Is Sup Forums secretly tsundere for realistic girls?

Is Sup Forums secretly tsundere for realistic girls?
Pic totally related.

That thing? Realistic?

This is now a best girl thread

That's not realistic.

I can't respect your opinion, but I can respect your digits.

im not a masochist

Knowing that I will never bully Aqua makes me sad.

If I was a girl I'd be insulted.

I never met a girl with natural blue hair before.
Also you should flip that image.

There is nothing realistic about Aqua. She’s just some dumb slut.

I love Aqua

I love Aqua also nice digits.

Aqua would be realistic if she were your sister, because a hot chick like her would never be around losers like kazuma or the average Sup Forumsnon.

Maybe if you only hang around retarded cunts

>anime girls are no different from real girls if they're sluts
Is this what women are telling themselves these days?

Besides her comically exaggerated stupidity she has one of the more grounded personalities in the series
In particular she has a wide variety of vices which is pretty rare among women in these kinds of LNs

To be fair aqua is not a slut, but she is actually different to the glorified waifus that we get each season, she is a drunk addict, she lies and cheat more importanly is not lusting for mc's dick, characteristics that actual girls have, and what surprise me the most is that nips actually like her despite this, since they hate the idea of non perfect girls.

Why hasn't there been any new doujins of her, I'm tired of megumeme getting all the attention

Bitch I'm not tsundere, I outright like used goods with more pathologies than brain cells. Not as good as the same but not stupid but I'll take what I can get.

Sup Forums as a whole is tsundere for anything, on account of there being several people here.

Why can't the typical female be like explosion girl?

Get in here! pls

Begone, Sup Forumsermin

Because girls are not lile that cliche character, they have their problem like and if any of you fags want to ever get like you must stop idolizing girls, they like to get drunk and are mean sometimes like aqua, but at the same time they can be kind hearted and actually aprecciate you as a person.

>they like to get drunk
only non-pure not-for-wifing sluts, you really want a whore to raise your children?

>but at the same time they can be kind hearted and actually aprecciate you as a person.
Well, I never got to that part

I would seriously consider marrying Aqua if given the chance.
She's really not all that bad.

We'd have three or four children.

Sup Forums secretly wants a real girl but doesn't have the social skills to meet them. They then naturally gravitate towards anything that resembles what they think embodies a real girl.

No wonder I've been finding myself more drawn to your aura, user-kun.

>She's not even pointing at the quads
Aqua is like an anime EFG

Nice quads faggot.

aqua a shit tier waifu tho

aqua is for alcoholism and bromance not lewds

the lich shop owner is best girl

Liches are for bullying and for using as cooling elements on hot days.


Aqua seems to actually care for her followers, makes me want to sign those papers so she'd care about me too

>for using as cooling elements on hot days.
I don't think Wiz is cold to the touch

In one of the epilogues, Aqua literally walks around holding her waist pestering her to come live in her room so she can use her as a cooling daki. Unfortunately she gets distracted and starts fighting with Kazuma instead.

Any news on Vol 13? I want to know when Emperor Zell will burn Australia to the ground.

That's a chicken, user. It's gonna be some tendies.

Hot mustard please

Sup Forums is a board, not a person

It's the Lord of Dragons, you imbicils. He's infused with mana from the three most powerful beings in Australia, and he will eat undeads and demons and Eris followers, and you will eat your words.

Non-reading fag here. Do they have a dragon chicken or is Aqua being baka again?

Actually, Chomosuke is genuinely afraid of Zell. Don't know if it means anything, but for example when Megumin tells Kazuma that Chomosuke is an evil god, he remarks that it looks like her evil god is fleeing from a chicken again.
Wouldn't be surprised if it actually turned out to be something absurdly powerful, and Aqua would be fucking smug about it forever.

A reputable merchant sold her a dragon egg.

Aqua made a wise investment and purchased a powerful dragon egg that she nutured and feed mana.
Kazuma being an idiot and a NEET doesn't know what a dragonwhelp looks like, so he thinks it's a chicken.

Aqua is best, you have shit tier taste

>mana from Aqua, Wiz and Vanir
That is actually one spicy combination.

This guys looks like a phoenix wright character

for Sup Forumsny girl

Konosuba needs more of this smug handsome bastard.

Ask yourself this, how much did Sup Forums like Girlish Number?

>Realistic girl

>You thought Megumin was the poster girl for Konosuba
>But it was moi! Vanir!

Libertarian bro is best bro.

How can one boi be so smug? How smug is too smug?

One of the best things in the newer novels is the fact that best boy and best girl unwillingly had a child together.
Also, that scene were Kazuma hires him to distract Aqua was fucking hilarious

He is not just average smug, he is FREE MARKET smug

The most efficient kind.

Power level discussion: is Aqua strong enough to defeat Vanir or is he merely pretending?

I love my goddess Aqua-sama so much

Spoil me user, how did vanir and wiz have a Child.

The birds and the bees, user.

Currently yes, But vanir at full Power would reck her, she's nerf too btw, only because she brought her real body she's Stiller strong.

Vanir, Wiz, and Aqua accidentally infuse their energy into a chicken egg, causing it to hatch early.
The chicken now has an absurd mana level but other effects are yet to be seen

She's unironically stronkest in Australia, because she's there in her pure form. If she was in avatar, Vanir could probably take her.
Besides, I don't think Vanir has any combatskills per say, at least that we know of.
Aqua mentions to Kazuma that her stats are already maxed out, and with buffs on she becomes a monster. Like an enraged mongoloid strong

Is that from the Last volume? I haven't found any translations yet.

>Vanir had a baby with BOTH Aqua and Wiz, at the same time
Is there anything this madman can't do?

A man and two women put their essence into an egg and gave birth to something.

A part of me really does like Aqua. She seems like she'd be fun to bully, I don't think I'd ever get tired of it.


Why are girls with Stacy personalities so weirdly attractive in anime when they're utterly repulsive in real life?

>develops Stockholm syndrome and starts to see her abusive kidnapper as a friend
>Kazuma still wouldn't hesitate to trade her in for a cheat item
Aqua's life is suffering

Yea, but are you enough to get bullied ? Aqua fights back.


A lot. The MC was a right cunt and it was great.

aqua is shit and a fucking retard

megumin is superior

Megumin is my favourite but I'll admit Aqua has grown on me a lot.



Excuse me?

It was a good anime. MC was fun. I liked that they had an episode without her just to let us breathe and give spotlight to the other characters.

>ywn bury your face in Aqua's bushy cunt


Absolutely yes, based lucky quads poster.

I don't know why I like it

Kawakami is literally a prostitute who sleeps with old men for money, but that is completely fine with me.

Can't beat the quads

Silly user, goddesses don't have unnecessary hair down there.

>incredibly rash, not reasonable at all except in hindsight
>doesn't think too much (at all) before doing things despite not actually being as dumb as a sack of bricks
>sincerely regrets her actions when she understands they were wrong
>incredibly loyal, even if it doesn't show she pulls through in the end
>naturally lazy but tries hard when she needs to
>far too hard
she's doing her best
if aqua drank less and sometimes slowed down a little bit to think about the consequences she would maintain her chaotic fun personality but not destroy her and others' financial situations repeatedly


Shaved pussy is gross and ugly.

That is a great Akwa, user.

That will be all.



She's the only one which I lay my eyes on.

And Konosuba will be directly routed to the garbage bin.

unless it's PUFFY with the meat ending evenly at the lips but apparently this is some sort of rare master piece
I imagine a literal goddess would have it

Your face is gross and ugly.


Are there any other anime stacies who are portrayed sympathetically?