One Piece

>3rd daughter of the Charlotte Family
Does bloodlust help women stay youthful?

I hope we get another moment when this arc ends.

>3rd daughter of the Charlotte Family
Nice headcanon retard.

It's not tho

from the newest volume's character pages

You think she's married

Sanji's death when?
Name being confirmed as a lesbian when?

>tfw everybody FINALLY noticed that Sanji is a shit

Yeah I just checked, my bad.
How come nobody was discussing that shit in the previous thread?

>Brulee still wears the wedding dress
I want to know her story, why are Charlottes so interesting? I can see her being waiting for her husband to come back after he told her that he will come back soon, in reality he left her for being ugly and was laughing in a bar, where Katakuri killed him.

that would explain why robin is such an old fucking hag

More likely she killed her husband.

Jobber Burgess = Worst Yonko commander

That's cute. SaNa will still be canon though

Forgot pic

What's the point of those chapter prediction threads on the reddit if every single reply is a joke or a meme?

Her epitet is literally Mad Madam.
Do the math.

>make wacky joke
>get le upvotes

There you go

>Her epitet is literally Mad Madam.
No, it's literally Demon Lady.

Because predictions threads themselves are the meme.

>those nami feet
What the fuck IS THAT

viz translated it with mad moiselle

This is my headcannon
>was supposed to marry
>the groom didn't want to
>chimped out in the middle of the wedding and slashed her face
>got killed

Because he lost to the right hand man of Dragon, the strongest character in the whole story?

toei quality

>reading the worst translation

Why is this allowed?

Toei's magic

i hope amande is okay and didn't get her lifespan sucked out from her, on nuts island

It's 鬼夫人.
夫人 doesn't exactly leave space for interpretation. Try and google it.

but that nickname is much better though

They also translated Kaido's crew as "Animal Kingdom Pirates".

Forgot to provide a definition.

>Chapter 900
>"The Ninth"

yeah but mad moiselle>demon lady, desu

I hope someone asked about Brulee´s dress within so many questions about Katakuri´s DF and his dick

I know right, now we're not alone anymore.

What dictionary is that?

1. wife; Mrs; madam Honorific or respectful (sonkeigo)
2. wife of a nobleman (aristocrat, etc.)
3. consort of the emperor
A wife of a nobleman or aristocrat is a Lady.

What is this? Some kind of a plugin? I used to have Rikaichan when I used Opera.

>strongest character in the whole story
>no feats to show

I'm not arguing against her married status, just pointing out Viz's nonsense isn't literal.


This is cute art

>An aristocratic title for a woman; the wife of a lord and/or a woman who holds the position in her own right; a title for a peeress, the wife of a peer or knight, and the daughters and daughters-in-law of certain peers.

"Demon Lady" is a perfectly good translation.

Oh sure I agree.

I'm ESL, doesn't Lady work for unmarried women too?

I thought this was established at the beginning of the timeskip

You shouldn't use Sanji's girl for your delusions.

Mad moiselle is based on mademoiselle, which is used to refer to a woman that is single, but her epithet leaves it pretty clear she's a wife, thus mad moiselle is an inapropriate translation

>implying perospero won't receive as many of questions as kuri, such as "why didn't pedro's bomb take out perospero's entire pelvic area???"

one sounds actually threatening, the other like some gag villain
animal kingdom pirates also sound much less serious than beast pirates

It's an opinion shitposter kun. Not a delusion.
A delusion is thinking getting the thread's attention through shitposting is gonna make you happy. An opinion is thinking Sanji is a shit.

eh, i guess you're right

>Perosperofag is retarded
I am not even surprised.

It is.

its time for people to notice how shitty this story is full of pointless characters and less and less budget to draw all those useless abortions

That guy is wrong. The word lady can be used to describe a woman with a good social standing. It doesn't necessarily mean that the lady has to be wed to a nobleman just because the lady herself is a noblewoman.

Please do not bully. It was true until a few hours ago.

>no feats to show
Is Dragon the Buggy of revolutionaires?

You got the message did you not? How does it feel that SaNa will still happen even with your shitty opinions?

look at the faggy face

You sound upset.

Are we projecting now?

>people shit on logia users, particularly Ace, for relying too much on their devil fruit

>meanwhile they ignore Luffy, who's rubber body is just as integral to his fighting style and durability as ANY logia user we've seen


Yep, that's what I thought, thank you.

Oda need to focus on main story. Between Dress Rosa and this arc he putted enough new character to make 2 new whole manga.
We need more time with the crew toghether.

>Oda need to focus on main story.
But this is the main story

A Charlotte spin off please

Am I the only one who keeps latching onto newly introduced characters and couldn't give less of a shit about the SHs? We see them all the time. This combined with their lack of character development from arc to arc doesn't really makes me crave for more of them.


They say that Oda rejected many live action of OP but accepted the american one, maybe that one will be a spin off about Gol D. Roger or the Worst Generation (not counting Luffy)?

>It's been a long day.

Post characters that trigger this threads

Luffy will never reach Yonko level by the end of the series.

Don't get me wrong I like Oda characters, but there are too many of them. It's worthless to create good design character and then giving them barely 10 page each in months.

I prefered when there was 1 antagonist for each crew memeber rather than entire islands of names and bodies.

Jooooooooooooooooooooscarpone and Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaascarpone.

Isn't it a pun though?
貴婦人, also read as kifujin, means "lady". Oda just replaced first kanji with 鬼 (demon).


Say his name and all the sensitive Oda dicksuckers gets really triggered.

Why idi Oda write himself into story??

Oh I didn't know that.
Yep, guess that does put my interpretation into perspective.
Still believe she's married though.

is that a fucking giraffe

Search the meaning of antagonist because i'm sure we only get one of these per arc

>Outing yourself as a redditor
Begone and stay gone.

>Implying there won't be another timeskip and Luffy went to train with Kata

characters vol 87 -> 88

Left side:
Caesar out
Pedro darkened
Pound added

Right side:
King Baum out
Cracker out
Galette added
Amande added

She isn't even the character with the longest neck in the story user.

I would fuck this giraffe.

>Galette added
Has she done anything

>Praying that Toei makes Katakuri singing and dancing Disney style about how much he loves donuts

Hum? You are the one who need to check the def, user.

She does things to my dick

Fuck off with your meme opinion.

Stepped on Luffy at the wedding. God I wish it was me.

Once Sanji and Nami happens in the end they will get a movie I bet

>BM is WCI antagonist
>Jack was Zou Antagonist
>Doffy was Dresrossa antagonist
>Caesar was PH antagonist
>Hody was FI antagonist
Like i said only one per arc

pretty sure she's just there to fill a blank. i bet that in the next volume, she will be replaced with bavarois

Check the def. Every single Big Mom Pirate is an antagonist, same goes for the Germa 66.

Viz translator is adding a bunch of fanfiction.

such as?