen from them by bulls


Read the op, no cuck posting


anime confirmed already



Where is this semen demon from?

looks like it's the warrior chick from exterminator


>being a cuck born as a daughter to the man who cucked you

This manga needs some punctuation, even [...!] will do, otherwise it's good.


Damn, that's NTR taken to the next level. Only dying and having your soul merged with waifu-chan and due her influence, being in love with the man who cucked you could be worse. Or alternatively, be genderswapped and then get raped and lose to the dick of your rival and become one of his harem

this is the one where the dude gets reborn as the daughter of the guy and woman that NTRd him right?


JNC licensed Infinite Stratos, absolute madman.


Pic related are you guys.

What is she saying, Sup Forums?

Anyone here reading Isekai Mahou?

Why all those Isekai chads insist in saying they are "normal" when they are stupidly overpowered and an abnormal element in the system? Are they so much of smug assholes that loves to humiliate people by saying that their powerlevels are what they should expect from "normal" people?


>What is she saying, Sup Forums?
Looks more like she's proud of her armpit smell.


>be genderswapped and then get raped and lose to the dick of your rival and become one of his harem

Sounds hot.

manga when?

Consider the following: no one has posted Tanaka.

>cuck isekai
Picked the fuck up.

>no one has posted Tanaka
>cuck isekai

is there isekai with boys getting raped?

Fund it.

Eiyuu no Musume to Shite Umarekawatta Eiyuu wa Futatabi Eiyuu o Mezasu

This one is actually pretty fun. Wish the dudes got some characterization though, I can't even tell them apart from each other.

That would be pretty neat. Have one of those smug MC who act like they are normal and not a legendary OP hero only to then actually lose, watch his rival laugh as he is indeed just a normal person compared with them, be transformed into a woman, and then both the former male hero and her love interest gets fucked all the nights for the rest of their lives.

May be the extra stories are for them.

I tried reading the first chapter in OP and I gotta say. It is by far the shittiest isekai manga I have ever read, like it was so bad that it made me laugh.

The MC has
>has a super special cheat that only he has
>gets multiple girls to like him, some are slaves of course.
>master of some edgy nothing personal, kid martial arts he learned as a child that lets him solo multiple armed opponents.

like holy shit that was hilariously bad.

Stop watching porn.

But user, what user does not watch porn? The non existing chads? The few married anons whose love interests are no longer fun to fuck due it becoming part of a routine rather than an adventure?

plz answer

Yeah, wish the translations were faster so we could get to the fun part already.

What if it's girl on girl?
Or even better, big dicked futa on bratty trap?

Redo of healer

Seeing a genderswapped MC lose to the dick is the best.

Being Born as my Love Rival's Wife is a thing, go look it up.


Patrician taste, user. More spooky mansions should be inhabitated by beings who loves to turn manly adventurers into dick obsessed sluts

>neo-Sup Forums logic

What's the title of this crop whore?

Are there isekai other than Hakai Me no Yuuri where the MC gets turned into a girl and ends up loving the dick?


Based chinese, making sure no fetish goes unfulfilled.


which version, the original manga or the newer work by Yuuki Homura?

I know of one that had an attempt.

started it yesterday, I'm having an unexpectedly fun time

translations never stop


I actually self insert as a woman



This thread has gone into weird direction

>This thread has gone into weird direction

Well there is the one where the Hero's best friend is actually the demon king, turns the hero into a woman to save him from his fate of fighting the demons alone by raping him until his divine protection disappears, then turning her into his demon queen. Best part is their kid is a dad-con and wants to NTR the mom.

It's not weird.

It's a perfect normal thing to think about in a different world.

Is that beastmen dick good?Is it weird like a cat dick?Does it have a knot like a dog dick?
What about elf cum? Is it tasty? Does it taste like honey?

Those questions need answers.

All daily top at narou is now filled with NTR. Are you satisfied NTR shills?

Rank 3: 勇者にみんな寝取られたけど諦めずに戦おう。きっと最後は俺が勝つ。(Everyone got NTR'd by Hero but regardless of that, I'll keep fighting. It will probably be me who will win in the end.)
Rank 27: 勇者にヒロイン達を取られ、捨てられた俺を女神様達が拾ってくれました。(All heroines got NTR'd by the Hero, and I was thrown away, but the goddesses picked me up)
Rank 30: NTRものにハマった僕はなかなか恋愛できない (I've gotten into NTR, so I no longer can experience normal love)

Nothing wrong with a male reincarnating in another world as a woman and then become the dick lusting wife of a handsome man.

