I was supposed to hate this? This anime was one of the best things I’ve ever seen

I was supposed to hate this? This anime was one of the best things I’ve ever seen.

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When I found out Stranger things was based on Elfen Lied I decided it was time to watch it and the anime is actually really good. It’s not even close to as bad as it’s made out to be.

Wait, what? People hate Elfen Lied?

I love Lucy

it was a diarrhea ongoing read. Anime is as insulting. Any plot related questions or discussion go nowhere, 90% things happening happen just because.

It was just edgy for shock factor. Manga was a mess.
OP was nice.

What’s wrong with being edgy just because? Would you make fun of a comedy anime for just being funny?

>babies first edgy anime
You'll know better when you grown up, it's a phase we go through.

Oh boy this is not going to end well.

Elfin Lied is one of those shows that's just...ok.

It's really stupid in a ton of ways and somewhat pretentious, but it's not actually outright terrible. Sup Forums despises it completely, because it's exactly the kind of thing that appeals to people who are attracted to the anime that that because they want to perceive it as being deep, dark and mature despite its relative shallowness, not that they're wrong to criticize it.

There are plenty of worse anime and most aspects of Elfin Lied that are worth criticizing are even dumber and cringier in adaptations of Key VNs, but this board still goes for that mopey shit but Lied is singled out for being egregiously edgy and passing itself off as something more substantial while baiting you with needlessly helpless moeblobs who exist only to suffer while giving you a boner.

I thought that the gore was unnecessary and cheap

It was pretty boring.

There's a reason the Naruto copypasta was originally about Elfen Lied.

The OP just tricked you into thinking you liked it.

Its trashy but a lot of people do like it.

Goddamn shut up

If you've got posters of Sasuke on your bedroom wall then yeah, you won't see the problems with this show, but you'll also have far greater issues to deal with

Sasuke is unironically cute.

Why did he lie?

I liked it a lot when I read it as a young teenager. I thought combining the silly comedy with the dark gore was a really bold decision. Only once I found out there were a lot more of that sort of thing did I realize that the manga was shallow and heavily relied on shock value.

Shit taste then
>Elfen Lied

Shit taste now
>Dragon Ball Super

I'd much rather have the former than the latter shitting up this board.

I re-watched it a year or two ago and thought it was fine. The dialogue is pretty bad and some of the suffering bits where a bit over the top but i still got pretty upset when that 100 armed one was tearing the other girl apart for fun. Something about it was just kind of sickening, but otherwise like what most people say its kind of entry level and dis-liked for being too over the top.

Is a very defective anime.
But is actually interesting.
Probably the worst thing is the abuse of convenient plot devices (like the double amnesia) and how everything happen just by chance. How every relevant character meet the other just walking randomly trough the city and other extra convenient stuff.
Aside that, i liked it

manga is better

How does everyone feel about the author's current series?


I like edgy shit because I find humour in it since it's so ridiculous and grotesque. Like that one manga with the guy that wants to kill the girl he likes or the one where the classmates have to eat eachothers or their heads turn into giant exploding dates. I like these.

what ah....whats she doing with that milk there user?

There was a time and place for Elfen Lied. It's hard to imagine anyone watching it now. Kinda funny when people still claim it as one of their favorites.

If he would just tone down the slimey squirtiness.
I can't fap to that shit.

It's supposed to be abnormal, they're not normal humans.

Can't they be abnormal in a cleaner way?
All that stuff they ooze from their cunt is abhorrent.

>Stranger things is based on Elfen Lied
Wait, Are you saying Elfen Lied is actually the quintessential "children get kidnapped and go through edgy experiments to awaken psychic powers only to go completely insane" series?

Look it up. It was inspired by Elfen Lied.

More like a lot of horrible edgyshit from japan we know and love-hate was inspired by collective butthurt of depressed japanese post-Bubble people.

That wasn't the question. I always assumed there were actually many series in the mid 80's about edgy psychics inspired by the film Scanners.

Elfen Lied is only good for Bandou.
It's shittiness is overstated mainly because it's fans years ago were the edgiest of edgy teenagers and entry level newfags, plus there's plenty of worse shows and manga that have released since.
But it's still pretty mediocre aside from Duke Nukem the Professional hobo cyborg.

It Lied to you

Elfen Lied was okay. Not bad, not great, okay.
The thing is, it aired during the gateway era when anime entered mainstream in the west, and it was the show the edgy kids latched onto it.

You know, the kids whose first anime were Naruto and Bleach, then they stumbled across Elfen Lied and suddenly anyone who watched Bleach and Naruto were kiddies to them while they watched "mature" anime like Elfen Lied, Hellsing and Gantz.

Stranger things might as well be an anime XD

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The only memorable thing about it is this:


Elfen Lied anime is 14 years old.

I have re-watched this series last year after I have first completed six to seven years ago. it being my very first show that got me into anime, as suggested by a friend of mine, may be the reason why I held such a high opinion of it. I don't think I have enjoyed any other episodes except the last one. the whole jealousy/romance thing between the main character and his cousin really set me off.

