Longest arcs in anime/manga

Hard mode: MC loses at the end

washizu mahjong

The boat.

Bastard's Uriel arc; It went on such a long hiatus that I even forgot about it.

don't post the spurdo edit

Why not?

You don't deserve it.

nishiura vs senda. the current game is probably gonna "last longer" though because of the maternity leave hiatus and they're probably going to lose in both as well

Can endless arcs actually be good? Pic unrelated.

ZOTT in Last Order. Its like 10 volumes or something.

That's just long cause Ookiku is a monthly series, it's not actually long to read once it's finished.

Is the new chapter out already? Did she really lose?

HM arc in Bleach.

not yet



Shokugeki no Souma

It's not even close to being the longest. Some arcs of other manga are longer than the entire shokugeki.

Something is missing.

Joe vs Rikishi

>Something is missing
Her opponent

What's with her eyes? Can you even play ping pong like this?

Bear is not the MC, though.

Bear is not the loser though.

Whitebeard war, Saga started Thriller Bark and Luffy loses BAD at the end that he avoided his friends for two years and got a tattoo.

Who is the MC again?

Good question, they have the same amount of chapters. "Not Koyori" is the only true answer.

>350 chapters of watching retards and playing poker



Yep, basically the ultimate example. Every single arc except Orange Islands, right?

Apparently the director was fired recently for going on a rant about the jews not letting ash win.

Really? Could you post a source please? I wouldn't be surprised given how the Kalos league looked like a last-minute rushed edit to make him lose in spite of everything that led up to it.

>there are people on Sup Forums who think that the ace will lose

Roberta’s blood trail

I see the jobbing ritual has been completed.

She only lost the first game to Koyori though, a proper match is best of 5.

Shit. You win this time.

Ah, found it:

>Animator and director of Pokemon anime (1997-2018) links Jewish JP Morgan to repetitiveness and soulless monetization of his work

>Goes on Twitter rant saying things along the lines of the Jews dictating how his shows go

>If you know anything about Pokemon from when you are younger, then you know the protagonist, Ash Ketchum, wants to take on and win the Pokemon League, but fails every single time (for the last 20 years)

>This director states JP Morgan told him and his team to make Ash lose every time in order to prolong the anime (only a year ago did the animators come out and say they wanted him to win the last league, but due to “external circumstances”, he had to lose the final battle)

Yeah, actual jewish involvement aside, it is exactly how I felt things had gone.

Nothing will ever come close to washizu mahjong, that shit was insane.

The damage control was spectacular.

>Shittiest arc in the series is longer than the entire manga leading up to it.


Boat trip wins, obviously. Everyone else go home.

Second best Fukumoto arc.


No one mentioned Rape Namek yet


It's about the two entire volumes worth of rape in Wolf Guy that the editor ok'd for some reason.

This is not okay.