That also pleases everyone in the village to keep it happy?
That also sacrifices her body so that the Lord wont tax the village so much?
That gives herself up to the orc horde, so they wont pillage and murder everyone?

Are there any isekai where the MC asks his harem to have sex with other men while he watches?

Not only is there nothing wrong with it, it's the best possible course of action.

The one where th goddess makes the Hero have a likes NTR skill.

A win/win situation. In times of high mortality by adventurer hazards and work hazard due medieval fantasy lack of safety regulations, a healthy, young and fertile woman has much more value than the life of a man, and an even higher value if she has cheats compared with male heroes with cheats as well.

Are there any isekai where the MC eats other people's souls to gain power?

>All heroines got NTR'd by the Hero
Please tell me more

That just sounds like someone RPing in Skyrim.


This is a thread for thinking men.

pretty normal for a cucksekai thread

I did say that Tanakaposting is forbidden, I can't be blamed for this

>Transported to another world with best bro
>both become heroes
>MC gets Harem, Bro is best bro and tries to keep the drama down
>Bro always helps out in tough spots
>MC got cursed by the defeated demon king
>turned into woman
>Bro keeps acting like normal
>Visit the king
>well since you cant marry the princess anymore ill give you a reward myself
>raped by the king
>invited to noble party
>raped and passed around like a whore
>Bro never finds out
>Harem grew futa dicks with magic
>raped again
>Bro finds MC and rescues him
>they go off to live alone in a village
>MC falls in love with bro
>first time
>he goes off to hunt in forest
>MC gets fucked by the village men
>leave at night after bro falls asleep to fuck the orcs that are threatening the village.
>Come back before bro wakes up
>kiss him good morning

>NTR becoming popular on Narou
If it leads to the death of the purity meme I'm all for it. Either write a proper harem or let the losing girls get their own dick or pussy too.

What about series like ISSTH where the MC's clone cucks him on his second waifu before merging back with him? How do you people feel about outliers like that?

Of course it's the tanakafag

Do you think I'm gonna read that shit?!

We need more proper harems with character development and a gradual introduction of R-18 content.

Here's a list:

is this one similar or the same to another one that was about a demon lord stealing the guys wife and killing him and then he gets reincarnated into their daughter and it turns out the demon legitimately does care about his wife and kid?

>Transported to another world
>>Get Labeled Hero
>Look like Male version of late queen
>Preparing to head to defeat Demon King
>Summoned to Throne Room
>Only King and Top Mage are there
>Turns out Top Mage is Demon King and King joined hands with him because he wanted YOU
>MC gets cursed by demon king
>turned into woman
>raped by the king
F U N D I T.

I havent read the one you mentioned, but yeah both the parents really liked MC before he died and love MC as the daughter.


Boys getting turned into girls and becoming turbosluts is the best.

>Find out what her name REALLY meant
>Try to change it
>She won't let you because she equates meat = worth to the MC
For such a relatively light hearted WN, Meat is by far and away the most fucked up part of it. Almost felt like the author wanted to take the novel a different way but pussied out and just let her in to add a touch of edge.

in other news, poison wageslave isekai by shieldbro author.

What on earth are you doing Sou-chan?

Especially considering how she was introduced
>here's MC lightly bullying the useless dungeon heart
>also here's some child rape

And now the MC has reasons to not do anything to Rokuko because of fear of Haku, and nothing to anyone around him because it may anger Rokuko. He does still not mind killing adventurers, but nothing has reached the level of Meat's introduction.


His fear of Haku is kinda retarded now that he has met and survived Leona. Especially since Leona could curbstomp pretty much everyone/thing in that world single-handedly moreso since she literally wants to be the F I N A L B O S S. MC thinking he's lost his mind when he saw the true DP value of Leona for a sec was fucking hilarious though.

I love mushroom people.

You know La Pucelle really looks like Saber alter.

>nice build up
>boring sex scenes
For what purpose?

Hopefully it'll evolve to something like this.