I think summarized it very well

I fully believe that any anime you’ve sit all the way through is good no matter what. If you made it to the last episode of Ellen Lied you enjoyed it and you’d still enjoy it today if you got the chance to watch it for the first time over again.

Only memorable thing about it is

itd be a pretty shit anime


Tell that to the moderation

I sat through the whole of Guilty Crown because the ride with Sup Forums was fun. But it was fucking shit.

That girl with short hair is so cute even to this day. She’s perfect.

If you didn’t enjoy the anime on some level you wouldn’t have done it. I know it’s hard for even yourself to believe but you just wouldn’t have.

did you just have those....ready to post?

I liked the part when she killed all the innocent people

This is the most retarded logic I've ever read here

You're kidding, right?
I remember when it was released

>Sup Forums despises it completely, because it's exactly the kind of thing that appeals to people who are attracted to the anime that that because they want to perceive it as being deep, dark and mature despite its relative shallowness, not that they're wrong to criticize it.
That's exactly what Elfen Lied is. It's as shallow as a puddle but pretends to be as deep and dark as an ocean. Alone, it'd be forgettable, or one of those shows you could watch ironically for a laugh (like Guilty Crown). It's just ended up being an easy gateway for a lot of newer anime fans a decade + ago, and so it's still around instead of being forgotten.

2004 is long, long ago user.

You really can’t just enjoy it for what it is?

Guy falls in love with a girl who has mind of a child...

Not genuinely. Not in a good way. The violence and gore are hilariously over the top, the romance/misunderstandings/melodrama are schlock-ey and aggravatingly unbelievable, and the suffering gets to such a point that it goes from sad and pitiful to boring.

It's a perfect show for some kind of drinking game, or a mindless ironic watch, but genuinely enjoying the show is lowering yourself.

The OST was neat though


If Sasuke is the first thing that comes to mind when you think 'edgy', you should take a look at how little you've seen yourself.

This. Sup Forums used to hate Elfen Lied because it was baby's first deep and edgy anime, but people eventually forgot about it.

>Elfen Lied
>People Died

its not hard to dislike

lilium may be best op song

EL is the textbook anime you watch when you're in high school and slowly moving beyond popular shounen. Although now it's considered old so I don't know if that still holds up.
Anyway, it's okay. The OST is the best part, but there's not much to talk about and overall the show feels hollow compared to other anime.

I do love Illium. Teto's cover is fantastic

Everything I needed to know about Elfen Lied I learned from reading Nana's Everyday Life.

>The OST is the best part
Just the OP song. The rest of the soundtrack is hot garbage.

ost was top tier

no, you just have shit taste friendo

Delete this.

Watch 300+ anime and post again.

watching anime since 1992. great anime

>Stranger things was based on Elfen Lied

I wish I could ironically enjoy this but it's just to boring to be enjoyed even on that level.

If pregnancy theory will confirm to be truth, then it will be best series ever. We are just one little step from that right now. Do it, Okamoto! DO IT!

>This series is essentially porn.
>Potential anime will have A-list cast to perform those scenes.
>Noto Mamiko in cast is basically guaranteed.

Now that's old

>Potential anime

I watched it like when I started getting into anime at like 13-14 and liked it then. Even read the manga which was still ongoing at the time. But more than a decade later I barely remember anything about the plot. Just a lot of gore and that Lucy killed protagonist's parents.
Maybe I should re-read the manga just for nostalgia's sake.

Absolutely nothing confirmed yet, but considering how hardly Young Magazine tries to promote series, anime adaptation is just question of time.

I can't hate Elfen Lied because it's one of the first anime I watched.

the creators said that they were inspired by it. They also thought it was really obscure which is pretty dumb.

There was much worse anime out there but this one got really popular somehow, especially with new anime fans at the time so many people got on the over exaggerated hate bandwagon. It pretty much became a meme afterwards which survived to this day. It's pretty much the linkin park of anime in many ways

I just wanted she and kouta to end up together. They would've made a beautiful and lovely family.

Akame ga Elfen Nikki Mars Art Online

I wanted to read the manga years ago. I wanted the story I wanted to see how the anime continued badly. BUT the manga art is so bad.

>family making
>by Okamoto
Well, his vision of boy-girl relationship building is clear. Are you sure, that you would want to see what goes beyond?

Well there certainly was some progress over whole course of manga run.

I didn't quite understand the manga finale, how come she survived and came back as twin child girls?

I admit I looked at this anime because I was a horny teen looking for tits.

She doesn't survived. Just normal romantic reincarnation.

I think a lot of Sup Forumsnons hate it because they only remember the huge amount of nudity and gore, or uncionciously relate it to the reasons younger viewers that get attracted by those reasons.
I re-watched it recently and yes, while not perfect by any means, I loved how many interesting themes it hinted if you are willing to look beyond the edgy facade.


The anime was decent, because it ended at the right time. Before the manga jumped the shark and went full retard fetish edgefest.

That's good, looks like the anime took after later manga designs.

>best anime ever
I was there once too, my friend. You'll know better when puberty passes

I’ve been watching anime since Inuyasha all the way up until now though and have seen more anime than any person should ever watch. It’s stilk a good show when you’re watching it. The only anime I couldn’t enjoy while watching it was Soul Eater Not.