chapter 126-127 out

go check your m*ngad*x for tadano being a cute

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His sister is perfect

spinoff when

You're late my man. Chapter 127 and 128 were TL in today's thread.

>Let's go on a date

did somebody dump the typeset tl already? i know ch127 was dumped with just a lq tl a few threads back because i was the one who did it

No, no typeset.

i meant 126 whoops

Best imouto

Oh no what's happening? (bad filename)

I don’t think that really counts


Katai end confirmed btw

>I can't believe that my husbando is taking this delinquent on a date!


Here's chapter 128 translated thanks to user from the last thread.

>page 106

Goddamn when will tadano's imouto and komi's otouto meet? I need that subplot here already.

Why did she look so awkward when she got the candy?

Candy on White Day means love
He knows it
She knows it

I'd like to note that Onemine fits Imouto's mental description of the chocolate giver.

Onemine and Imouto meeting might be fun.


komi-san in a sweater is dangerous

He shares a room with imouto? That's gotta be awkward for two teenagers.

I know that, she looked awkward in a bad way is what I mean.

how pent-up are they?

>sweater komi

I love this manga


>She knows it

I don't know about that. The risk is that she didn't know.

oh yes
this is good

>Finds out.
>Proposes verbally to Tadano.


Well if she doesn't, she'll find out soon enough.
>Onemine asks if she received anything from Tadano
>Komi innocently said she received hand balm and a candy
>Onemine gained : Yoyo grin

>Onemine gained : Yoyo grin
muh dick

So this is a confession, right?

Jesus Christ Komi your lust is insatiable

the missing letters are a and e

I bet that she doesn't know about it. She'll loose her shit way harder than anything before once she hear what does it mean

>Yoyo grin

Must see it

>yfw she goes to the toilet and starts jumping

I dunno, she completely froze when she noticed the candy.

I'd love to see Najimi, Onemine, Yo-yo and Shogi's smug grins towards Tadano after they hear about the candy

I brought that up in a thread a long time ago and anons told me it's actually common in a lot of places, especially poorer ones. I don't recall the chapter but I'm pretty sure yamai comments on the tadano family's poorness somewhere

My god...

Maybe she thinks candy means "just friends"?

she was awkward because Tadano was staring at her, she doesn't know what the candy means. She was more happy with the hands cream

Komi does not know yet.

If I knew how I'd turn that middle column into that roulette animation from Bokuben.

>entire face blushes a few moments later
If Tadano hadn't sperged out moments after there would have been some hardcore handholding

This is fantastic, as always.
I'm kind of dissapointed we didn't get a bro-date chapter, though.


There is no turning back after this

>hardcore handholding


Their kiss chapter will test our mental fortitudes

She doesn't even like him.

>hardcore handholding
Sick fuck


Fuck off Yamai

>hardcore handholding

>hardcore handholding

Shut your whoe mouth Yamai, you can't even notice when Komi changes her hair.

Hitomi is doing god's work

Holy fuck, user, this is a blue board.
Actually she will use some of the cream for her hands to do the handholding with him, that's why he gifted it to her

Thanks lad

yamai pls go and stay go

Fucking heretics, they're called verses.

Tadano understands that lubrication is important for hand holding

Does this mean they might start dating?

LOL NO! more misunderstandings coming up!

Does a mangaka like being paid?


>Genesis 7:17


>Komi doesn't react to the candy because she doesn't know what it means
>Tadano thinks he got rejected
>very awkward for a little while

This is what's going to happen




God I hope not.

Her face is disgusting

Me neither but gotta have that forced drama and extra chapters

But Komi has smug Yoyo girl to avoid this. However she might get so embarrassed that she starts ignoring Tadano, making him think that he got rejected.

9/10 chapter.
Would have been a 10/10 if Najimi didn't show up.

Unironically hang yourself

ntr doujins when

Her face is very punchable.

>she doesn't know what it means
No way she doesn't know.
>Komi is very happy and energetic after recieving the cream
>Notices the candy
>Tadano says 'Yup. It's candy... haha....'
>3 panels of Komi processing wth just happened: realizes what it means, looks at Tadano, looks at the candy
>Both are blushing and Tadano runs out
Tadano thinking he got rejected might be true

Makes me want to throw up

I would punch the shit out of her

she doesn't know, she was just awkward

I don't think the author would do that, he probably tested the water on the valentine chapter with Komi-san giving her chocolate later

Our boy is dressed up.
Ready to take revenge on that rapist.

Dumb Yamaiposter.


Nobody commenting on the stick position on that lollipop?

>dropping some hints with the hand cream
He knows

I ignore any panel that involves Yamai.

A new character with a slutty personality when?

But Komi already fits that.