Jigokuraku 06

It's fucking happening, Sup Forums!

Loving the aesthetics of the nirvana creatures. They look straight up terrifying.

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Also, Asaemon-Fuchi will wreck your shit. I honestly jumped a little out of my chair with this page.

Thanks for posting this, I just read the first chapter and I'm excited as shit.

Looks like the dragon dude is going to get jobbed soon.

I hope it won't be the case. The island population is decreasing way too fast.

but are there cute girls?

No worries there

I wonder if the criminals will work together against the monsters on the island

Don't bite this bait, Sup Forums. This manga is utterly SHIT.

where is chapter 5?

What's with the blurry scans?


How shita are we talking? Because I let you know, I'm a shit expert.

Everyone is dropping like flies. I thought the eye patch guy might have been important from all the lines he got in chapter 2.

He was cool and I hope he'll be around for a bit longer, but at this point I fully expect it'll be Gabimaru & Sagiri vs. the island

Yes, his death was odd.

Last chapter got far too sappy far too quick, had to skip it. Could do with slowing things down. Still decent, could be good.

I thought he got crushed along with Asaemon, did I get the wrong idea?

That's somebody else. The guy in the current ch is the dragon.

Dragon showing no hesitation after getting bit was boss as fuck.

MC's wife is a qt